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407198 tn?1202201161 I was pinned up against 7 stories of shelves while the machine continued to run over the top of me. I am on workers comp, and was taken to ER,(8-2-2007) treated by surgeon on call, who did not want to do a surgery at that time, instead had me in a full leg cast, and told me to follow up with him, so I did. Almost 3 weeks later (8-22-07)the dr. told me the bones were not healing the way he wanted and insisted on surgery, so I ended up getting 8 screws and a metal plate in my right leg.
Avatar n tn wcomp doc says just sprained back , neck, knee. W comp adjuster paying medical doc but not any wkly benefits or mil..w comp nurse assigned even says doc is full of it. My knee is big as a watermelon and I cant sit up on rt side, stand walk or sit long. Why do they treat ppl like trash. I beg him to just fix me because I am single and was working 3 jobs. In healthcare.I can not help I fell and got hurt.
Avatar m tn Instead of the workers comp panel doctor who operated on me. My doctor ordered an MRI of the knee in January. Something the other doctor never did. It revealed the following concerns. Chondromalacia Patella, and mucoid degeneration of the posterior horn of my medial meniscus. I also have a small Baker`s cyst, with small joint effusion. He gave me a cortisone injection on my last visit. And prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy for me. I still have the same problems.
Avatar f tn I work as Certified Nursing Assistant, while I was moving a patients bed, I felt something inside my right knee pop from left side across the right side. At the moment of the injury it was very painful. I was sent out to workers comp doctor. They took x-rays of the knee, came out negative. I was sent home on sitting and resting, the next day I had bruise on the back of my knee, big as hamburger bun.
Avatar f tn Have to tell you that I'm quite mortified at how you are being treated, medically, at any rate. Did they do either, or both, a CT or MRI of your knee? Or is the Workers Comp doctor claiming you don't need these procedures? The ER docs said you had a bad bruise. DOH! That you still have swelling, pain and a burning sensation in this joint three MONTHS post your fall is totally unacceptable.
Avatar f tn I went to workmans comp and had x-rays, they say no damage. Today leg is numb from just above knee to almost foot. Can not bend knee without extreme pain. What do I need to do?
Avatar n tn Could the awkwardness off walking on it also of caused injury to my left knee as it is now swollen and painful. I can't make it straight. I'm due to go back to work tomorrow after workers comp for my ankle but I dont know what to do right now. Thanx for any help.
Avatar n tn The pain is constant and even with i sit, the pain is on a 1-10 scale a 7 to 8 when is used to be before the PT an 8-9. Also before i started my PT i noticed my knee would get a catch in it towards that top of my knee making it painful to straighten it. Today during my PT it started to catch again and they put tape on top of my knee cap after moving it and the catch faded and i was able to continue. I have researched and looked and I can't find just one thing that fits I find many.
1733156 tn?1310301457 ) I see a doctor regulary as it was thru workers comp so it is constantly monitored but no one has any real answers for me as to why it swells and becomes so painful...this is why i decided to take pics of the knee when swollen...i honestly dont think anyone believed me because of course when i see the doc or specialist it was never at its worse...usually swells most in the evenings after being on it all day...
Avatar n tn In December of 2000 I underwent a diskectomy and hemilaminectomy on the right side to relieve the pressure from the nerve root at my leg had gone numb all the way to my knee. It was 2 years from the date of injury to the surgery. It took that long to get a proper diagnosis through Worker's Comp here in Oklahoma. For the present.
Avatar n tn In December of 2000 I underwent a diskectomy and hemilaminectomy on the right side to relieve the pressure from the nerve root at my leg had gone numb all the way to my knee. It was 2 years from the date of injury to the surgery. It took that long to get a proper diagnosis through Worker's Comp here in Oklahoma. For the present.
Avatar n tn Did you have follow up scans on the knee? I don't understand how the workers comp company can deny you continuing treatment when you are still in pain. What does your doctor say?
482966 tn?1211144577 My chest and lower back also feel as if bees are stinging me. I also have headaches where I never got them before. The workers comp doctor sent me home with oxycodone and back to work with no restrictions. I feel absolutely rotten. I am in constant pain, but can't get anyone to believe me. I love my job, and do not want to stay home. The pay is rotten. I just want the pain to go away, and want to find the reason for all the pain. Can someone give me some advice. I don't know where else to go.
Avatar f tn My surgeon and family doctor have said I am unfit to return to work and should file for disability. This was a work related injury.
482966 tn?1211144577 Hi Sepa La Blue You made mention of a workers comp doc but none of a specialist for orthopedics. I have been out on workers comp and understand that you need to see a Dr. to verify the injury, but if you are not hetting the answeres you need you may want to consider getting a second opinion. If the comp DR doesnt believe you are feeling so lousy then he may not be puting all he can into finding out why you arent getting better.
Avatar f tn I would definitely go to the doctor to get checked out. As for the lawsuit...I've worked in restaurants for years & all of them had me sign some paperwork when I was hired that covered what happens if I got injured at work. Some had workers comp & others had something equivalent to it but a different name. I would definitely talk to your manager about their policy, especially if you need money to go to the doctor (all the restaurants I worked at would cover at least that)...good luck!
457721 tn?1256644398 I had this surgery done following an injury on my right knee approximately 2 years ago. Apparently I have a congenital defect that causes my kneecaps to dislocate just stepping off a curb has caused dislocation. I wait tables and a week ago I dislocated my left knee. (our floors are uneven...and I just happened to step on it wrong) This is a WHOLE other issue because I am having to file workers comp...and my employer is being a real *** about the situation.
Avatar f tn My question is can the cartilage and the knee cap be from that one injury? I never had problems with my knee prior! Workers Comp is saying that it is a genetic defect and I was born with this.
1263062 tn?1289454301 I would be interested to hear how your workers comp case goes. Mine is not workers comp but I have applied for ssd and currently am n line for ALJ trial, I guess that is what it is called. Not haveing any insurance makes it hard to get the medical attention needed. My only hope is to get back to where I was. II loved my job and life and now this! it ***** to say the least.
Avatar f tn i fell at work off a 4 step ladder in feb 2009 hit head on sink and then hit the floor i have a doctor workers comp. i was fired 5 days after fall, initially my back ,right leg ,pretty much right side of my body would hurt and stayed sore i have had 34 sessions in physi ...
Avatar n tn Wow 40%, that's crazy. I also had a workers comp case in Tn and 25% was that max. I would shop around for another attorney.
182884 tn?1259316506 I know my back is only going to get worse, and I feel like I am turning into a cripple, I have a bad back that causes pain, my hips are bad and my feet are bad and the pain from all of the other pain has given me a knee injury as well that may need surgery. I also am sure I won't get to see a pain management specilaist and Workmans Comp wont pay for any thing else. I do have my Methadone and I guess I will have to live the rest of my life with that.
Avatar m tn I had partial knee replacement in both knees at the end of June. All was going well until 2 months into rehab, I was in an auto accident. Apparently in the accident, I hit my left knee and injured or tore the Patellar tendon. I have a burning, stabbing pain below my knee cap that has progressively worsened. My doc said to tough it out, as there is no broken bones, nor apparent problem with the implant. Its been 2 months since the accident and am not getting better.
Avatar f tn However, limping due to knee injury and the use of a cane caused my body to be thrown off balance, the other knee cap to start hurting because of excessive pressur on it, a tennis elbow which hurts me terribly, and eventually pains in shoulder and neck on side that I used cane. I started going to the chiropractor to help me relieve the pains in my body and to heal.
398893 tn?1201319307 and the doc thinks something is wrong with the S1 nerve .. though some people have great success injury was also workers comp..fight for your self demand a referral.
429171 tn?1205563806 The insurance company is probably asking for an IME due to conflicting reports in the MRI and EMG tests. The IME doctor is someone who doesn't know your case, injury or anything else that has to do with it. Your Nurse Case Manager will provide the IME physician with all the records before your appointment, or at least they should. You shouldn't have to take anything with you, unless the IME doctor requests it. If so, that request should be directed to your Nurse Case Manager.
Avatar n tn I was injured on the job and my workers comp will not allow me to get another opinion. I think there should be something out there to help with this pain. I will be 40 this month and need to work to help support my three sons. My symptoms are low back burning pain running all the way up my spine when I work with my hands. Left leg burning pain to the knee in front.
Avatar f tn Or is it always the whole body. I ask because I have been fighting workman's comp for an injury to my left shoulder area. I believed it to be a repetative motion injury. It has been going on for over a year now. I notice that my left shoulder joint, left hip, left knee seem to be weak/shaky if I put my weight on that side. Does not seem to be on the right. One WC doc interrogated me for an hour about any possible causes, other than work, on me 4 or 5th trip to see him.
Avatar n tn It seems like he doesnt want to be bothered with someone else's surgery and workers comp. I am soooo frustated. I just want my life back. I am tired of hurting every single day. Its funny I went to the ER tonight. Because of the surgery my muscles in my upper back that support my shoulder and that band not sure what it is) that runs from my neck to my shoulder feels like a rubber band that it strecthed as far as it can go. At the ER tonight he said that his is chronic pain.
Avatar f tn Injuring my knee. I havent work since 2 months ago. I am not receiving much from workers comp. Not enough to help me pay my needs & still assist my mom. It turns out I need surgery. So here I am waiting for surgery to get back to work ASAP. My mom keeps nagging at me to just get PT & go back to work. But PT will not help, I have a large tear from injury. Her complaining & b****ing all the time is causing me to get asthma attacks or get agitated & have trouble breathing.