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Avatar n tn Alright, I have this pain in my right side of my hip. The pain isn't really in my hip but it's a shooting pain from my hip to my knee. I only have the pain when I take weight off my right leg for about a minute or more or when I put all my weight on my right leg for about a minute or more. First it started off every once in a while, but now after a month the pain is every time I put/ take the weight off my right leg. It is not from my sciatic nerve.
1288586 tn?1271904161 I have had it several time and an injection of a steroid into my hip always clears it up. The pain travels into my knee and down the front and sides of my thigh. Please don't think that I am saying that is what you have as I am far from an expert. It's just a possibility to consider. The quadriceps muscles are the muscles on the front of the thigh. They consist of the Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis, Vastus intermedius and the Rectus femoris.
Avatar m tn Alright! Will do! Can I ask whether a knee pain could cause hip problems?
Avatar f tn Until it pops, I have awful pain that is on the inside on my knee and underneath my kneecap and sometimes I have shooting pain go from under my kneecap all the way up the center/middle of my thigh to my hip. My right hip is in the same position as my knee where I have to force it to pop to make the pain go away.
Avatar n tn i suffer severly with low hip/joint pain,my left leg started of swelling in my ankle,now the swelling is in my knee area and upper thigh,is it related to the sacroliac joint or i also have an l5/s1 disc bulge,cant aford to go to doctor please help?
1378884 tn?1315505845 Prednisone can make you feel better whether you have RA or OA. It's a general purpose inflammation reducer used in a wide variety of diseases. It can be injected directly into a joint to ease pain and swelling, given in an intramuscular injection or taken orally to quiet an overall RA flare-up, inhaled to help asthma and COPD patients breathe better, and more. My mom takes injections in her lower back to temporarily ease pain.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, so I woke up on Saturday morning and out of nowhere I had noticed my left knee was in a lot of pain. This morning it's a bit better but I do not remember hurting it. Has anyone had this happen? I'm a worry wart.
Avatar m tn and some pain behind my knee. fore by injury I was getting hip pain . Will be seeing a hip specialist aug 17 an maybe get a mri also.
Avatar n tn What type of pain is this that hits the right knee abruptly even like lightning so swift, and travels from the knee straight through the thigh nerve and/or tissues, shooting straight to the joint of the thigh and groins that lasts at least one to two minutes. Sometime the pain is so severe even after it has left I can still feel the pressure it leaves behind.
Avatar n tn I took some time of from running (5 months) and recently started training again. The hip pain had greatly diminished and now it is back with a vengenance. It hurts when bending knee to chest, or after running, walking, cycling, basically overuse. I use a heating pad which helps at night. Is this a hip flexor injury and how do I treat it?
Avatar f tn I fell about 2 feet off a platform at work and was jarred quite a bit, it hurt for awhile then the pain went away. I now have left groin pain that radiates to the outer left knee. The groin pain is constant with a burning sensation. No problems when lifting leg straight up. Pain is intense when leg is lifted out to the left and up. I do have some mild arthritis in the outer left hip region. I have been told I have a hip problem and will need hip replacement eventually. It feels like a nerve.
Avatar m tn i already go to pain clinic for neck pain so im on methadone and recently had a shot in hip for pain and sweeling that didnt work plus im waiting on x-ray of hip.well this is the worst pain iv felt and its lasting all day and shooting down the right leg.i wish i knew what was up.Also i just found out i have a cyst on my ovaries and im getting a laposcopy feb 6th 2012.i had been bleeding and still am for 6+ weeks so i went to obgyn and hes hes further checking it out.
Avatar m tn The pain lasted for more than 2-3 days.. Now the pain from hip has shifted towards my knee and thigh area. The pain is constant and specially in the area behind my knee, and on thighs. And now the pain has again expanded to the ankle area (the joint between feet and leg). I have tried doing exercises and such activities, and had some pain killer medicines as well, but the pain has not decreased. The pain especially increases during nights.
Avatar m tn Look for a good manual therapist. They typically treat not just the knee but also look at how your calf and hip are affecting your knee.
Avatar n tn s your general age, teenager, middles aged, senior? Did you injury the leg? Is there any pain in your hip or low back? Any related information would be helpful. I'll look forward to additional information.
Avatar m tn Do you have any referred pain in your thigh or knee? The reason I ask is I do and it is from the torn hip labrum that I have. It is also on my left side. GL to you in your search for the cause of your pain.
Avatar f tn The hip only hurts when I try to lift my leg unassisted -- however, if I hold my leg and lift it, there is no pain. Nor is there pain when I twist the hip. In fact, provided someone supports my right leg, the leg and hip can be manipulated into any position without pain. But I can't lift my right foot more than six inches off the ground unassisted. At the time the injury or condition occurred I was doing a lot of yoga and was sexually active.
Avatar f tn However, yesterday when I was running, I suddenly started getting sharp stabbing pain only on the outside of my right knee. My knee is NOT swollen at all, I can easily bend my knee and pushing all over it causes no pain. It only stabs when I'm jogging on that leg. Today it was way worse. It's not bad when I walk, but it's over the top when I run. The hip/upper femur pain is constantly present, but worse when I sit.
Avatar n tn re carrying equipment. Might be something off there. I can think of a lot of things that can cause hip, back and knee pain as I'm one of those old guys who is suffering from what I did when I was young and you're right, when you're old those surgeries don't even work all that well -- they work better when you're young.
Avatar m tn I forgot to mention when I stand or walk for a long period of time as well, the rest of my leg begins to ache, as well as my knee. The knee pain wasn't there in the past but it began to hurt recently.
Avatar n tn i recently have been experiencing sharp shooting pain that starts from the inner groin area and travels down the right side leg and to the knee cap its so bad that im in tears screaming i can not take the pain as well with my back instead of getting better it has gotten worse i have laready had physical therapy and does not help ...what would be by next option???
182884 tn?1259312906 I also have had 3 foot operations on the same foot in less than a year and a half, and because of foot pain and increasing hip pain on the opposite side, I have somehow in the course of this last year injured my knee. My knee has been swollen all this time and pain is constant . Not only does the left knee hurt but now the right knee has sharp stabbing pains but is not swollen. The neurosurgeon while examining my back, looked at my knee.