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Avatar m tn I had a basketball injury today- a player ran his knee into the side of my knee. I went down immediately. I thought it was a knee injury b/c that is what hurt first. Then the pain moved down my leg to the top of my ankle just above the foot. Then the pain moved back up just below the knee to the outside of my upper calf - between the calf and the shin bone. My left side is sore and has a numming feeling. What do you think this injury is?
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, About a week or so ago I experienced an injury to my right knee. It was a fairly deep and large laceration that required 9 stitches. My question is this: ever since the injury occurred, I've felt no pain; my knee is numb. Did I damage some nerve tissue? Is there any way for it to be fixed, and is it worth mentioning to my doctor when I go back to have the stitches removed?
Avatar f tn Trauma or injury to the knee Fracture of the fibula (a bone of the lower leg) Use of a tight plaster cast (or other long-term constriction) of the lower leg Habitual leg crossing Regularly wearing high boots Pressure to the knee from positions during deep sleep or coma Injury during knee surgery. Another risk is being extremely thin or emaciated (for example, from anorexia nervosa).
Avatar n tn As your physician may have already discussed with you, the nerve and the artery travel together through the groin and down the leg, and as such, damage to the artery (i.e. pseudoaneurysm) may cause a secondary injury to the nerve. Alternatively, the nerves and arteries are in very close proximity to the surgical site and it is not uncommon for some degree of stretch to occur. Nerve injuries are a bit unpredictable.
1776001 tn?1315065510 Healing would depend on the type and severity of nerve injury and the nerve(s) involved. A nerve conduction study (NCS) may be able to give a rough idea of the injury and the healing. It would be best to discuss this in detail with your neurologist/ orthopedician. Meanwhile you may benefit from medications that help in relieving neuropathic pain. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn Just a thought, but pain in the knee could be nerve damage in the spine. Many people with spinal compression have radiating pain to and past the knees. Try going to a neurologist. They can do test to see where the pain originates.
Avatar m tn Nerve impingement at L5-S1 can cause pain in the knees, although a clinical exam is needed to make an accurate diagnosis. Other causes of referred knee pain are injury to the hip joint and damage to the ligaments and meniscus at the knee joint. Joint fusion may alleviate your symptoms. Hope this helps!
1524655 tn?1291420532 If the articular cartilage damage is shallow (grades 1 or 2) you may not experience any pain from the defect at this stage as the sensitive nerve endings in the subchondral bone are still covered with some articular cartilage. As you had pain with the damage that means the injury also damaged some nerves beneath the cartilage. The damage to nerves and subchondral bone can start a healing process in the defect.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Abnormal NCV test results could be due to some nerve damage or destruction, axonopathy or damage to long portion of the nerve cell, conduction block or demyelination. These could be seen in various conditions like diabetic neuropathy, uremia, traumatic injury to nerves, Guillain Barre Syndrome, any peripheral neuropathy, damage to spinal cord and disc herniation with nerve root compression. Consult your neurologist and wait for the MRI to reveal more about your existing pathology.
Avatar f tn Hello it is possible that the bite cause some nerve or muscle damage to your leg that is affecting your ability to walk, straighten your knee or move your toes or foot. Also it could be that you have another infection from the bite. Dog bites are very dirty and have a tendency to get infected easily. You need to contact your doctor again and if you aren't getting the answers there have them refer you to another doctor. I Hope This Helps.
Avatar m tn I am sorry to hear about your husband’s medical problems. Maybe he suffered a head injury or a whiplash injury that is causing the numbness and pains. So a MRI of head and neck area should be done. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Burning sensation, numbness or tingling sensation in any part of body is considered nerve related in origin. This burning sensation you are having can occur due to impingement, irritation or compression of nerve at knee. Most frequently involved nerve is lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh (which is branch of femoral nerve). This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of outer thigh.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your question. These symptoms you are having can occur due to impingement, irritation or compression of nerve of thigh. Most frequently involved nerve is lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh (which is branch of femoral nerve). This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of outer thigh.
Avatar f tn definitely don't go back to that acupuncturist for treatment. but sure let them know what's occurring. i think nerve damage is possible from acupuncture needles because, well, it would be mechanical damage on a physical nerve. would be rare though. if it's happened to you, i think and really hope you would recover eventually, because it's minor nerve damage. by minor nerve damage, i don't mean minor symptoms, i mean that damage from a fine needle would heal up.
1330225 tn?1275218398 This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of knee. It may occur due to injury to nerve either due to spinal deformity or along its path to thigh by any ligament or tendon stretch, excessive tight clothing (therefore it is also called "jeans disease"), diabetic neuropathy or damage to nerve after surgery etc. Another nerve which may cause pain in legs is sciatic nerve compression.
1306931 tn?1273540199 Hi there, I had a very severe knee injury. I dislocated and shattered my knee dancing at a halloween party. It's been about five months and I do have flare ups no matter what. All I can suggest is that I take Nsaids like voltaren and it helps me with the arthritis in my knee. I also wear a knee brace when I walk or do any kind of physical activity. My knee makes a lot of crunching noises and sometimes its painful, but at least I can walk now.
Avatar m tn i had same injury before i was seen porn movies wear tight underwear and when i had erection i apply force up side i feel this injury nerve damage or penile suspensory ligament rapture i feel very bad dont know what to do ,,,,,
Avatar f tn If it is a chronic pain you have to rule out conditions like muscle or tendon injury to your quadriceps or injury to any of the ligaments in the knee. It can be conditions like bursitis or also nerve involvement. I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician for an examination. Take care!
Avatar n tn When did the sneeze occur? I have a similar issue. If you've had the nerve damage for 20 years, whatever nerve damage exists is probably permanent. I've been told that nerves heal at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month, so for the sciatic nerve, you are looking at up to 2 years for recovery. After that, what you have is what you have. Now, that assumes that your problem is entirely resulting from the nerve damage. I don't know what type of strengthening you've tried.
Avatar n tn I have tingling in the arch of the foot too and reduced sensation in some of the areas but I think it is from nerve damage to the peroneal nerve damage near the knee.
Avatar f tn Apart from the investigations already done, you need to undergo a nerve velocity conduction NCV study for assessment of nerve damage. Meanwhile gabapentin is fine for the neuropathic pain. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever dealt with a prior nerve injury before pregnancy in the back and did it cause issues? I have sciatic nerve damage and it causes me to the point where I can barely move. Im 25 weeks.
Avatar m tn It could be anything from a pulled muscle, tendon, calcium deposit, to nerve damage. Does the burning feel like it is inside or on the skin? Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn Her GP has now (18 months after the accident and a new GP) referred her to the pain clinic for S1 nerve damage discussed in the consultants report and started her on Anti-epilepsy medicine to help control the pain. My question is this, can S1 nerve damage take time to present itself? After the accident my mother was put on strong painkillers which may have disguised the pain is this possible? Can it be a pure coincidence that this pain started after the accident?
Avatar n tn I recently had a 2nd grade left ankle sprain. I am still under and orthapedics care and on friday I had a flare up causing it to swell. Could the awkwardness off walking on it also of caused injury to my left knee as it is now swollen and painful. I can't make it straight. I'm due to go back to work tomorrow after workers comp for my ankle but I dont know what to do right now. Thanx for any help.