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Avatar f tn Surgical repair for torn meniscus of L' Knee. 3 months post-op it buckled, caused tear during fall to R' Knee and meniscus was surgically repaired but has also failed, although the surgeon refuses to order an MRI to "prove" this latest injury. Pain is an issue as I am allergic to all pain meds ordered to date and take nothing for the pain levels of 9-10. Before injury both knees were healthy, minimal arthritic changes on MRI's in spite of age 58 and obesity.
Avatar m tn Essentially, you have two injuries to your knee. The first is a torn medial meniscus, or a torn cartilage. The rest is a description of the shape of the tear. A bucket handle flops back and forth inside the knee, like the handle on a bucket, and can cause pain, locking, and swelling. This treated arthroscopically and will require either repair or removal of the damaged piece of meniscus. The second injury is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, (ACL).
Avatar n tn I just had surgery less than a week ago for both lateral and medial meniscus tears on my right knee. It was really no big deal at all. surgery was on a friday and I was back to work monday. not much pain involved and I am aleready walking w/out crutches after 3 days. I have been avoiding surgery for about 5 years, and now I don't know why. My personal recommendation is to go w/ your orthopedic doctors advice.
Avatar f tn You will require a MRI scan to know about more details about your knee. Torn meniscus has to be dealt properly, else later life arthritis chances will increase. causing pain and aony. So meet the orthopaedician again, get the MRI done. hope you have medical insurance.
Avatar f tn A visit to the the doctor sounds like a good idea. This may be a torn meniscus, torn posterolateral corner, or simply nothing.
Avatar f tn The large majority of meniscus tears do not have the potential for healing on their own, and physical therapy does not promote healing of the meniscus. I compare a torn meniscus to a pebble in your shoe. Until the pebble is removed, you are still going to have pain. Once the torn meniscus (the pebble) is removed, you can feel better. The incidence risk of arthritis after arthroscopic partial menisectomy is quite low.
Avatar f tn Injured knee a couple years ago. After putting up with the pain, finally went to ortho when Baker's cyst developed. He suspects torn meniscus, but it did not show on the MRI. PT and cortisone shot did not help. He wants to scope the knee and clean it out. Most days the knee is uncomfortable to walk on, but some days I can barely put weight on it, usually after being on it for more than a couple hours.
Avatar m tn If your meniscus is torn, you will hear the crackling sound until you have it repaired. It is cartilage and will continue to wear down, that is what you are hearing. It is probably getting caught in different parts of your knee, twisting around with every movement, and this will cause the sound. If it really is tore, you should have it repaired if it is bothering you. If not it will just continue to wear down until there is nothing left.
159619 tn?1538180937 When I tore my right MCL, I never got fluid in the knee and the level of pain is getting considerably worse on the new injury from my experience with the previous injury on my right knee. Would it help to have the fluid drained from my left knee to releive the pain? Also, what else could I have damaged that would be causing fluid on the knee? Any suggestions on how to function in the mean time would also be greatly appreciated, the pain is getting unbearable.
378273 tn?1262097621 I sustained a knee injury 3 months ago. MRI showed Baker's Cyst with debris, subchondral fracture, torn meniscus partially stripped MCL, joint effusion and near-complete cartilate denudation in the lateral patellofemaral joint. Got a cortisone shot, which only helped a little.Ortho doctor called the fracture a bone bruise and said they take months to heal. The torn meniscus won't heal (he said) Other than a "scope" what can I do to get relief!
Avatar f tn t go for arthroscopy at this point of time , the torn meniscus will give you pain at later stage of life and your leg will become thin. Is this really happens? I am bit confused whether meniscus is really torn or not as am able to walk and bend knee more than 50 degree. I have never came across stituations of knee bukling or lock. In sleep I awake as I feel very much akward and tired in straight sleeping poster to keep left leg striaght.
Avatar f tn the radiology report says the lateral meniscus looks intact... the ortho thinks the lateral meniscus is torn. Since that meniscus was sutured 18 years ago and the metal fragments make the lateral side hard to see on MRI I'm wondering who is right? We're going to shoot some cortisone in there and I got a new hinged brace. I'm going to ski about 8 days next month on it and see how it feels. We'll make the decisions about where the pain is coming from then. Next actions.....
Avatar f tn It was a bucket handle tear on the meniscus in my left knee and I have had keyhole surgery. Is there anything I can do to help my knee back to the way it was before my injury?
Avatar f tn 63 year old female had surgery for torn meniscus at the end of August. Still in pain, at times cannot walk without limping. Have a difficult time getting out of a chair. Have been back to the orthopedic doctor and siad it has range of movement ,but if i stub my toe or hit my foot on something, the pain is very severe and it stops me in my tracks. I go back in December. What should be done next. I am at wits end because of the pain. The pain is the same as before the surgery.
Avatar f tn Yesterday during our class' Track and Field relay, I fell really badly and I couldn't move my right leg. I was brought to the clinic and they bandaged it and sent me home. My knee is so painful that I can't even walk properly or bend or stretch it. I suspect it may be torn meniscus but my mom thinks it's just sore and bruised a bit. She refuses to take me to the doctor. It started to swell a bit this morning and my mom still won't have it checked.
Avatar n tn An MRI is 70 to 90% accurate in identifying whether the meniscus has been torn and how badly. However, meniscus tears do not always appear on MRIs. Meniscus tears, indicated by MRI, are classified in three grades. Grades 1 and 2 are not considered serious. They may not even be apparent with an arthroscopic examination. Grade 3 is a true meniscus tear and an arthroscope is close to 100% accurate in diagnosing this tear.
Avatar f tn I am a 14 year old female and had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture to repair torn articular cartilage about 8 months ago. after physical therapy and lots of rest, i was cleared to play lacrosse again. My knee was feeling alot better and stronger. i still wear a brace while i play to try to prevent any further injury. however, i'm afraid its injured again.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you might have suffered an injury your doctors didn't discover, such as a torn meniscus. Sometimes our bodies are just odd about stuff like this, they just get hurt and stay hurt and nobody can figure out why, but that's also most often in old people. But without new diagnostic tests, especially MRIs, and having a good orthopedist manipulate your knee to see if certain movements cause pain, you'll really never know.
Avatar f tn I tore my acl and medial meniscus two weeks ago today. Actually, the acl was already torn and I didn't know it so the meniscus went out very easily when I twisted my knee too far. The first week I couldn't put any weight on it because it would buckle and I would fall. I am now able to put a little weight on it and can walk with a walker using both legs. I start physical therapy next Wednesday (3/9/11). The past two days my knee seems stiffer and has a little more pain than it did have.
Avatar f tn Partial meniscectomy is the treatment of choice for tears in the avascular portion of the meniscus or complex tears not amenable to repair. Torn tissue is removed, and the remaining healthy meniscal tissue is contoured to a stable, balanced peripheral rim. Meniscus repair is recommended for tears that occur in the vascular region (red zone or red-white zone), are longer than 1 cm, involve greater than 50% of meniscal thickness, and are unstable to arthroscopic probing.
Avatar n tn I have bad arthritis in my knee. My ortho doc (after MRI) says I tore the meniscus but he thinks arthroscopy is a waste of my time and money since I have such thin cartilage. He took all the fluid out and injected me with cortisone earlier today. The pain is unbearable and the swelling is coming back already. Has anyone had torn meniscus with advanced arthritis and had sucess with arthroscopy. He says I am not ready yet for knee replacement.
Avatar m tn Hi, The two conditions are probably unrelated. For your knee it sounds as if you may need to have it operated to remove the torn piece of the meniscus. The meniscus doesn't have good blood supply and so it doesn't heal well (if at all). Have an MRI done on the knee and see an orthopedist to discuss your options. Does the bump on your knee hurt and is it soft or hard? If it is hard and if you are young it could be Osgood-Schlatters disease / Syndrome but there could other reasons as well.
Avatar m tn The large majority of meniscus tears do not have the potential for healing on their own, and physical therapy does not promote healing of the meniscus. I compare a torn meniscus to a pebble in your shoe. Until the pebble is removed, you are still going to have pain. Once the torn meniscus (the pebble) is removed, you can feel better. The incidence risk of arthritis after arthroscopic partial menisectomy is quite low.
Avatar f tn I've hit my knee a month ago. My doctor suspects of a torn cartilage or previous injury and request an MRI. There's a pretty significant white mass in between the joint (Between the bones), I have no idea what it is, but it is where the little black meniscus triangle on the left side should be (like a bone?).I feel like sometimes my knee might give in, sharp pain with movement, pain when stretching and knee sore to touch (top left, below knee cap, lower right side).
Avatar n tn For Grade II menisci tears if the knee is locked it has to be manipulated under general anesthesia. No special maneuver is needed, as the knee relaxes the torn meniscus falls into place and the knee is unlocked. In cases where the knee is not locked 2-3 weeks of Robert Jones compression bandage is sufficient followed by physiotherapy. In Robert Jones three successive layers of cotton are applied with the help of crepe bandage, thus giving compression. Take care!