Knee exercises to relieve pain

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Avatar n tn Swimming/Water Aerobics, stationary bike, walking, Core strengthening exercises will not only tone up your stomach muscles but can also help to relieve back pain. Strong abs help support the back during any lifting or bending activities as well as walking. The plank exercise will strengthen the abs as well as your shoulders, chest and even make you sweat if you hold it long enough or add some lifting arm movements. Have you considered taking a Yoga class?
Avatar n tn Another thing that might help your pain is if you ask for and get a steroid injection directly into your knee joint. It can usually relieve pain for about a month or so. Bottom line is, though... you should find out exactly why it is you are experiencing pain at such a young age. If you are having pain after a hard jump or fall, chances are you tore something. Treat the short term symptoms, but also make sure you seek treatment for long term issues.
1666982 tn?1445198395 Also my spine and pelvis are in lots of pain and two curvatures of spine. Is there anything else to do to relieve the pain?
Avatar m tn You may be able to relieve heel pain by stretching tight calf muscles. Exercise and wearing supporting foot wear is the primary treatment for tight heel cord. Take ibuprofen and apply ice packs regularly to relieve you from pain. A physical therapist or trainer can help supervise a program recommended by your sports medicine specialist or a foot specialist, such as an orthopaedist or podiatrist. Finally your orthopedician will explore other options including surgery so discuss in detail.
Avatar m tn s not painful, but very annoying. i had orthoscopic surgery on this knee about 7 years ago. any ideas as to what the popping could be?
Avatar m tn treatment options include addressing the underlying cause for the symptoms, medications to relieve pain and inflammation and relax muscles, physical therapy. Surgical options for persisting sciatica includes nerve decompression at the lower spine level. Consult an orthopaedician for prescription of pain medicines and muscle relaxants. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me again for any clarification.
Avatar n tn Try to reduce your workouts as pain may persist so long the maintaining factor is present.Your knee problem further adds to your pain,so be cautious. To relieve the pain you can apply some topical drugs like voltaren emulgel and take acetaminophen if required.Consult a orthopedic surgeon if there is no significant relief. All the best.
Avatar m tn Your physical therapist may show you how to tape your knee to reduce pain and enhance your ability to exercise. You may be able to return to activities such as running, but you may need to reduce the number of miles you run until it doesn't hurt during or after exercise. Icing after exercise may be especially helpful. Don't rush back to activity, however. It can take six weeks or more before you begin to feel better.
Avatar f tn You could use walking supports or knee brace for the time being. Also for starting exercises, it is better to consult a physiotherapist, to avoid movements that could worsen the condition. Hope this is useful. Take care!
1330225 tn?1275218398 This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of knee. It may occur due to injury to nerve either due to spinal deformity or along its path to thigh by any ligament or tendon stretch, excessive tight clothing (therefore it is also called "jeans disease"), diabetic neuropathy or damage to nerve after surgery etc. Another nerve which may cause pain in legs is sciatic nerve compression.
Avatar f tn I broke my leg in August, I had the tib nail procedure, I understand my knee is going to be in pain, some days I feel really stiff and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or exercises that may help?
Avatar n tn ve had constant pain it seems like in the bone. I tried physical therapy, but had to stop due to college. Is there anything I can do?
Avatar f tn I do notice however that I get sever pain in my right leg and especially knee region when I exercise. My left leg is perfect. It can be extremely painful. Is this normal? Does anyone experience this? When I exercise and start having this pain, should I continue or stop?
553692 tn?1215277731 I have been on crutches and ibuprofen 800 for the last month, my pain is increasing in my knee, im becoming intolerant to any weight bearing on my knee at all, the pain is becoming severe.It feels really unstable. Thanks again!!
Avatar f tn when you question him he says it starts in his very low back, hip area and goes down his left leg to the knee....he does have some numbness in his foot....any advice on this subject would be great as you know how hard it can be to get an grumpy daddy to the doc.....Thanks in advance.....
Avatar f tn can anyone suggest some simple daily exercises without a workout ball that I could do to help relieve some of these aches and pains?!
Avatar f tn You also can do muscle strengthening exercises for knee pain.A physical therapist may help in pain management.You can take some NSAID like acetaminophen or ibubrufen for the pain.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been having pain mainly in my left knee above and to the left of my left knee cap. I have had X-Rays and a MRI to see if any problems can be found. The doctors said they have found nothing wrong. I went a physical therapist around April of last year during spring track. He said I didn't have enough thigh strength. I do the exercises daily he instructed and they seem to not work anymore. Right now I am running winter track.
Avatar f tn Have you discussed your pain with your doctor? Are you going to PT or doing any supervised exercises under his/her care?