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Avatar n tn The MRI showed no abnormalities in my meniscus and there was significant trauma to my knee during my recent injury. Significant swelling occurred at the time of injury and I was immobile for nearly a week after the surgery. Also, I was considered nearly 100% healed after my initial ACL reconstruction in 2001. It does not always pop and never has until the injury this May. I never had difficulties with the knee after my surgery until that day.
Avatar m tn Increasing activities that activate the rectus femoris would be quite helpful for you.
Avatar m tn From there hopefully your doctor can perform tests to find out if there is tissue damage, or what the exact injury is. Until then, I highly suggest you stay off of your knee as much as you can, i.e. no running. You can try ice, or heat, whichever feels better. I would be careful when stretching as well in case you aggravate your knee. Good luck and I hope your knee feels better soon!
Avatar f tn Otherwise, I can walk, climb stairs and put weight on the knee without too much difficulty. What have I injured? I am trying to avoid exercises that hurt, but I continue to do cardio (brisk walking on treadmill). Should I avoid strength training? Should I use a heating pad on my knee? What kind of injury does this sound like?
Avatar f tn But, I got permanent swelling from last 3 weeks and pain also. Pain is in my lower and upper part of knee. I tried cooling and hot cycle belt of wrap but still pain exists. This all started from nov 07. I never had injury with my knees. Completed my blood test and routine check up in January 08 but everything is normal. I never had consultation with my knees.
Avatar f tn This really limits my exercises, as many require weight-bearing on bent knees. Is this a normal knee thing, and can I stop babying my knee and start doing things in a normal fashion, or is this, as I fear, bad and only going to get worse?
Avatar n tn i have ligament injury on my knee!!... right knee, acl and lcl tear!!.. :( .. can i get a glimpse on yoga exercise on internet?.. if can , can u share the link to me pls... and have been trying the small portion method!!. but not working miss... any other thing?.. can gv a small example on wat to eat huh?.. coz im a malaysian, its hard to find healthy food here!.. :(.. very sad bout it here.. most food contain maximum oil!... can u suggest some recipes if can?
Avatar m tn So my question is how am I supposed to recover from an ankle injury if there is an accompanying knee injury. Why was this never checked?? I understand that two surgeries at one time cannot be done, but it is just now being explored because of the instability. Also, my PT has changed so I may have been hurting my knee since the weight-bearing. Also, I was told to stop wearing the ankle boot as it will cause pain. But I have been on it for 8 weeks.
Avatar f tn I am a 20 year old female college student who is fairly healthy and exercises regularly (3-4 times per week). For 1 month I have been experiencing pain in my left knee. The pain occurs mostly above the knee cap and slightly along both sides. I have never had any knee injuries nor do I remember injuring it prior to when the pain began. I made a doctor's appt for February 22nd but it seems to be getting worse and i'm not sure if I will be able to handle the pain.
Avatar n tn d recommend is seeing a physical therapist who can show you tons of core building exercises, as well as exercises to strengthen your knee and the muscles around it. Or you can go to a gym and get a personal trainer to show you. Or go on You Tube. Or wait for someone here to mention a thousand exercises, because there are literally thousands of different exercises to work on different parts of your core, not that working on your core has proven to be all that beneficial.
Avatar m tn The pain lasted for more than 2-3 days.. Now the pain from hip has shifted towards my knee and thigh area. The pain is constant and specially in the area behind my knee, and on thighs. And now the pain has again expanded to the ankle area (the joint between feet and leg). I have tried doing exercises and such activities, and had some pain killer medicines as well, but the pain has not decreased. The pain especially increases during nights.
Avatar f tn I have always had great muscular quadriceps. I had a knee injury last year and now I have arthritis in my right knee. I went through therapy a year ago, but my right quadricep does not look like my left quadricep. My question is: How do I build the muscles back up in my quadriceps (as a matter of fact, my entire thigh area)?
1306931 tn?1273540199 Hi there, I had a very severe knee injury. I dislocated and shattered my knee dancing at a halloween party. It's been about five months and I do have flare ups no matter what. All I can suggest is that I take Nsaids like voltaren and it helps me with the arthritis in my knee. I also wear a knee brace when I walk or do any kind of physical activity. My knee makes a lot of crunching noises and sometimes its painful, but at least I can walk now.
Avatar f tn Yoga postures have variations to accommodate injuries or varying skill levels, and tai chi has been shown to reduce pain and impairment in people with knee problems. It is important to learn from a professional though, as injury can result from improper form. The squat involves flexing your ankles, knees and hips together to lower your body to the ground from a standing position to a crouching position.
1415174 tn?1453243103 And, then I got a frozen shoulder and I can now straighten it most of the way. Then I got a left knee injury by falling in the subway (no breaks) but it still has patello femerol syndrome. The problem now is over the last few years I have been sitting way too much and can't lift more than about 5 pounds. My legs are not strong and gluts. I have been walking moderate hills daily about 2 miles. But I still am out of shape in my legs and so forth.
Avatar m tn Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, is possible due to injury or infection or autoimmune disease etc), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. Ligament injury causes pain to worsen on walking, bending and stretching the knee.
Avatar m tn and was given a few strecthes and leg strengthening exercises to help with my knee problems. Well, after a solid two weeks of performing these exercises, my knee feels strong and well. But whenever i have to stretch and put my left knee into my buttox the entire knee feels an incredible amount of pain. Also, whenever I try and sit on my ankles, I am in HUGE amounts of pain just in the left knee.
Avatar n tn What joint was involved? Knee, shoulder, ankle...? Much depends on the severity of the injury, the patient's own immune system, and the patient's dedication to rehab. One thing for certain, that joint will never be the same as it was before the injury. He will certainly have good use of it, but it's going to be painful for a good long while. The physical therapy is the most important part of rehab. Unfortunately, it HURTS.
Avatar n tn I hurt my knee at work and they told me it was a patellar dislocation and it must of relocated it self and they gave me a knee brace and said I could go back to work . but I cant even bare to walk on it it hurts so bad oh they also gave me a shot of steroid in my arm to take the swelling down but my knee still doesn't feel right like it keeps popping out of place what should I do ?
Avatar n tn At first the pain was only when I walked up and down stairs and had to put all my weight on one knee but now I can hardly extend my knee without getting sharp pains on the inside of the knee. Also, not sure if this is relevant, but there is a painless bruise on the middle of my knee right below my knee cap and I have no idea where it came from. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Hi! I've run cross-country and track for a number of years now and all of the sudden my knee started popping. I've never really had a sports injury in my life and I don't know what seems to be the problem. I'll be running on our dirt track or on the grassy field and that's when I notice that it pops. It doesn't really hurt, but I can hear it and even feel it pop. Also, this last year in track I was running fine until the last few weeks of track.
Avatar f tn assuming it is a hip flexor injury. she should take time off. even after it feels better. from experience ever since the first time i hurt my hip flexor which was 2 years ago. off and on again i strain them all the time which is very common when you hurt them. losing weeks out of my seasons. a good way to check the hip is by having her sit in a chair. place you hand on her knee with pressure and ask her to lift her knee. now if she can't do this or its painful its either a strain or a pull.
Avatar n tn He asked about the history of the injury, and I told him everything. Then he examined my good knee, and next, my bad one. After manipulating it, poking and prodding at it and such, he told me that I have a sprained knee, more specifically, I sprained my MCL (medial collateral ligament). So, I'm still in my brace and on crutches, and he prescribed Tylenol w/Codeine for the pain. He said that I should be 50% better in a week, and I hope that's right!
Avatar n tn In the beginning of august I had a bad fall. I was put in a knee splint. After an MRI it looks like I have a grade 3 MCL tear. Prior to that, I've had habitual dislocation of the patella. Today, the doctor said I might have never had a connected MCL since my knee would "travel" with every step (and I could walk and function completely normally, before the injury).
Avatar m tn I had the arthroscopy on the 30/11/2010 and have done much rehabilitation with Hydro and gym exercises(3-5 times a week) but the left knee still has pain on the underside of the knee cap and inside area. Pain is at a level 3 and once being used(exercising,walking,bending) quickly raises to a level 6 pain in these areas.Also I have sharp stabbing pains on & off in the lower inside area to a pain level 8 enough to stop me in my tracks with no prior warning signs before this happens.
1456157 tn?1285374334 A few minutes into a soccer game, she apparently dropped that knee onto the field in the same spot and at the end of the game, had a pretty swollen knee (same knee - apparent re-injury). We went back to the Sports Therapist who worked with her and again after a few days, felt her knee was okay and the ligaments felt good. Today while playing some game in PE, she went down on that knee again and it's pretty swollen tonight.