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Avatar m tn It has been just over a month since the fall and my knee is still numb. My grandfather told me when he had damaged the nerves in his foot, the numb feeling didnt pass until a year later. I'm not looking forward to this recovery process as i am a dancer and figure skater, so it basically sucks.
Avatar m tn About a month ago I was playing foot ball for my high school knee and upon trying to make a tackle I fell on the inside of my right knee. This was very painful and was hard to deal with the first day. My knee hurt all the time and was numb. I was evaluated by our school trainer, and she said there was no tearing of ACL or MCL. My concern is that at some points it still hurts like an immense burning pain. I don't get a lot of pain, but his is terrible.
Avatar f tn Almost two years ago I suffered a nerve injury in my leg above the knee. (I listened to a fitness instructor who didn't know what he was doing and made us do these stretches that were painful in a bad way.) I went numb after that, and then had a little neuropathy and "electric pinches" all over my body. It's been a long road of pain, mystery and trying the wrong things.
1294547 tn?1275655777 I have foot drop. It does cause my feet to feel numb, and I occasionally have a swollen feeling (without being swollen). The numbness seems to be more on the top of my foot, rather than the bottom. When you experience foot drop, your will also have weakness in your ankles and toes. I have a hard time pointing my toes upwards and in a downward position. This is also the case with my ankle. It seems like it stops at a less than a 90 degree angle, and will not bend upward or downward fully.
Avatar f tn Many thanks for your reply. The cramp is easing off as I rest and my leg/ankle feels best if I keep it raised. I find it weird that I'm having pain & discomfort from the knee down from an ankle injury. Is this an unusual pattern? I also seem to have a colder foot on the injured side. The cramping & seizing up of the calf is still happening sometimes when I'm asleep but it's easing.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. It sounds to me like either a ligament or possibly cartilage. Does it feel unstable or is it still giving out on you? Does it ache after sitting for long amounts of time? Is your pain off to the side of the knee or under your knee cap? These answers may help me know better.
Avatar n tn Since the injury, which occurred while hiking and hopping off a rock, my heel has been numb and tingling and I have a very sore spot on the ball of my foot. The foot is very still in the morning and the numbness and tender spot is constant. I shared this with my orthopoedic surgeon several times and he kept saying it would go away. It is not improving and my foot is more stiff and sore in the morning than it has been. What do I do next?
Avatar n tn I also had tightness in the back and side of knee but wore a knee brace. Also my foot was and is still very tight under the arch. This caused me to walk differently ....more on the inside of my foot. Fast forward to 3 months later. MRI shows my knee is healed but still have tightness and when I keep my knee bent a pulling sensations goes up into my lower back. Now my lower back and hips kill me all the time when i walk.
Avatar m tn to me it feels like a pinched nerve because after the pain hits the max my whole leg gets numb. sometimes my toes or whole foot gets numb also. I would like to know if someone knows whats going on. I would appreciate it a lot. the pain is too much im like an inmate at home i cant go to the mall or anywhere.
Avatar m tn They diagnosed me with a proximal tibiofibular joint injury/instabilityand my knee is and joint is very unstable. They wanted to see if PT would help. My therapist was very weary of working with that leg and after 4 weeks of therapy and tapping they referred me back. I now have ankle pain and numb. I feel like my right foot actullay drags. I know they are going to discuss surgery but not sure what procedurethey are going to discuss.
Avatar n tn Posting this here because I don't know where else to. I hurt my leg running in softball a few months back, and about a month ago I noticed a lump in my thigh (quad) in the area that I hurt. I've tried to massage it out, but it's still there. Last week I noticed that if I prop the ankle of that leg up on my opposite knee (almost like cross-legged) when I'm seated in a chair, I feel soreness in my knee that can kind of reverberate up into my hip area.
Avatar f tn cuz I had twisted my knee late last summer and by oct part of my foot was numb but the tingling was from the side of my knee down to my whole foot. went to an ortho doc that sed it was my back (i have DDD) so had injection, "this will help with the back pain", told him I don't have any back pain, my leg is tingling and my feet hurt all the time and the top of my left foot is numb. waited 10 days for the injection to work, called them back for another appt.
Avatar f tn hi my foot has been hurting the last few days it is gone numb and the back of my ankle is hurting dont know what is causing this i have a dr. appt. next wednesday.
Avatar f tn My office chair rolled out from under me as I sat this morning and I ended up on the floor. I only fell on my rear but my left knee was flexed to it's max. You need to know I have arthritis in both knees and no cartilage left under knee caps. My knee instantly was hurting but mostly when trying to walk normal. I can walk stiff legged and it doesn't hurt too bad but flex the knee and it has sharp pain like i have walking up and down stairs because of the knee caps.
942127 tn?1276949209 This is a problem, because now I am using my left leg more and am afraid it will re-injury that knee. Is there any reason why my right foot would have pain in relation to the left knee injury? I can walk (sort of) on my toes, but cannot walk with my foot flat to the floor. The pain is from the inside across the bottom arch area to the outside closer to the heel. It hurts a little up into my leg.
Avatar f tn Hi mummas, Over the past few days my right side, and right side only has become increasingly numb. It started in toes then up my foot and now up to my knee. I'm also numb under my right breast (under where you lift the breast) and the numbness wraps right around to my back (again right side only.) Is this normal?
5289415 tn?1391257241 A couple of years ago I experienced a numb feeling on my left knee and slight pain as well as a numbness that ran down the outside of the same leg. It was diagnosed as meralgia parasthetica which is a trapped nerve in the groin area. The area is still numb and lacking in sensation. Your particular back injury may not have any assocation with your knee problem, but there is some pinching of a nerve somewhere.
Avatar n tn If it is severe, icing may not help. Icing always helps me. Usually I have knee, foot, or anke pain. However, when I feel slight twing in hamstring (definetly not as severe as your injury), if I ice for 15 minutes, I am usually fine in a day or two. Only my opinion. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn my wife who is 38 years,suffered from a Foot injury & pain,MRI report has concluded QUOTE Undisplaced fracture of the cuboid bone with oedema of the adjacent soft tissues UNQUOTE May kindly advise on the issue and what are treatments for above.
Avatar m tn I had a basketball injury today- a player ran his knee into the side of my knee. I went down immediately. I thought it was a knee injury b/c that is what hurt first. Then the pain moved down my leg to the top of my ankle just above the foot. Then the pain moved back up just below the knee to the outside of my upper calf - between the calf and the shin bone. My left side is sore and has a numming feeling. What do you think this injury is?
1354014 tn?1277082155 the doc that found the RSD after my broken foot was the same doc I saw for the broken foot...he was a orthopedic doc.
Avatar m tn After surgery (repaired my intestine and colon) I woke up and I had no feeling on my right top part of my thigh but, I can move my toe and feel from the knee down but from my hip to knee is numb. So far the doctos have said i have no motor or sensory nevers on my thigh? I felt like pins coming out of my leg the first days then my knee was swollen pretty bad. 1 month later i can walk with 1 crutch and not feel as much pain as before but its still numb.
Avatar n tn For several months I have had right below my left knee a nerve that stings when touched. The area around it stays numb. My left foot at the biggest part of the fifth metatarsal has shooting, burning pain that comes and goes. Everytime I sit down and elevate my feet in a recliner for more than ten minutes, when resuming standing, my heels, metatarsals, and feet in general hurt tremendously when resuming standing. I feel crippled for about one minute walking.
Avatar f tn he injured his knee recently. would that have anything to do with his foot? what about tendentisit of the pascal tendon? could it be a midfoot sprain?
Avatar n tn org/pain/articles/Understanding-Runners-Knee-/345 You may really need to go for an assessment to see if your compensation during the foot injury has jacked up your knee.
Avatar f tn Are you still numb? I have a nerve injury in a knee that left my knee numb. (Don't try Bengay or anything like that it'll be very painful!) I've lived with this for over a year. I experience burning or a cold water drop when I'm lying down. Wish I knew how to remedy it or what it is. I've just been living with it.
Avatar n tn still healing, but the 3 toes on that end of my foot are a bit numb and I cannot move them. Did I damage a nerve or a tendon? It was removed at an urgent care office and the doctor was not very helpful.
Avatar n tn From my knee down goes numb everytime I sit or stand. When I try to go to sleep it feels like I have to move it. Should I get this checked out or is it nothing serious?