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Avatar f tn You need to check with the orthopaedician for ruling out a pinched nerve sural or saphenous nerve branch being impinged in the knee joint. Since burning sensation is positional with reference to the knee joint. You might need corticosteroids and physical therapy. Rule out diabetes and B12 deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn upon leaving they gave me a foam knee brace and sent me on my way. When I got home and tried on the knee brace I found out it was way to large (XXL) to the point of it being almost comical (I'm 130 lbs., maybe if I was a NFL running back it would fit.
Avatar f tn I started training for a marathon (running 25-35 miles a week) and have started with a burning on the bottom of my right foot that lasts 2-5 seconds on and off. I had arthroscopic knee surgery 18 months ago for a right knee injury and they noted osteoarthritis. It doesnt hurt when I run now. What can it be?
Avatar f tn I have a nerve injury in a knee that left my knee numb. (Don't try Bengay or anything like that it'll be very painful!) I've lived with this for over a year. I experience burning or a cold water drop when I'm lying down. Wish I knew how to remedy it or what it is. I've just been living with it.
Avatar m tn After about 10 days, the stiffness passed and it is now just a heavy feeling of fatigue and also a burning sensation on occassion. The fatigue seems to diminish somewhat with exercise. I haven't fallen over and I don't it is 'weakness' necessarily. This is mostly in my right leg, but I sometimes get the burning in my left also. I'm not sure what, if anything, to do about this. Could it be MS related? I don't want to go overboard on pinning every problem on MS and then not getting them treated.
Avatar n tn Since these trauma, i have experienced off/on symptoms of burning sensation internally... nothing you can visually see or feel, just pain! From the top of my head at times, my face, arms, legs and bottom of feet. I saw a neurologist and rheumatologist earlier to no avail. I have been told i may have fibromyalgia, but no luck in finding a doctor to treat me for that -- or even one that understands what the disease is or how to treat it. I feel like everyone thinks i am crazy or something!
Avatar f tn I had dropped something under my bed, and when I got down on my knees, I felt this sudden, tearing, and then burning pain. I straightened my knee immediately, rubbed it, and in a few minutes it felt better. It's been a couple of weeks since the fall, and anytime I put pressure on my knee when it is bent, I again feel tearing and burning. If I walk with my knee pretty straight, it isn't bad.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Burning sensation, numbness or tingling sensation in any part of body is considered nerve related in origin. This burning sensation you are having can occur due to impingement, irritation or compression of nerve of knee (injury). Please consult your neurologist for a better insight of the situation. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi My son is 16 years old he got injury in one of his Rugby practice, his Knee cap was broke en he loss 40% of it the Orthopedic Dr said that was the only choice for him to remove it the size was 2.5 by 2.0 cm, he also make some holds in to his femur bone to help develop cartilage, today is his 2nd day after the surgery and he is in so much pain he have a burning sensation.
Avatar n tn The burning, hurting, sensitive sensation with like a tiny balloon filled with water from mid knee up has been bothering me for like 4 weeks now. Two days after the initial fall it got injured again when I was pushed into a bus landing on same knee because people can't wait until there turn. So this second injury only made matters worse. The burning, when the knee is bent, like when your sitting in a chair burns so bad my eyes starts to tear. I think you got the idea.
1330225 tn?1275221998 This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of knee. It may occur due to injury to nerve either due to spinal deformity or along its path to thigh by any ligament or tendon stretch, excessive tight clothing (therefore it is also called "jeans disease"), diabetic neuropathy or damage to nerve after surgery etc. Another nerve which may cause pain in legs is sciatic nerve compression.
Avatar f tn That you still have swelling, pain and a burning sensation in this joint three MONTHS post your fall is totally unacceptable. Since none of these symptoms have resolved in that time period, the only conclusion is that there is damage in the joint. That even your ortho, who I will assume was your surgeon, can't figure out what is wrong is pretty damn alarming!
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a female around the beginning of June and shortly after I noticed a mild burning sensation when I ejaculated. I knew this was likely to be some kind of STD as a result, (I had been diagnosed and treated for non-specific urethritus 2 years earlier) so proceeding to get an appointment with my GP. He prescribed a 10 day course of Doxycycline 100mg capsules which I took as prescribed. I returned to the doctors as my symptoms persisted.
Avatar m tn I didn't think it was a serious injury as I could still walk despite the weird and loose feeling in my knee and the next day I continued to massage my calf muscles the same way and it happened again when I bent the knee! This time there was a bit of burning sensation and a little bit of swelling/tenderness and my knee felt really unstable and whenever I bent it a little it would go a little more on its own, something was really wrong.
359937 tn?1220987451 My knee is not swollen nor bruised. If I bend my knee the pain is terrible, It feels like a burning sensation. Also you can feel pain on the outside of my knee as wll as on the back of my knee. I have also noticed that if I turn my foot to the left the pain almost brings tears to my eyes. I am a 27 year old female with NO previous problems.
Avatar n tn For about 9-10 months once every couple of weeks I had sort of burning sensation in my index finger (right). It was very much like a normal sun burn. To be honest didn't take it seriously. After about 7 months one day during the day and night I had a terrible burning sensation all over my on both hands (never had before) and since it had happened after lifting some heavy bags throughout the day I thought OK! it might be a good cause. It however made me a little bit worry.
Avatar f tn I have a new "weird" complaint that has been going on for aprox. 2 months now. One night after my shower & was drying off & I noticed that my left ankle was burning & stinging like a cut... felt like I had cut myself shaving but there is no cut at all. I just ignored it because its just weird & figured it would go away, well it hasnt & yesterday I noticed the front of my right shin has the same sensation & this sensation is only felt when the skin is touched..
Avatar n tn I was playing with my dog the other day while making a bed and got on my knee on the sheet and felt a sudden burning sensation while on my knee. I thought I received something similar to a rug burn and didn't think anything of it. This happened 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have had continued pain and numbness on the right side of my knee. No feeling when I touch it but a stinging and burning sensation if I try to get on my knee at any time. Sometimes it burns for no reason when just sitting.
Avatar n tn Given your symptoms you may want to have the knee looked at by a doctor now, maybe some xrays taken, for starters. You might have a number of issues going on at the same time. This I know, speaking from fractures in my patella and tibial plateau in the past...You need your knees for a LONG time. Take care of them like you would your eyes. Knee surgery has been the most difficult and lengthy to rehab of all of mine. You don't realize HOW much you use your knees til you hurt one.
Avatar n tn Then that feeling became more consistent as a burning sensation and would sometimes be on the other side of my arm spreading to the backside of my hand. Then one day I noticed it had it on the out side of my right leg down to the top of my foot. Several weeks later I got little patches on my scalp and face that had the same burning sensation. The facial sensations would come and go and seem to be in different places on both sides of my face. Also occasionally between the shoulder blades.
Avatar f tn I had to leave the field and have had substantial pain since, both on my spine where there is a welt, and in the soft tissue of my lower back. I get a burning sensation in my back and down into my butt when I lift my right leg while standing. Is this something I can wait out or should I definitely try to get to a doctor. It's been 2 days since the injury. Thanks!
Avatar f tn My knee was swollen and there was just a burning sensation. I waited about a week to see if the swelling went down. When it didn't, I went and saw my priamry care physician. He referred me to a orthopedic specialist. My right knee was causing much pain on the outside area, and when I would walk it felt like my knee would try to slip out of joint. Like the outter area of my knee was pulling it out. I went and saw a specialist, they took an x-ray and didn't see any damage.
Avatar m tn For about two months, I've been having sharp, burning pain in my right kneecap (radiating to the right side of the kneecap and downward about one to two inches).. It only occurs when I kneel and is very severe at that time . When I gently tap my kneecap, I get a mild tingling, burning sensation radiating to the right side of the kneecap and downward slightly. However, when I press firmly on the right side of the kneecap, there is no pain.
Avatar n tn I have just started getting this burning sensation all over my body, at night, it starts in my back and travels to all my extremities, even lips and tongue. I've noticed that others are having the same problem. Is there a diagnosis? Cure? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href=''>extreme burning sensation all over my body-I am a 29 yr. old Asian female!</a>.
Avatar n tn A few days later, a scab formed where the skin was broken, and although the area still hurt when pressed, I had no problems walking, jogging or swimming. Five days after the injury though, my left knee cap began to hurt. There was even a tingling sensation from above the knee cap down to the shin (left lateral). My GP diagnosed it as tendonitis and bursitis of the quadriceps tendon. He prescribed voltaren and told me to avoid jogging, walking extensively, walking up the stairs or slopes.
Avatar f tn When I kneel on my knees and then sit back on my ankles I experience a severe burning sensation in my lower right leg below the knee about 3 inches and on the outside. This has been occuring for the last two weeks. No flippin idea whats going on here. I am in Physical Therapy and will ask about it and reply with a post if I find anything out.
Avatar m tn Burning sensation, numbness or tingling sensation in any part of body is considered nerve related in origin. This burning sensation you are having can occur due to impingement, irritation or compression of nerve at knee. Most frequently involved nerve is lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh (which is branch of femoral nerve). This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of outer thigh.
Avatar n tn 5 miles. Ever since then, however, my right knee has been uncomfortable. There is a slight burning sensation. There is no swelling, nor is it keeping me up at night. Sometimes, the dull pain moves to the back of my knee. It is not excruciating pain, but I know that it's there. I had knee arthroscopy surgery 11 years ago on this knee due to a soccer injury in high school. I have never had any problems with it until just recently.