Knee injury can't bend knee

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Avatar f tn Had he been to physical rehab after knee surgery? It could be that his quads muscle have tightened and may need quad stretches. But still go and see an actual PT to have him assessed.
Avatar f tn Then started to hurt behind the knee and on the lateral side. Now...I can't stand without both knee fatique and pain, i can't walk without pain. It has ruined me! I'm walking with braces and oh boy if i have to go up or down stairs, HELP~! Back to a new OS, more Xray's & 2 MRI's one on each knee. The OATS failed on the left knee. I have defects in both knees. 2nd OS said too young at 50 for TKR. Going Monday to 3rd OS for possible injections and PT.
Avatar n tn The next morning, I was in tremendous pain. My knee hurts to bend at about the half way point. I can't manuever it sideways and it hurts to put pressure on it. I feel sharp pain if I move it the wrong way. The odd thing is is that it doesn't not appear swollen. What type of injury do you think I haave?
518798 tn?1295215879 However there are a few clues. First, night pain that awakens you from sleep; second the knee hurts when you bend it, and gets stiff if you sit with it bent; finally, buckling when you stand. These three combined, indicate a mechanical problem such as a torn cartilage possibly combined with a fluid collection, known as an effusion, in the knee You mentioned no trauma, but didn't say whether you are active or not.
Avatar n tn I'd been having pain on the back of my knee, as well as on each side of my knee cap. My knee had been stiffening and locking if I climbed up more than a flight of stairs. The MRI came back last week, and I was told that it thankfully isn't serious, is inflamed in a few areas, to RICE it and to take ibuprofen. The impressions listed on the MRI were: 1.
Avatar m tn Ever since the ordeal and op on 15 june 2013 I can't seem to bend my knee more than 20 degrees ,not much at all. I been for exercise therapy still no improvement. It hurts hurts when I bend. What can I do am I gonna be disabled for life ? Please tell me what I could do. Kind regards !
Avatar f tn I don't have any inflammation either, which seems to be common with most knee pain. I also can't pinpoint any injury while exercising that might have caused this. I do have a history of tendonitis in my elbows. Any insight?
Avatar n tn Also whenever i'm on those fitness bikes that stay in place and I bike too fast and just stop biking and let the bike continue cycling it does the same pain because it forces my knee to completely bend but a bunch of times and i can't do anything until the bike slows to a complete stop. PLEASE HELP ME ITS SO FREAKING ANNOYING EVEN THOUGH I CAN AVOID IT.
1961313 tn?1326293964 Thank you for the info-this helps me very much-the pain is not in the knee ,it's only when I have to bend down on my knee,(putting all the pressure on my knee is when the pains starts) I've looked to see if there is anything pushing out from the knee but I can't see anything.the pain is to the rt side of the knee extending down the leg on the rt side of the shin bone- it feel just like the skin is splitting open,of course I do have fibromyalgia,could be a symptom of that as well?
Avatar m tn I I thought about it hard enough I could probably think of something I did to cause the injury. The knee also cracks often, but it has always done that. In class if I am sitting, for at least 10-15 mins, and extend my leg it will crack. Loudly too. I am a competitive (all star) cheerleader and dancer. I always practice and stretch. Always. Should I start wearing a brace?
Avatar n tn band injured that makes the little muscle on the outside of the knee hurt, but I am certain that this is a different injury than either of those. The only time I have twisted my knee was about seven years ago. I should mention that I haven't been able to squat down or bend my knees very far since I was a teenager, without hurting my knees (I played catcher for years in little league), but I am not sure if this injury is related to that or not.
Avatar n tn Could the awkwardness off walking on it also of caused injury to my left knee as it is now swollen and painful. I can't make it straight. I'm due to go back to work tomorrow after workers comp for my ankle but I dont know what to do right now. Thanx for any help.
Avatar n tn The doc said the tendons, or ligaments (I can't remember which) are too weak (due to the fact that my knee are still growing) to keep the knee cap from sliding over to far and causing inflammation and swelling in the knee. So, it would be great if someone knows what is wrong and what it is called. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Further more your symptom of feeling locked at joints adds to the diagnosis of meniscus injury as locking and catching are characteristic of meniscus injuries. I think it is indeed meniscus injury of your knee causing the symptoms. Have you consulted any doctor? Is yes, what does he have to say for this? If you have not been to any doctor, I feel you should be seeing one soon and get imaging done. Keep me informed as to what imaging studies has he asked and what is the plan of management.
Avatar f tn I can't tell if it's under or above my knee cap. I just know it is bothering me. Also, now I can bend my knee and have pressure on that same leg and experience a tearing pain. I'm just praying I didn't tear a ligament. I'm just wondring if anyone else with MS has experienced injuries such as this due to your stiffness/spasticity. Thank you for any information.
Avatar f tn that is created when you bend your knee (located above the tibia below the patella). I cant really tell if it is swollen because I had surgery on my other knee a few months ago and can't compare them. I felt and heard a pop. It hurts when I try to bend it but once it is bent there isn't as much pain. There is a lot of pain when I try to straighten my leg and it locks once I get to a certain point. I am also having pain when I put weight on it and/or walk.
Avatar m tn A couple of months ago i had really bad pain in front of my knee and could not hardly bend it cause it also hurt in the back of the knee too.It is still sensitive and at night if i lay on my back with my legs flat to the bed to pain is so bad that it wakes me.I have an appointment the middle of this month with an orthopedic dr.I can't hardly wait to see what this pain is it one of the worst pains i have ever had..What do you this is the problem?
Avatar m tn At the time I had no swelling , no continuous pain or knee wasn't buckling. However, when I've tried running I can't totally put weight on right knee. When I'm lying on my back, and bend my leg there's no pain. When I starighten my leg I can feel pain.ive tried holding my leg halfway and the pain is there around my right knee.ive not been to doctors because I have no "major symptoms". However, when I twist/turn suddenly theres pain in knee.any idea what could be wrong?
Avatar m tn Now it hurts walking up and down the stairs and I can't kneel on it. It also hurts when I squat down. I feel like I can't bend it as far back as my other leg. The knee is not tender to the touch. No swelling. I was wondering if this sounds like simple tendonitis or something more serious. Just the start of the football season and hopeing I can deal with the pain till December.
Avatar m tn Hello thanks for taking some time to answer my question ever since my knee injury my ankle in very weak if I jump and come down my knee feels like it is going to pop out then it starts to get swollen and I can't not bend it fully for at least a couple of days this all started when I dislocated my knee I never had knee problems what could I do because I have this bump on the side of my knee and my other knee it's completely flat and smooth thanks agin
Avatar f tn My doctor had told me that during the surgery, my knee would be manipulated, so I was not to say I can't bend it or straighten it. The only thing holding me back would be the fear of pain. Since we had had discussions about managing my pain, I was determined to follow directions and exercise. As is probably typical, the pain was quite intense, but I was given several medications while in the hospital to manage this. I did well, and was released after two days.
Avatar f tn My knee is so painful that I can't even walk properly or bend or stretch it. I suspect it may be torn meniscus but my mom thinks it's just sore and bruised a bit. She refuses to take me to the doctor. It started to swell a bit this morning and my mom still won't have it checked. It hurts so much when I move and she even scolds me about it, saying it's nothing at all. I don't really know what to do. My knee hurts a lot and it's too painful when I move even just a little.
Avatar f tn Pain in the back of the knee can be caused by arthritis or Bakers cysts (cystic accumulation of synovial fluid, also causes a swelling). So as you can see, arthritis can cause an overall knee pain. Ligament injury causes pain to worsen on walking, bending and stretching the knee. Meniscii too if torn or injured, result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint.
Avatar m tn It really doesn't feel like the problem is my knee itself. I think it's something around my knee if that makes sense. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm trying to avoid going to the doctors for a few reasons (I hate going... I can't afford physical therapy copays especially with the holidays being here now... I really don't want to go through a surgery... I could go on and on). I've been resting it and icing it and it is feeling better, but it's just not 100% yet.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my Right knee. I am 34 years old and was wondering if there is anything I can do for it and my back. A Doctor I saw in PA said they will not do anything for my knee because I am to young. I was told to just quit walking up or down hills and steps.(at the time I lived in the Mountains of PA in a Cape cod style house. So that was a little hard. Plus I have 2 kids. 12 and 8.) I have just moved to a 1 floor house in FL and the pain is worse sometimes.
Avatar n tn I had complete knee replacement and still 4 months and I have not been able to bend it much like is a good day 40% therapy are done, also my foot feels a killer numb n tingly help please
Avatar n tn Left side and under knee is totally numb. It is fairly annoying. It's hard to bend even in the knee without the CPM machine and my leg is so weak it takes me 45 min to get the nerve to get in the shower, with the assistance of my little daughter. I am thankful for your comments. It's not what I wanted to hear (12-24 weeks!!!!!! )....he did tell me total recovery 3-6 mos but I thought I'd be walking unassisted in a few weeks. Not the case. The pain is incredible and my threshold is high...