Knee injury with numbness

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5289415 tn?1391257241 Your particular back injury may not have any assocation with your knee problem, but there is some pinching of a nerve somewhere. Only a visit to the doctor for a full medical examination will be able to give you the correct answer and how to get it treated or a referral to the physiotherapist for advice and exercise to help alleviate your symtoms.
Avatar n tn groin strain and also a bad hamstring strain with bruising that was right below the bend of my knee. The hamstring injury also tingled after a couple days but not as bad. I went to the doctor for that and he attributed it to a partial tear and said the numbness could have been from some bleeding. I've never felt this pain I'm having now though. It's really not even that painful, just very uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn She felt down some two years back and there was internal injury on both of her knees and skin color was turned to blue for 6-7 days. After this injury she started feeling some uneasiness in her knees and felt them soft. Doctors then removed some liquid from right knee and till few days back right leg was fine. But for last 15 days, pain has also started in her right knee.She was continuing feeling some movement and uneasiness in her knees. There is also pain in her ankles and forefoot.
Avatar n tn The burning, hurting, sensitive sensation with like a tiny balloon filled with water from mid knee up has been bothering me for like 4 weeks now. Two days after the initial fall it got injured again when I was pushed into a bus landing on same knee because people can't wait until there turn. So this second injury only made matters worse. The burning, when the knee is bent, like when your sitting in a chair burns so bad my eyes starts to tear. I think you got the idea.
Avatar m tn I wanted to know what is the word for that stuff that happens when you put pressure on nerves for long time, like while sleeping when you put your arm under your head or when sitting a squat position and then you feel like numbness and like insects rumbling in the area around the knee and mainly behind the knee area, when ever it happens it is just for a couple of minutes and then slowly goes of and then its like it never happened.
Avatar f tn I seem to have a sensation of numbness or wooden leg feeling below left knee with odd patches of pain. I am most worried about DVT or structural damage to blood vessels.
Avatar n tn Can someone give me advice. Should I see a doctor? Or can this be dealt with at home? Can knee pain of this nature result from a back injury. I guess I mean referral pain. Thanks so much for reading and considering my question. I would appreciate any advice.
1374496 tn?1278648582 I fell at work and landed pretty hard on my knee and right hand.I am having back pains,knee pain and what is driving me crazy is since the fall I have been having episodes of my hand feeling like it fell asleep (the tingling sensation)but it happens when in use also it goes numb...this didnt happen until I got injured at work.Does anyone know what it could possibly be?it obviously has something to do with the fall since I have never had any prior problems.
Avatar f tn I previously fell and injured my knees, causing my neck and back to be shaken up with no significant symptoms afterwards. I started limping because of the knee injury, causing my body to be thrown off balance, and putting excessive pressure on the other knee which caused the other knee cap to started to hurting as well.
Avatar n tn a disc problem would cause a loss of reflex at the knee and a twitching but relaxed thigh muscle; a quad injury would result in a muscle that is tight and in spasm. In either case, though, the injury sounds significant enough that a week or two is not going to cut it for recovery time. Disc injury causing compression of a nerve typically recovers over months (3-9 months), and a serious strain of a large muscle like the quadriceps heals over 2-3 months.
Avatar m tn Hi I had a back injury about 8 weeks ago.resulting in numbness in right side..diagnosed with drop foot. Given mri scan..2 ares of bulging..poss L5 area in my lower back. I did have prolapsed disc in 2008..healed itself.. Im on painkillers..waiting for 2nd scan november. Can anyone advise me..I excercise..walking wear foot support..what other excercise..swimming, massage... Please reply....many care..
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago my knee began to get random stings (like someone pricked me with a needle) when I would bend my knee. However, it would disappear almost immediately when I straightened it. Recently, I have been having more continuous pain, it feels like I should have a floor burn on my knee but there isn't one. It also has this prickly feeling to it. I saw an orthopedist who simply said the pain was due to overuse of my muscle, however he never asked me to describe the pain.
Avatar f tn After a week of wearing the brace I discovered just how correct I was about it being too tight because my foot started swelling due to the lack of blood flow the knee brace had created and made it a mission to walk with a painful knee and a painful swollen foot.
Avatar m tn i had the same but fell doing a jump in figure skating and felt numbness in particular spots on my left knee. I got an x-ray and was informed that it was just soft tissue damage and should go away with some ibuprofen and regular application of ice. It has been just over a month since the fall and my knee is still numb. My grandfather told me when he had damaged the nerves in his foot, the numb feeling didnt pass until a year later.
Avatar f tn net/sport-injuries/knee-pain/acute-knee-injuries/knee-articular-cartilage-injury Your accident could have caused this or it could have been happening over time. But either way, that is now seen, it's now a fact of your knee. Sorry about that! RICE is often applied to help with it. (rest, ice, compression and elevation) to reduce swelling. Doctor can give a professional ice wrap. If doc says it's okay, you can take ibuprofen. Some people are okay with just that.
Avatar f tn In addition, atherosclerosis can also cause pain, numbness, and tingling while walking and they can also reduce blood supply and lead to numbness. Please consult your doctor to get all these possibilities evaluation in your case for further assessment. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Sound like osteoarthritis (OA) which most often occurs in people over 45, but some younger people get it from a joint injury. Do you have any previous injury involving your knee? A torn cartilage, for example, can precipitate the process of OA. Weight also plays an important role. Do you experience a creaking or cracking feeling within the joint? In the meantime, bracing, splinting, and other orthotic treatments may be useful in “unloading” an arthritic joint surface. Take care!
Avatar f tn I am a 20 year old female college student who is fairly healthy and exercises regularly (3-4 times per week). For 1 month I have been experiencing pain in my left knee. The pain occurs mostly above the knee cap and slightly along both sides. I have never had any knee injuries nor do I remember injuring it prior to when the pain began. I made a doctor's appt for February 22nd but it seems to be getting worse and i'm not sure if I will be able to handle the pain.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am not a medical professional, but have had similiar problems. I had my appendix removed two weeks ago and I also had numbness and then severe pain right above my knee (side & top of lower thigh). I discussed this with my doctor at my follow up appointment and he said that the numbness is from being in bed so long and that the pain is from the nerves and mylenth (sp?) sheets regenerating.
Avatar n tn In June 2009 I landed in the hospital, diagnosed with a small L5-S1 disc protrusion that should heal. It did not. I had surgery on 9/8/09. Immediately after surgery I had numbness and tingling in my left calf, arch of my foot and big toe. Three days later I lost the strength in my left foot (foot drop). The foot drop has improved a little bit, but I have had constant pain since surgery.
Avatar m tn My Daughter 13y/o, weight 45kg, has right knee pain isolated to the lower outside area of the knee. This pain is preventing the use of the knee and is sever when the knee is bent. She has limited movement with out pain. Currently we are into the 9th week of pain. Other symptoms are numbness of the knee area, Limited swelling (not much) and currently in the last week she has started to get sharp stadding pain, ocassionally the knee gives way.. The injury happened during a jazz dancing fall.
Avatar f tn is topamax used to treat a back injury? everything that I reads say migraines, seizures, well I don't have seizures or migraines. I have a bad knee and I have a bad back. I started Topamax and it makes me feel so bad. The pain is worse than before? is this normal? my feet hand and vision are all affectative. Numbness in feet and hands, just plain can't see. blured vision. lousy feeling .
466103 tn?1206935479 I have had a numbness sensation in my left forearm down through my two fingers, pinky and ring, for just over three months now. I assumed it was due to a pinched nerve and hope that the feeling would subside over time. Well, it hasn't. Now, in addition, I have the same feeling in the top part of my leg from the knee to the hip. And on occasion feeling a horrible burning pain just above the left knee.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with MS in Feb of 2011. My symptoms started with tingling/numbness in my feet that worked it's way up my legs and into my groin area. The symtoms have subsided in my legs and groin area, but the tinglin in my feet has never gone away. I've also been experiencing daily tremors and twitches. Within the last week, I've been experiencing pain behind my knee and last night I felt a bulge. It is not an abscess, but more of a swell.