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Avatar n tn i ruptured the tendon/ligaments in my right knee about 4 weeks ago now, i was on a trampoline and someone fell full body weight on the top of my leg, i have had to wear a leg brace and crutches, within the last week i have been able to get around using nothing ( not sure if this is wise though, but its driving me mad) im worried as my leg just wont bend any more, it feels like its locked or come out of the joint, when it does band by accident its is very very painful so much so it makes me cry,
Avatar m tn I have a 3 year old boy who was double bounced last month on the trampoline. He wasn't able to walk for a day and his knee would give out for days after the incident. He keeps having reinjuries to where he can't run or falls when running. He's been limping quite often also. I'm wondering at what age can ligament damage happen and has anyone had a child with a knee injury...a similiar one?
Avatar f tn She had a hairline fracture about 1.5 to 2 inches right below the knee on the front of the Tibia on her right leg. She had a recheck 6 months later and there were no problems in her growth plates and all seemed to be fine. Since then she has been waking up screaming and kicking with pain behind her knee right in the middle across the crease where the knee bends. She does this 2 or 3 times a month. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it.
Avatar f tn A couple days ago my 13 year son was playing on a trampoline with his friend and accidentally hit his chest on the bent knee of his friend. It was sore and tender and also somewhat swollen but no bruising. Talked to his pediatrician and they said to keep an eye on it rest, ice, and ibuprofen which we have done. Now the pain seems worse there is still swelling and he can barley move his arms or anything without pain.
Avatar n tn my sons hit heads on trampoline and now 1 has ringing in ears tingling in body short of breath what should i do
Avatar n tn Nutshell: tried doing a backflip on a trampoline, landed on my face, hurt my neck real bad (right side). Got a little better with some massaging and heat over the span of a week. Got back on the trampoline a week later, did literally the same exact thing. Learned my lesson. The pain is slowly retreating, but I'd like to nix it completely. Here's how it feels: When I bend my head down, my neck hurts, around towards my shoulder and extending into my upper back about six inches.
Avatar m tn A few days a ago i was bouncing on a trampoline, doing flips and what not, then suddenly i came around on one flip and my knee smashed into my face. Directly afterwords i felt my upper lip area and a little higher go numb. Also the back of my teeth hurt to. It never bruised and after a few days its still numb, and im not sure wht i should do about it.
Avatar f tn Hello , while I was doing trampoline jumping on it the trampoline jumped with me then I got down from infront of it I had quite pain the second day it became blue and got doubled I wen tto the hospital did xray they said there is nothing the dr gave me pills for inflammatory , and now its been 17 days the blue color went from my leg but my leg is still bigger and it feels like having a lump now ?
Avatar n tn I give a brief explanation of various possible techniques of interacting a crushed foot with a small trampoline, on my blog. This is highly dangerous, precarious and injurious; but i will tell you, that I had to loosen this FLESHES PRESS, because it was wrecking my life, big time. There was nervous system fleshes crushed/impinged in between the bones, and my nervous system was blocked.
Avatar f tn I twisted my knee and when it happen I heard and felt a pop on the inside of my knee. Also, now when I walk, I have pain and crackling on the outside, under the knee. When I am walking and I have to turn or piviot, I get a pain that runs the inside of my knee. And now I can just be standing there and my knee feels like it is really loose and feels like I hyperextended in, the knee pushes back. How ling should I wait to go to the doctor or should I continue to try and heal it myself.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. It sounds to me like either a ligament or possibly cartilage. Does it feel unstable or is it still giving out on you? Does it ache after sitting for long amounts of time? Is your pain off to the side of the knee or under your knee cap? These answers may help me know better.
Avatar f tn My office chair rolled out from under me as I sat this morning and I ended up on the floor. I only fell on my rear but my left knee was flexed to it's max. You need to know I have arthritis in both knees and no cartilage left under knee caps. My knee instantly was hurting but mostly when trying to walk normal. I can walk stiff legged and it doesn't hurt too bad but flex the knee and it has sharp pain like i have walking up and down stairs because of the knee caps.
1587585 tn?1309432260 I hurt my left knee yesterday doing side lunges and although I can walk on it, I'm limping a bit to keep the weight off of it. I'm pretty sure it's sore due to overuse and the fact that I weigh 235 lbs. I have it wrapped, took some Motrin, and iced it. It's the same knee I dislocated twice about 6 years ago. I took some Excedrin Back and Body and a muscle relaxer before bed. I slept with a pillow under my knee and tried not to move around a whole lot.
Avatar m tn I was playing volleyball and jumped and landed on my knee, the first few days my knee hurt too bad to walk on. It has been about a month now and I can walk with no problem but if I turn or back up or go down or up hills it still hurts sometimes. It also feels like something is moving when I turn sometime .Could this be serious? Should I see a doctor?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, it is imposible to make a diagnosis from this simple description. If your pain is persistant, and does not respond to a short period of rest or activity modification, then I would suggest evaluation by an orthopedist. At that time, your doctor will take a thorough history, examine your knee and entire lower extremity, and use xrays and MRI if necessary, to formulate a diagnosis. After a dianosis is reached, then a treatment plan that makes sense for you canbe instituted.
Avatar n tn It is just that I feel a bad pull when I bend my knee, its swollen, difficult to walk because of the knee bending problem, there is no pain on the swollen part, but it hurts my quadriceps muscles when I try to bend my knee. Please give me a solution to this problem. I will be more than grateful.
Avatar n tn Sept 5 I landed on my knee while skating with my kids. Swelling occured immediately and the bruise is now hear. The pain seemed to go away but recently has return like someone is stabbing my knee in 2 places with a needle. Could I possibly have chipped a bone and that is what I am feeling now?
Avatar m tn Once every other day my knee will give way, it feels like something comes loose in there and it partially locks (cant bend it very far at all) and something sticks out on the top right (of my right knee), it is very painful, I need to move it around and it will kind of pop back in place. Its frustrating being told there is nothing wrong with me when it is having quite an impact on my life, and making no signs of getting better what so ever.
Avatar f tn When exercise equipment like bikes, treadmills, trampolines get boring- make sue you wither have the TV or radio on and for me it is the radio and my ijump trampoline and I bounce for one song then pop on the computer and check emails, facebook, here etc then back on for one song - it is about 3 mins per song and I do about 400 steps per song...
Avatar f tn Totally didn't think about it but I jumped on the trampoline with my daughter it was only like 5-6 mins and I didn't jump high I landed on my butt once. Could this hurt the baby? I'm like 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI for a knee injury. The diagnosis is "an unstable tear involving the posterior horn and body with vertical and horizontal components extending to the articular surface. The tear extends into the posterior horn root attachment". WIll this injury require surgery?
Avatar m tn From there hopefully your doctor can perform tests to find out if there is tissue damage, or what the exact injury is. Until then, I highly suggest you stay off of your knee as much as you can, i.e. no running. You can try ice, or heat, whichever feels better. I would be careful when stretching as well in case you aggravate your knee. Good luck and I hope your knee feels better soon!
Avatar f tn If it is a chronic pain you have to rule out conditions like muscle or tendon injury to your quadriceps or injury to any of the ligaments in the knee. It can be conditions like bursitis or also nerve involvement. I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician for an examination. Take care!
Avatar m tn I was bouncing on a trampoline, all was going well and i was quite impressed that i seemed to be able to go for ages without getting puffed out compared to normal. The first thing i noticed was when me and my friend stopped for a rest and i tried to ask him about a job that he had just applied for, but i went completely blank and could not for the life of me remember what the job was. I did not take much notice of this as everybody goes blank once in a while.
Avatar f tn Are you still numb? I have a nerve injury in a knee that left my knee numb. (Don't try Bengay or anything like that it'll be very painful!) I've lived with this for over a year. I experience burning or a cold water drop when I'm lying down. Wish I knew how to remedy it or what it is. I've just been living with it.
Avatar m tn I had a basketball injury today- a player ran his knee into the side of my knee. I went down immediately. I thought it was a knee injury b/c that is what hurt first. Then the pain moved down my leg to the top of my ankle just above the foot. Then the pain moved back up just below the knee to the outside of my upper calf - between the calf and the shin bone. My left side is sore and has a numming feeling. What do you think this injury is?