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Avatar n tn What joint was involved? Knee, shoulder, ankle...? Much depends on the severity of the injury, the patient's own immune system, and the patient's dedication to rehab. One thing for certain, that joint will never be the same as it was before the injury. He will certainly have good use of it, but it's going to be painful for a good long while. The physical therapy is the most important part of rehab. Unfortunately, it HURTS.
Avatar m tn my wife who is 38 years,suffered from a Foot injury & pain,MRI report has concluded QUOTE Undisplaced fracture of the cuboid bone with oedema of the adjacent soft tissues UNQUOTE May kindly advise on the issue and what are treatments for above.
Avatar m tn Hello thanks for taking some time to answer my question ever since my knee injury my ankle in very weak if I jump and come down my knee feels like it is going to pop out then it starts to get swollen and I can't not bend it fully for at least a couple of days this all started when I dislocated my knee I never had knee problems what could I do because I have this bump on the side of my knee and my other knee it's completely flat and smooth thanks agin
Avatar n tn The MRI showed no abnormalities in my meniscus and there was significant trauma to my knee during my recent injury. Significant swelling occurred at the time of injury and I was immobile for nearly a week after the surgery. Also, I was considered nearly 100% healed after my initial ACL reconstruction in 2001. It does not always pop and never has until the injury this May. I never had difficulties with the knee after my surgery until that day.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy 46 year old man. 5 months ago I sustained a serious knee injury. I have a large bucket handle tear with some pain and limited mobility. I have been trying to rehab the knee myself ever since the injury. I don’t think surgery would turn out well for me for the following reasons. 1) Dr. Wants to remove 80% of the posterior horn. 2) removal of 50-75% body/root. 3) some degree of ACL tearing (that will not be addressed).
Avatar f tn I have had knee pain in both my knees since I was 13 years old. It started off as cartilage wearing out. In 2015 I revisited the doctor after 7 years with knee pain once again. My PCP said I had a Patella Tracking Disorder. Fast forward to 2016 and I had an MRI done that revealed a Level One ACL injury along with cartilage damage as well as Tendonitis and Bursitis.
358594 tn?1211255129 Reconstruction of the ACL is recommended,if instability continues even after leg strength and knee motion has returned. In serious knee injury, do not attempt to move the joint. A splint should be used to keep the knee straight .Take complete rest as your right ankle is injured and do not put weight on your injured knee. Best .
Avatar m tn I had partial knee replacement in both knees at the end of June. All was going well until 2 months into rehab, I was in an auto accident. Apparently in the accident, I hit my left knee and injured or tore the Patellar tendon. I have a burning, stabbing pain below my knee cap that has progressively worsened. My doc said to tough it out, as there is no broken bones, nor apparent problem with the implant. Its been 2 months since the accident and am not getting better.
Avatar m tn The consultant recommended a knee brace that locks at 0 degrees and 90 degrees while I undergo some physio and rehab. I have ordered a knee brace from DonJoy that is suitable, and just had my first physio session yesterday. The physio actually advised that I can move my knee through more than 90 degrees of flexion when exercising / stretching / in rehab, since I was able to do so without too much effort and no real discomfort when she was treating me.
Avatar n tn Given your symptoms you may want to have the knee looked at by a doctor now, maybe some xrays taken, for starters. You might have a number of issues going on at the same time. This I know, speaking from fractures in my patella and tibial plateau in the past...You need your knees for a LONG time. Take care of them like you would your eyes. Knee surgery has been the most difficult and lengthy to rehab of all of mine. You don't realize HOW much you use your knees til you hurt one.
Avatar n tn a disc problem would cause a loss of reflex at the knee and a twitching but relaxed thigh muscle; a quad injury would result in a muscle that is tight and in spasm. In either case, though, the injury sounds significant enough that a week or two is not going to cut it for recovery time. Disc injury causing compression of a nerve typically recovers over months (3-9 months), and a serious strain of a large muscle like the quadriceps heals over 2-3 months.
Avatar m tn No symptons before the injury. It was caused by trauma to the knee. from the above described incidents, at the state prison where I work. As a sergeant in our mental health units. The arthroscopic surgery supposedly cleaned up the chondral fracture on my medial femoral condyle. But my problems remain. With constant nagging pain and swelling. And problems kneeling,squatting,bending, and just going up and down stairs. I saw another orthopedic doctor today.
Avatar m tn I played college soccer but had to retire due the most recent injury to my left knee. That injury happened around the second week of August in 2009. It was nothing traumatic other than being kicked below the knee causing a contusion to my shin and then started causing pain in my upper knee.
Avatar m tn I underwent surgery and nine and a half months of rehab to get it back to where it was before the injury. I feel better now and my knee is almost brand new (it took like three years though). Recently, I was training and doing some plyometrics - nothing new - and as I was coming down, I landing hard and my knee just shook. I felt pretty unstable after that. I kept my knee straight as I walked to sit down. When I sat, I bent my knee and my knee just... locked?
Avatar f tn Hello, Two months ago, I completely tore my ACL and badly tore the medial meniscus (tore the MCL and lateral meniscus as well, but they're healing on their own). I'm having surgery July 22nd to reconstruct the torn ACL and suture the medial meniscus. From speaking with teammates who've had ACL surgery, I understand that getting it moving ASAP is crucial to proper rehab.
Avatar n tn I got my knee problem initially while running as well. It doesn't mean it happened because of what you did that day, it might have been building up for awhile. I don't know why you haven't seen an orthopedist to get an MRI and see if there's a meniscus problem, which it sounds like it might be, or to see if it's just tendinitis. Hopefully, it will just require physical therapy to rehab, but I don't think at this point it's just going to go away. Good luck.
457721 tn?1256640798 I had this surgery done following an injury on my right knee approximately 2 years ago. Apparently I have a congenital defect that causes my kneecaps to dislocate just stepping off a curb has caused dislocation. I wait tables and a week ago I dislocated my left knee. (our floors are uneven...and I just happened to step on it wrong) This is a WHOLE other issue because I am having to file workers comp...and my employer is being a real *** about the situation.
Avatar m tn My mother had a knee repacement a year ago. Even after rehab she complained the knee felt weak, like it was going to give out. She has fallen three times. She recently had a replacement on the other knee and noticed the difference in recovery right away that there seemed to be a weakness still in the knee she had done a year ago.
Avatar f tn I twisted my knee and when it happen I heard and felt a pop on the inside of my knee. Also, now when I walk, I have pain and crackling on the outside, under the knee. When I am walking and I have to turn or piviot, I get a pain that runs the inside of my knee. And now I can just be standing there and my knee feels like it is really loose and feels like I hyperextended in, the knee pushes back. How ling should I wait to go to the doctor or should I continue to try and heal it myself.
5987839 tn?1381922502 I have spasticity in my legs - I take Baclofen in the morning, and before bed to keep it under control. My right knee is about to get an MRI, but I know there is at the least a torn meniscus and I am facing surgery. My MS is NOT happy with that leg! The spasticity has gotten so bad in that leg ... it feels like there is a grip on my leg from above my knee, to halfway down my calf, making it difficult to walk .... in addition to the pain and mobility issues in my knee.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. It sounds to me like either a ligament or possibly cartilage. Does it feel unstable or is it still giving out on you? Does it ache after sitting for long amounts of time? Is your pain off to the side of the knee or under your knee cap? These answers may help me know better.
Avatar f tn You need to know I have arthritis in both knees and no cartilage left under knee caps. My knee instantly was hurting but mostly when trying to walk normal. I can walk stiff legged and it doesn't hurt too bad but flex the knee and it has sharp pain like i have walking up and down stairs because of the knee caps. I sit in a normal position but lifting foot causing lots of pain around knee cap. I'm guessing I probably pulled something. Have put ice on it and taken ibu.
1587585 tn?1309432260 If you hurt your knee doing side lunges, this may be a meniscal injury or to the MCL. Pain in the back of the knee may be local inflammation, or swelling. Continue the NSAID's, rest, and ice; if the pain persists, see an orthopedist.