Knee injury and swelling

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Avatar f tn Its really impossible to tell from your brief description. If you pain and swelling persists, you definitely should go brack and see your treating physician.
Avatar m tn this was about 3 months ago,although the joint is becoming more stable i have noticed what appears to be a flicking of the ligament/tendon on the outside of the knee when i bend it forward and backwards whilst the knee is turned so my toes point also makes a popping noise.i saw a physio and he said it may be the ligament going over some swelling in the knee.
Avatar n tn Sept 5 I landed on my knee while skating with my kids. Swelling occured immediately and the bruise is now hear. The pain seemed to go away but recently has return like someone is stabbing my knee in 2 places with a needle. Could I possibly have chipped a bone and that is what I am feeling now?
Avatar m tn swallowing reduced quite a bit and i can bend my knee pretty much fully without pain. however i have pain just underneath knee cap( front side) when i walk on stairs. also seems like i got some fluid in there. is this just bad bruses or much more serious injury?
Avatar m tn My sister had an accident and has a swelling around her Knee. she had been under treatment for a year now without any success. She has difficulty in wlaking and has pain.We got MRI done but nothing came out. Now doctor has informed that they would administer an injection in the Knee joint area. My question is what to do to cure her from this problem. And Is it safe to take an injection in the Knee Joint?
Avatar f tn The work was done over a week ago. Since Friday I have had very bad pain in my knees. Tried Advil and ice packs. No swelling. I have had problems with my knees and my back previously. What do you think just old age I am 63.
Avatar f tn I injured my knee a week and a half ago. My primary care physician said that it was dislocated. The swelling is going down and I'm recovering well - but have noticed a lot of pain when trying to bend my knee more than what would be required to walk. Do I need to pursue this with an MRI or should I wait a while longer to let it heal?
494669 tn?1275366075 With your husband's history of knee injury, torn cartilage is considered. Specific tests such as X-rays and MRIs are the two tests commonly used in patients who have meniscus tears. An x-ray can be used to determine if there is evidence of degenerative or arthritic changes to the knee joint. And the MRI is helpful at actually visualizing the meniscus. There are two surgical options for treating a torn cartilage: meniscus repair and menicectomy.
Avatar f tn I have a knee injury and just had an MRI last week. The report states this "There is some complex linear signal abnormality involving the posterior horm of the medial meniscus. This may extend to the inferior articular surface, suggesting tear" What does this mean???? A couple of weeks ago, my knee went out on me and I couldn't put any weight on it for days, it swelled and was very hot.
Avatar n tn When I dove, I noticed I was going to land on my shoulder so I swung my knee under so all my weight transfered directly down on my knee. It didn't hurt until the next day when I tried to get out and run. My whole knee feels like someone is hitting it with a bat and now whenever I twist it I get a sharp pain along the inside of my knee. Any help?
Avatar n tn So I was sent on my way with instructions to keep icing it for a couple of days, take some Ibprofen for any pain or swelling and to get a knee brace for extra stability. And if any further pain persists or my knee locks up again to call her and she will refer me to a physical therapist? So I'm wearing the knee brace today but my knee seems to be hurting more now with it on. Is this normal?
7148253 tn?1388534921 Recently I ran down a steep hill stumble and fell in which i twisted my right knee really bad. I felt my right knee pop and there was mild pain. I put it of as there was no swelling but there was a bit of swelling 10hrs later.
Avatar m tn about 2 and half months back i kinda overstretched my knee during stretching exercises, i felt excruciating pain later, i went to a doctor and he gave me pain killers for 3 weeks, saying its probably not a tear but swelling,will subside with time, since then, it remains, i try to jog and stretch with same condition. at times , it increases and at times, it doesnt. at times, when knee turns at an angle, it gives a giving away feeling, with pain, wonder what should i do?
Avatar m tn About two months ago I was play fighting with a friend when I my knee twisted and it I injured my knee, I was drunk at the time and cant remember the incident very well, but the next day by knee was very swollen and sore. I went to the doctors and they said they swelling would go down and it would heal in about 4 weeks, about 6 weeks later it was just as bad if not worse, I went to the doctors again and they booked me to see a physiotherapist, but the appointment is not for two months.
Avatar m tn Impact/tackle to lateral side of knee caused a pop(felt like knee moved), immediate pain, swelling gradually became worse and pain persisted for days. one week later...stilll limping badly and the knee feels loose/empty while walking and wont straighten when I walk. Knee brace provided makes the knee feel very stable though. Went to Sports medicine ortho who did testing (Valgus and Drawer) and he suspects Grade 2(maybe 3) tear of ACL/MCL, and medial meniscus.
Avatar n tn These patients may complain of instability when attempting to cut or pivot. The pain and swelling is more significant, and usually a period of 3-4 weeks of rest is necessary. When a grade II MCL sprain occurs, use of a hinged knee brace is common in early treatment. Athletes with a grade II injury can return to activity once they are not having pain over the MCL. Patients with a grade II injury often return to sports within 3-4 weeks after their injury. How long have you been on treatment?
Avatar f tn a year and 1/2 ago I fell down some stairs and landed on cement causing a left knee injury, after a few weeks of physical therapy the swelling and general soreness was better but I had a burning feeling under my knee cap, clicking and grinding, the Dr told me it was normal.
Avatar m tn recently (little over a week ago) i fell and landed on both knees, on an extremely hard floor. there wasn't any swelling and minimal bruising. however, if i kneel on or touch/brush a certain spot on my left knee (aprox the size of a pencil erasure) i experience extremely sharp pain. feels as if getting cut/burned. other then that there is no pain whatsoever.
Avatar f tn If you look at your Patella (Knee Cap), are they relatively even between Left and Right sides when you extend and flex your knee? Note any deviations you see with movement. During Knee Extension do you observe pockets protruding from the sides of the patella? If so is your Right Knee worse? Is the pain localized to the region above the patella (Quad Tendon) or below the patella (patellar ligament) or to the sides of the patella (retinacular ligements)?
Avatar f tn These patients would usually report a deceleration injury or twisting the knee that led to immediate symptoms of swelling and pain. Further your symptoms of pain while kneeling down and release of symptom when you are standing or lying suggests that it might be Patello-femoral disorders. I think you should be doing X-rays, including AP, lateral, and sunrise views of your knee joint.
Avatar m tn He said he won't bother to take xrays but to take Aleve, motrin, for the swelling for 7 days and then go back and see him. If I'm still in pain, he said i should have an MRI done. My question is since it's been 5 weeks, is there a likelihood that I have a torn ligament, if so what is the next step? is it surgery? tks!
Avatar n tn For the pain and swelling, get a really good compression ice pack. Maybe one for your leg and one for your knee, wherever your swelling and pain are located. These guys make a really good ice wrap ( ) but forget about their BFST thing because it won't do anything for a fracture. Not sure if this board will strip that link, but you can find options just by googling leg ice packs or knee ice packs or something like that.
1587585 tn?1309435860 Pain in the back of the knee may be local inflammation, or swelling. Continue the NSAID's, rest, and ice; if the pain persists, see an orthopedist.
Avatar n tn A sudden knee swelling does not appear overnight. This is usually the result of an injury. Those with broad pelvis, flat foot and knock knee many a times twist their knee without realizing. Fluid either blood or synovial secretion accumulates and builds up during the day. If X-rays were normal, get a MRI done. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I iced it and rested it as much as I could . Yesterday I notced pain and swelling in my knee but not enough to keep me from walking.Today its real bad so much so I'm using a cane. Very hard to put pressure on it. Most of the pain seems to be coming on the right side and behind the knee. I can't make my leg straight. I have had gout in the past but never in my knee. There is no discolleration or warmth to the touch. The pain is sharp when I bend my knee. Thanx again.
11446628 tn?1418302080 I also have pain in my knee and hands, and my fingers are twisting and have knots. My right knee has had pain and swelling for weeks, and this morning it's too painful to walk. I haven't injured it. Recent blood test didn't report rheumatoid arthritis. So what's going on with my knee, and with my hands?
Avatar m tn Last week I was riding my dirtbike and my foot got caught on the ground and twisted when my knee was bent I had pain right away and it swelled upp the pain was not horrible but it still hurt. The next morning the pain and swelling were gone and I went to work not physical labor just standing for 5 hours and walking when I got home my knee felt stiff and was very swollen again. The next morning the swelling and stiffness was gone. After I worked again it did the same thing.
263648 tn?1189759434 Hi, Do you remember getting hurt in your knees? The swelling and the pain in the knee suggests the possibility of arthritis. Other causes could be gout and meniscus injury. Radiating pains from knee also indicates a nerve compression. It is very difficult to pinpoint at the exact cause. without clinical examination and running some tests. I would suggest you to seek consultation with an orthopedic surgeon as soon as you can. Take care!
Avatar f tn I am experiencing excruciating pain medial knee toward the front just beside my known injury and no visible swelling just unbearable pain.....any insight?