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Avatar n tn ACl injuries occur either from a collision injury, or a twisting injury to the knee on a fixed foot. As far as your current problem, this really could be anything. Possibilites include pre-patella bursitis, which would cause swelling in front of the knee cap or an injury inside the knee such as damage to the cartilage or even an ACL tear.
Avatar m tn i had severe impact on inner left knee 4 days ago from snowboarding . swallowing reduced quite a bit and i can bend my knee pretty much fully without pain. however i have pain just underneath knee cap( front side) when i walk on stairs. also seems like i got some fluid in there. is this just bad bruses or much more serious injury?
Avatar m tn 42yo male injured Left knee while sparring MMA. Impact/tackle to lateral side of knee caused a pop(felt like knee moved), immediate pain, swelling gradually became worse and pain persisted for days. one week later...stilll limping badly and the knee feels loose/empty while walking and wont straighten when I walk. Knee brace provided makes the knee feel very stable though.
1587585 tn?1309435860 If you hurt your knee doing side lunges, this may be a meniscal injury or to the MCL. Pain in the back of the knee may be local inflammation, or swelling. Continue the NSAID's, rest, and ice; if the pain persists, see an orthopedist.
Avatar n tn Hi! I had an impact injury on my left knee about 7 weeks ago now, and went to the doctor last week for an opinion. I'm 25, female, and no history of knee injuries. I'd been having pain on the back of my knee, as well as on each side of my knee cap. My knee had been stiffening and locking if I climbed up more than a flight of stairs. The MRI came back last week, and I was told that it thankfully isn't serious, is inflamed in a few areas, to RICE it and to take ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn I am 20year old male injury in proximal posterior horn of medial meniscal grade 2 injury.
Avatar f tn An injury to the articular cartilage behind the patella could cause the symptoms that you describe. This is common after an impact injury, and is often referred to as "dashboard knee" because it is common in motorists who hit their knees against the dashboard. A cartilage injury would not appear on an xray such as you had in the ER.
Avatar f tn Good evening, Last Saturday 8/16 I fell carrying my 3 year old. My right knee hit the concrete garage floor but the left leg hit a concrete step, about 2 inches below the knee. I had it x-rayed that evening in the ER and was told it was not broken and sent home. I did put ice on it for a few days, and there is no longer any visible swelling. also taking naproxen sodium for pain. What i have is a growing bruise and a growing area of numbness to the left of the impact point.
Avatar m tn The contact point of the injury was right on an old injury to a vain, (I think, not an artery) I instantly felt severe pain, far more then I expected from the strength of the impact. After getting up I could barely walk. Three days later, with my entire lower leg, below the knee to the ankle, swelling, about 1.0 to .5 inch increase in circumference, and still walking with a severe limp and pan, I went to an urgent care Doctor.
Avatar n tn During the past 2 years, other than those first 3-4 months, I've been very active and have continued doing my high impact activities, and I mean very high impact (flipping off of 5 foot high obstacles, etc.). I have absolutely no pain during the activities that I do. I'm leaving the country for 13 weeks very soon so I am not going through surgery until I return.
Avatar n tn See a Sports Medicine Dr. - particularly one who deals with professional baseball and soccer players, as both of these have frequent knee injuries - including impacted fratures of the knee/tibia/fibias. Bring your MRI & tell of your continued pain/walking/range of motion problems and ask what they recommend? Try to avoid surgery if you can - anyone I know who's had it on the knees, they weren't the same after.
Avatar m tn Hi Javon, First let me welcome you to the Pain Management Forum. I need to be sure that you know there are NO Doctors on this Forum. We are ALL CP (Chronic Pain) Patients. We help each other through our expertise with our OWN Pain experiences. I'm VERY sorry to hear of your fall!! I'm just happy that you weren't hit by a car! You REALLY need to go to your Doctor and have them do an x-ray OR an ultra sound and find out what damage you have done to your knees.
Avatar f tn There was minimal swelling, put it's definitely sore and hurts to walk on. There is some bruising on my left knee cap as well, where the second part of the impact from my fall was felt.
1744364 tn?1311784084 Right before Thanksgiving 2010 I received another cortisone shot in my left knee and one in my right knee. Fast forward to May 2011. I went to see a doctor that works at the same clinic I work at. I got two shots in each knee during separate appointments. He also ordered an MRI of my right knee and wouldn't order an MRI of my left knee even though I asked. The results of that MRI showed a possible 50% ACL tear along with "water on the knee.
Avatar m tn I stopped martial art(s) for a couple of months and then I started practising lightly (no sitting on the knees, no knee-straining exercises). I've carefully practised yoga avoiding knee-straining exercises throughout the last four months (but I've stopped a couple of weeks now just to see if anything changes). I've stopped slackline balancing. I'm in my late 20s and don't have any serious health conditions or allergies.
Avatar m tn Four days ago I was playing in a tournament when I got kicked by another player on my inner knee, right beside the kneecap. The impact from the studs of the cleats colliding with my leg left a relatively big bruise, and there was swelling almost right away. I couldn't completely bend my shin inward towards my thigh (eg, doing a complete squat). There is a lot of pressure of my knee and a feeling of stiffness when I try to do a full squat.
Avatar f tn Also, every time I try to ride my recumbent bicycle to keep the partial knee replacement in my left knee from hurting, it sets off a whole wave of the shredding pains in my leg at night. I just saw a spine orthopedic surgeon who examined the MRI's and said they should not be causing all of the pain I was having. He diagnosed bursitis in both hips and because of the location of the pain in the groin area, ordered an MRI of the left hip.
Avatar n tn My son suffered a traumatic brain injury a year ago from a rollover accident; one of his symptoms is suffering extreme headache and sharp nerve pain on the left side of his head and behind his left eye; the left side was the site of the first impact. His latest MRI shows no evidence of hydrocephalus or acute abnormality.
Avatar m tn I play street hockey and while running during a game about 2 weeks ago, I landed a bit awkwardly on my right foot. I felt like I had jammed or very slightly hyperextended my knee. The pain was moderate and after a day or so it was all but gone. I have suffered no 'real' injury from this, as I am able to walk, run, work out, etc. with no issues or loss of performance. However, since the event I've noticed that my knee aches after I play hockey. This lasts for about 24 hours and then fades.
Avatar m tn After graduated, i would have to say that i have been running more on roads than anything else. I'm sure that this has taken a negative impact on my knee. I would love to run soon but know that this is probably not the best for my knee. Thanks for taken the time reply to my post!
Avatar n tn Hi, Usually for upper limb fractures healing period is 2-3 weeks and that for lower limb is 4-6 weeks. But as I mentioned earlier crush injury is a complex injury and might take more time for healing. And healing also depends on various factors like nutrition, age, general health etc. It is advised to take a balanced diet with citrus fruits and leafy vegetables. Supplements of calcium and multivitamin are useful. Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can be taken for pain relief. Take care.
Avatar f tn Were you walking, tripped, and fell directly on the knee cap? Or did you land awkwardly causing your knee to take the brunt of the fall in an awkward position?
Avatar f tn I had total knee replacement surgery 10 weeks ago and am still experiencing significant knee pain, consisting of stiffness and alot of pain in the knee. The pain wakes me up at night. I am going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week and I still do alot of therapy myself at home. I walk, and try to go about my daily routine, but the pain is still there,, some days worse than others. I also had a three disc fusion done in January,, 2007.
159619 tn?1538184537 In the past they have been effective and take the majority of the pain away for 4 or 5 months, enough so I can continue to exercise and not impact my life too much. I do have some swelling of the knee both before and after the injection, this was the first time I've had this swelling. These injection have been done by a Rheumatologist to whom I was refered by my Orthopaedician 2 years ago, but he's the one that will do the replacement if it comes down to it.
Avatar n tn But you should also remember that if you take rest now, take good care of yourself now, take medicines properly now, be ambulatory in house will have greater impact on injury recovery. The more rest is given to the part; the better will be healing. I am doubtful whether you should be really using the car or whether you should be really driving the car. I think you should ask your physiotherapist or occupational therapist and surgeon regarding this.
Avatar f tn I have never had surgery on the knee, I have had no injury to the knee. I exercise moderately and am not considered overweight--well at least for a 53 year old man--but I was riding a stationary bike more frequently (4-5 x per week) and at a higher resistance level for a few month before this pain. If anyone knows what this is, any contribution to this thread would be appreciated.