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Avatar m tn Probably just a scope and this is the most minor knee surgery you can have. The recovery time in physical therapy is usually around 6-8 weeks. I've had a scope for a meniscus tear and I am also an Athletic Trainer so I deal with othropedic injuries all the time! No need to worry!
Avatar f tn Fast forward to 2016 and I had an MRI done that revealed a Level One ACL injury along with cartilage damage as well as Tendonitis and Bursitis. I went through Physical Therapy and my pain was very minimal (have always had slight knee pain) for about two months before I started having the problems again.
Avatar f tn To continue being off my foot and come back in 3 wks to be rexrayed-see bone doctor and physical therapy. MEANWHILE, my whole knee all around is swollen, heavily inflammed still. I am afraid surgery may be indicated and need some feedback from someone. I go back this Friday.
Avatar f tn I went back to the doctor and was told to start physical therapy. I did therapy for 6 weeks with no positive outcome. The doctor prescribed 4 more weeks of pt and if that didnt work then surgery. The pt didnt work and i had to have arthroscopic surgery. I had a piece of cartilage on my medial femoral condyle that had a small piece of bone attatched which had torn off. The doctor removed the cartilage and performed a microfracture.
Avatar m tn I too have patella femoral syndrome. The best thing I ever did for my knee was to go to physical therapy. Look for a good manual therapist. They typically treat not just the knee but also look at how your calf and hip are affecting your knee.
Avatar f tn As the days go by my knee got worse, it be came stiffer, my knee would lock, and when i try to straighten it it would make click sound, I was thaking Physical therapy, one day during therapy session, my calve muscle got very stiff and tight, that i was in so much pain, I was crying. I couldnt move at all. I end up going to ER, they diagnosed me with injured hamstring muscle.
Avatar m tn Sorry for the detail, but maybe it will help you understand in answering the question as to what area of the knee may be injured, or if not injured, then what is going on? : I was in an accident which caused my knee to grind, and become painful as I went up and downsteps, in which I could have tolerated if knew how much worse I would feel after physical therapy.
Avatar m tn i had the surgery the very end of september and started playing lacrosse again in january. the physical therapy helped alot. i do wear a brace to prevent further injury but my doctor says i dont have to wear it. it took alot to get back to where i was before the injury but it gets better eventually and the surgery is worth it. hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I am a 14 year old female and had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture to repair torn articular cartilage about 8 months ago. after physical therapy and lots of rest, i was cleared to play lacrosse again. My knee was feeling alot better and stronger. i still wear a brace while i play to try to prevent any further injury. however, i'm afraid its injured again.
Avatar f tn I twisted my knee and I heard a pop. Through months of physical therapy and not getting any better and MRI showed just that my knee cap was off to one side, that didn't explain the pain in the medial part of my knee. So my Orthopedic did a scope and found that I had a chunk of cartilage missing and did a microfacture. Also did a lateral release to put my knee cap back in place. My question is can the cartilage and the knee cap be from that one injury?
Avatar f tn Did you see an orthapedic doctor or just the physical therapist? Are you on a team for a school or something where trainers and physio's are contracted through your school? They may be able to refer you to the ortho they work with. Here's information on bursitis. You do have symptoms of it. Since this is ongoing, your symptoms are in the 'when to see a doctor' section.
Avatar f tn I have always had great muscular quadriceps. I had a knee injury last year and now I have arthritis in my right knee. I went through therapy a year ago, but my right quadricep does not look like my left quadricep. My question is: How do I build the muscles back up in my quadriceps (as a matter of fact, my entire thigh area)?
358594 tn?1211255129 Reconstruction of the ACL is recommended,if instability continues even after leg strength and knee motion has returned. In serious knee injury, do not attempt to move the joint. A splint should be used to keep the knee straight .Take complete rest as your right ankle is injured and do not put weight on your injured knee. Best .
4817742 tn?1359564366 Was in a car accident in feb 2012 hurt back and left knee. have done physical therapy, epidural injections, and been to a chiropractor for back and no relief and now a pain management dr for back and they are now just listening to me about my knee and they havent even been able to pin point whts going on with my back except i do have digenerative disc disease that i didnt know i had and all my problems are with L4,L5 and S1.
Avatar m tn s have said muscles around her knee joint needed strengthening and she has been going to physical therapy. the 1st therapist she went to said the range of motion in her hip/knee was minimal and had her do a stretching routine. I decided not to continue with the therapy since she could do these stretches at home. To my regret she didn't continue with the stretches and about a year later her knee/hip pain worsened. X-ray's were taken. Radioligist and orthopedic said x-ray looked fine.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is jacob and i've had 2 knee surgeries. On 4/13/07 i got into a bad motorcycle accident that broke my left knee. The urgent care I went to told me that it was a fractured tib/fib plateau and that it would heal soon. They said that i could walk on it when i wanted to and gave me 20 vicodin 500s. The surgeuon that my insurance had was on vacation but when he got back almost a week after my break, he called me and told me that i need emergency knee surgery.
Avatar m tn m sitting, standing, walking, or even sleeping. I had several x-rays of my knee and physical therapy. I was finally referred to an orthopedist who found a nerve in my back was pinched. L-3 and L-4 area. He said, "It's in your back but your brain thinks it's your knee." He was absolutely right. I'm going for physical therapy for my back and it is working.
Avatar n tn NSAID’s, cross-training activities, such as swimming, can allow an athlete to maintain their fitness while resting the knee. The next step in treatment is a physical therapy program that should emphasize strengthening and flexibility of the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups. Consult a orthopaedician for confirmation of diagnosis and advise on treatment. Best.
Avatar n tn I have had tendonitis in my knee for slightly more than a month during the summer and had gone for physical therapy in August & part of September. My physical therapists got the swelling in my knee down enough to be not seen or felt with sonagrams and stretching excersizes. Now I'm "recovering" but it does't feel like it. I feel pain radiating down the side of my right leg when I'm sitting and sometimes when I'm walking.
Avatar f tn What am I suppose to do for the pain when I come completely off of them ? The reason I got them in the first place was because of a knee injury my doctor gave them to me. Now that I see they have become a problem I wont to stop. I don't like the fact that this has control of mean some scene. I did slow down on them to only 1 a day instead of 6-7 when I did the pain was there to remind me. So what do yall suggest?