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Avatar f tn For the last 3 wks my knee is sswollen, warm to touch, is swelled down into my ankle and hurts constantly. If my puppy lays against the outside of my thigh,its excruciating pain all the way down. Even behind the knee is swollen and warm to the touch. The pain is also down my shin bone. Is there a possibility of a blood clot this long after surgery? Even my calf hurts. I don't get Any Sleep and even my toes hurt to move them. What should I do? My surgeon is out of state and quite a drive.
Avatar n tn 3 year old Great Dane favoring left hind leg. The area of the muscle, when you rub downward feels like "foil" is in there and it is enlarging. Area warm to touch. Dog is favoring leg, area becoming swollen. Dog is lethargic, however eating, urinating and deficating. What is this and what can I do?
Avatar m tn If it were a simple bruise your knee should not be warm to touch. Is there any swelling in the area? It is difficult to determine just what sort of injury your knee sustained with out more information. The concerning factor is the warmth. I would apply ice to your knee and keep it immobilized until you are able to see a physician. I think this would be considered an Urgent Care issue and you should be seen asap. Please let us know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn Back at the beginning of december i injured my knee. I had been about to kneel down when my leg gave out and i landed on my knee with it bent in a very awkward way. I had swelling and great amounts of pain and dull ache and after seeing a doctor in A&E was booked for an mri scan and put into a lockable brace which i wore for around 6 weeks as he was sure i'd suffered mcl injury. The scan showed no cartilage damage and no real mcl damage which was suspected.
Avatar f tn t know what to do. I can move my leg but its really painful. if i touch the knee is tender and if i move my fingers on it the knee feels like it's jarring. Nothing seems like a comfortable position. All it's doing is getting worse since thursday when I tried to go for a driving lesson. I don't know what it is or what I should do I need help asap. A doctor said a ligament tear or a fracture but I'm not sure. When I straighten my leg my knee cracks and it hurts really really bad.
Avatar m tn You My right kneecap started to randomly burn about 3 weeks ago and lasted for about two hours. It started to dwell slightly and was red and very hot to the touch. I went to bed an woke up it was fine now today it started again while driving the same as before but just hit and red no swelling. It lasted about 20 mins then stopped. About 30 mins after that my left knee started doing the same thing. It's very hott only on the outer part of my knee cap.
Avatar f tn It varies between a warm sensation moving up the bottom of my foot from my heel to the ball, to hot like a lighter is being run across the bottom. I am not sure if this is anything other than exhaustion because I have been under a lot of stress lately. My husband is home from being hospitalized and I homeschool 4 kids. I am not sure is these other symptoms are all tied together but I will mention them.
Avatar n tn At one point I felt something (like a pulling just under the knee to the top of the knee. That no longer hurts.. The burning, hurting, sensitive sensation with like a tiny balloon filled with water from mid knee up has been bothering me for like 4 weeks now. Two days after the initial fall it got injured again when I was pushed into a bus landing on same knee because people can't wait until there turn. So this second injury only made matters worse.
Avatar f tn Instantly the area went numb, two days later I went to a and e to get it checked and they said that it would take weeks for the feeling to come back and bruising to go. Initially it only jury if poked :) Today I have been experiencing a seering pain within the shin when my leg is bent like when sitting anxieties only relieved by walking or lifting the leg straight. Also when I touch one are area of the numbness I get a tingling sensation somewhere else.
Avatar f tn Apply heat and then ice 20 min on 20 min off and use any kind of OTC pain reliever that is safe for you to take. Warm salt bath can temporarily help also. BUT YOU NEED TO SEE AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON OR A DO TYPE DOCTOR. ONLY A DOCTOR CAN DIAGNOSE YOU. They will probably order an MRI of your knee, especially since they are a little swollen. Please flollow up.. The doctor may recommend some type of brace or assistance device to take some pressure off of the area.
Avatar f tn I have been to the doctor twice she says it is bursitis, but its getting worse. It is warm to the touch and is very painful to put any weight on it.
Avatar m tn The first was my elbow right at the tricep insertion, with no injury noted. It hurts to range the joint and very painful to touch. The second was my knee. It woke me with an intense throbbing and also very painful to touch. The painful spot was lateral aspect of patella. The elbow returned again, for the third episode. The pain is so intense that it hurts to move the elbow or knee when I rise in the morning. It will then subside to a tenderness to touch by days end. Very random.
Avatar f tn Whenever I touch it or bruxh it against something I get a bad pain in the side of my knee. Seems odd that an injury on the front of the knee cap and cause such pain on the side. Looking for any info, please help. Thank you.
182884 tn?1259312906 I was told I needed a MRi. Does the MRi confirm this type of injury or other injuries to the knee.? I really appreciate any and all answers as I am a little afraid of what may happen to my knee after all the other problems I am having. I already have a hernated disk and DDD, SI disese, Facet Joint Disease, and Bad hips and a Bad foot that has lost it function to bend at the joint. ( oppisite side of the body.
358594 tn?1211255129 Reconstruction of the ACL is recommended,if instability continues even after leg strength and knee motion has returned. In serious knee injury, do not attempt to move the joint. A splint should be used to keep the knee straight .Take complete rest as your right ankle is injured and do not put weight on your injured knee. Best .
Avatar n tn The best course of treatment for an injury to the knee joint caused by a twisting force depends upon the exact nature of the damage sustained. This can vary tremendously from a simple sprain to an internal ligamentous or cartilage tear. In principle the initial treatment involves RICE, rest, ice packs, compression and elevation of the leg.
Avatar f tn I feel like sometimes my knee might give in, sharp pain with movement, pain when stretching and knee sore to touch (top left, below knee cap, lower right side). My follow-up to review the results of MRI is in 4 weeks and I'm in a lot of pain... besides P.R.I.C.E. is there anything I should avoid or do to help cope with my pain? I can share my MRI images if needed... thanks!
Avatar f tn but it seems to be doing better each morning but by the end of the day she is limping pretty good. there is no swelling or redness or warm to touch. she says it hurts when i push on the fatty part on the back side of her knee. and she says it only when she walks so i have no clue!
Avatar m tn HI, Pain and swelling of the knee which has lasted for three weeks, needs to be investigated. This is due to inflammatory reaction to injury or disease. Collection of synovial fluid in the joint causes the swelling. However the risk of problems with the cartilage or meniscus should be ruled out. Consult an orthopaedic surgeon for an evaluation. Rest, immobilization, anti-inflammatory drugs, injections of steroid into the joint will help. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn I am a 63-year-old woman in good health. I fell a month ago and there is now liquid on my knee and it is warm to the touch. It doesn't hurt very much. I have no insurance and was wondering if I could try to treat it myself or whether I should definitely see my doctor. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn Pain and inflammation of the knee joint can be due to either injury or due to changes occuring at the knee joint due to certain systemic disorders. You will need to contact your doctor either in person or telephonically to discuss this development. You can take Advil for the pain if you do not have compromised renal function. Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
Avatar n tn // You may really need to go for an assessment to see if your compensation during the foot injury has jacked up your knee.