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Avatar f tn And I was told it was healed and looked good, but yet I still cannot bend my leg inwards all the way yet and cannot straighten it out completely. As stated I still have a good amount of fluid in my leg. I injured the inside of my knee but yet the pain I still have is on the outer side of my knee and thigh which is where severe bruising took place when I injured it. Could there still be something else wrong or is this just normal?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have recently injured my knee with a frontal hit to the knee cap against a door. I had little pain and only a slight swelling the next day, but nothing too noticeable. However, every time I bend my leg now, I can hear (and feel) a soft grinding sound. I have had XRAY's done but everything was O.K.. Could this mean that I may have caused some damage to the knee cap, like the cartilage under it? I have had a mosaicplasty done on this same knee before. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I am comfortable sitting with my leg crossed. I still am not able to bent my knee to fullest(10% bend is still not done, i cannot touch my hips with my bended leg). Because to this i still find problem in walking and my leg get stiff after some time. I have to be consicous enough that dont hurt my leg again and get any more problem while doing daily routine job. i cannot hop or run until now. please gve any solution to this problem.
Avatar n tn I am a goalie and was getting up from on my knees on the ice and felt a tear to the lower left of my right knee cap. From what I've been reading it seems like the MCL. I couldn't put any weight on it at all for about two weeks. Every thing has been pretty slow. I have a bad limp right now and I injured it just about three months ago. Now it seems to always want to crack in the spot where it was injured. After it cracks it usually feels a little better for a little while.
Avatar m tn my Ortho told me that i had arthritis behind my knee cap, he shot my knee with cortizone, after two day i felt like knew but after two months, i started to feel the knee pain again, i went to see the doc again, he recommended another shot, i agreed, he tried to give me the shot without any anesthetic, so when the needle went in, by impulse i pull my knee back, and ever since then, i cannot bend my knee, i cannot kneel down, it hurts constantly, its an undescribable pain, worst than ever before.
Avatar m tn Once in a while I have pain radiating around my left hip, along with lumber pain and stiffness. I cannot bend over at the waist and get back up on my own. I had an MRI with report which says this: L3-L4: minor dorsal ligament redundancy and facet afthropathy. Normal disc, no central canal or for animal stenosis. L4-5: minimal disc eradication and disc height loss and disc bulge and sonspondolysis. Left greater than right minimal to mild facet afthropathy.
Avatar f tn Hyper extension is what I suspect. I cannot walk without limping on the left leg while the knee is bent, but the knee will support a good deal of my weight. There is no significant pain, also there is no swelling or bruising. It does ache but I am comfortable without medication. (This happened Friday night-3 days ago). The question i pose is.... Should I continue making an appointment, or see If is is just another bad landing?
Avatar n tn It's definitely abnormal and its not just once if i try to bend my knee too quickly or slowly again the same thing occurs like that until i stand up completely then slowly bend it. And unless I stand up completely, slowly bending it doesn't fix it either.
Avatar n tn A sudden knee swelling does not appear overnight. This is usually the result of an injury. Those with broad pelvis, flat foot and knock knee many a times twist their knee without realizing. Fluid either blood or synovial secretion accumulates and builds up during the day. If X-rays were normal, get a MRI done. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn This morning however, I am having sharp pains on the left side of my right knee, its around the knee cap and the pain starts if I bend my knee, going up stairs, and sitting with it bent. There is no pain when I am standing though. Any ideas on how to treat it?
Avatar f tn today got up, the whole top of my foot through my ankle up to my knee are very painful to the touch, and to walk on. I can point my tow to an extent, but cannot bend it up towards me without shooting pain, the bottom inside arch is also very tender and painful by touch and when any pressure is put onto my foot. I think i may have tweaked my knee as it is very tender and swollen. There is no bruising on my foot anywhere. just the pain.
117078 tn?1200026271 I fell hard on the sidewalk on my right knee cap and I immediately had swelling and a large amount of fluid on top of the kneecap. I was not able to bend my knee at all. I elevated it for several hours and put ice on it. I tried to get up and my right foot turns dark blue and the veins stick out and start to swell immediately, the swelling i n the knee returns immediately even though it goes down a little bit with elevation and I still can not bend it.
5715171 tn?1372918264 This happens due to malialignment of the knee cap on bending the knee (and hence any imaging study has to be taken with the knee bent), injury to the knee (you may have sustained it in past), flat feet, over tight or over lax muscles around the knee joint. All these aspects will have to be investigated by your doctor. Other possibilities are bursitis (inflammation of fluid filled sac over joints), tendonitis (inflammation of cords joining muscles to bones) or due to weakness of patellar bone.
Avatar f tn I'm having right knee pain whenever I walk or bend my knee. The pain is very sharp. My knee is also swollen and warm to the touch. I have had three knee surgeries in the past for a torn medial meniscus (2004, 2007, 2008). I've been having the pain for a few weeks now and its getting worse and almost everyday now.
Avatar f tn I had total knee replacement in 11/13 I had good ROM doing home PT went out to PT and started going backwards with the PT telling me if I don't bend more they may have to manipulate my knee. I'm in such horrible pain at night that I sit up in bed rocking and crying. I try to go on with daily living. I'm packing to move and I do climb the steps at least twice a day. I'm on Percocet which I HAVE to have as suggested.
Avatar f tn I had rt knee replacement surgery 2.5 months ago. Went to P.T and used pool 3 X a week. My doctor and therapist were not real happy with the flexion of my knee; app 90%. I however felt I was doing fine, I had been off pain pills for 2 weeks and was walking well, going up and down stairs fairly well. All with very minimal pain. Needless to say I had manipulation done a week ago, and after going back to P.T.
Avatar n tn I'm about 90 percent back to full function with my knee, but I still cannot kneel on it or tolerate a deep bend greater than 90 degrees. When the injury first happened I could barely walk up and down stairs but that has improved significantly over time. I had been icing my knee until about 4 weeks ago when I started noticing that the ice wasn't helping the knee. When I was being thrown I do remember feeling a 'ping' or a snap in my knee on the outside.
Avatar n tn Left side and under knee is totally numb. It is fairly annoying. It's hard to bend even in the knee without the CPM machine and my leg is so weak it takes me 45 min to get the nerve to get in the shower, with the assistance of my little daughter. I am thankful for your comments. It's not what I wanted to hear (12-24 weeks!!!!!! )....he did tell me total recovery 3-6 mos but I thought I'd be walking unassisted in a few weeks. Not the case. The pain is incredible and my threshold is high...
Avatar f tn When standing, the painful area is hidden away in my knee's articulation and cannot be reached in any way. But if I am to bend my knee about 50 degrees it becomes accessable. And if I pressure massage it I get a numb tingling sensation somewhat like when you bump your funnybone (elbow). Well I thought I'd share this with you because it happened again this evening so I googled my way here to see if I could figure this out. Sorry for such a long post...
Avatar n tn If I lie down and try to bend the knee, drawing it up to my body it feels very strange, as if there is cotton all around the inside of the knee. It feels swollen, too. Can ANYONE tell me what's going on? The 2nd physician wants to do arthroscopic, BUT I can't take the time off work, and I have a bad history of not waking up from I would use surgery as a LAST resort.....
358594 tn?1211258729 Reconstruction of the ACL is recommended,if instability continues even after leg strength and knee motion has returned. In serious knee injury, do not attempt to move the joint. A splint should be used to keep the knee straight .Take complete rest as your right ankle is injured and do not put weight on your injured knee. Best .
Avatar n tn This morning I was bending over to put the cat's food bowl on the floor, and with that slight bend in my left knee - identical severe pain - same place, that this time dropped me to the floor! Tonight I bent over to put clothes into the front loading dryer and my husband came rushing in because my scream shook the house...(same pain). I can now "make" it happen by bending from the waist a certain way, just as my hands get close to the floor...boom...
Avatar m tn Now I am getting a painful pop at the knee when I try to straighten out my leg after it is has been at about a 35 degree bend. If anyone knows what this could be from please let me know. I have to see the surgeon that did my ankle tomorrow. He also did the knee about 28 years ago. My uncle has had three total knee replacements on both knees, six all together.
Avatar n tn It took two rounds of different antibiotics to fix it, and I had a heck of a time getting the surgeon up here who told me I needed surgery in the first place to see me again since he did not do the surgery himself. Now it is almost March, and I still cannot bend my knee all of the way. It gets incredibly stiff, especially after sitting for a while and when I first wake up in the morning it takes me a minute to be able to bend it at all.
Avatar m tn Entirely based on the symptoms you describe (pain that starts in his very low back, hip area and goes down his left leg to the knee) it looks like sciatica, where the sacral nerve of sciatic nerve is either irritated or pressed upon. It generally happens when you bend or lift things the wrong way or sit for long in a particular position. The pain can also be due to irritation of the sciatic nerve from infections, injury, pressure from an adjacent bone, tumors etc.
Avatar m tn I was horsing around with some friends in a snow bank and my friend tackled me on the left side of my left knee. My knee locked up at 90 degrees and was extremely painful - it felt like something went out of place. I force my knee straight and whatever went out popped back into place. Within 20 minutes there was no pain, no swelling. This happened a few more times in the proceeding years with the same resolution.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I haven't been able to sit Indian style and cannot completely bend @ the knee and never will b/c of the pelvic deformity. All I can say is phys. Therapy Almost killed me: I was hurt really bad by a well intentioned misguided therapist. So my doctor advises against it. Don't over due the walking because when your body is out of wack or off kilter, it can actually do harm. Everything in moderation!
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old female who has been suffering with undiagnosed right knee pain since 2005. I was working as a housekeeper (for a not great company) while going through nursing school. I started having moderate pain and swelling after school/work in my right knee. One day I was bent down making a bed (I'm 5'9") and felt my knee give out upon standing. I had 6-7 pain scale and instant swelling. The next morning I woke up with no feeling from my toes to groin in the right leg.
Avatar n tn This happens due to mal-alignment of the knee cap on bending the knee (and hence any imaging study has to be taken with the knee bent), injury to the knee (you may have sustained it in past), flat feet, over tight or over lax muscles around the knee joint. Other possibilities are bursitis (inflammation of fluid filled sac over joints), tendonitis (inflammation of cords joining muscles to bones) or due to weakness of patellar bone. All these aspects will have to be investigated by your doctor.