Knee exercises post surgery

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Avatar f tn I was just given the wrong exercises and my knee complained. Within a month of being "finished" with PT I quit them. Years later I would have pt again and this one was better but still there were certain ones that my knee hated. The first physical therapist gave me knee extensions, leg curls, heel raises, and using the exercise bike.
Avatar f tn I had arthoscopy with a microfracture on my knee January 06, 2014. The pain post surgery is worse than the pain before (and different) and I have physical limitations I didn't have before. I could not extend my leg parallel to the floor while sitting without wincing so I was given a steroid shot and three rounds of Synvisc four months post surgery. Sadly I have not noticed much improvement a month later. I was not told any of this was possible prior to the surgery.
647391 tn?1275016633 I am 50 years old and set to have knee replacement surgery in a month. This is because of damage to the knee and missing cartilage. What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar n tn I recently learned that during my right knee replacement, the surgeon severed a nerve in the back of my knee near the right side. After 4 years of pain, drugs and almost loosing my job, I saw a new pain doctor who sent me for a 3D sonogram which is how I discovered this. Can this nerve be repaired?
20881263 tn?1561816684 I assume you wore your brace post surgery? Do you do physical therapy or have you been doing it post surgery? It's really important to continue that until they release you from the need and at that point, they should give you exercises and stretches to do on your own. Proper rehabilitation of the knee really does require this. So, you are likely recovering still and would guess that this 'giving way' feeling is the result of that. Please confirm with your doctor though.
Avatar m tn Thanks, what about surgery, do you think any form of surgery is good. I have Hypermobile Ankles, which caused Genu Valgum.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks after surgery, my knee is still quite swollen which is limiting my ROA and also prevents me from progressing with the exercises. I am doing 3 sessions of exercise each day followed by an hour in the CPM and 1/2 - 1 hour of icing with elevation. I had home health PT the first week followed by 4 outpatient PT sessions. Is there a chart that shows what kind of progress should be occuring each week in ROA?
Avatar m tn When I had cartilage surgery on my knee, I was given exercises to start the day after surgery (yes, it hurt). I was expected to have full ROM in two weeks or less. Doing the exercises made all the difference. Were you given exercises, are you doing them, and are you seeing a physical therapist? Your answers should be yes, yes, yes.
Avatar n tn The pain is now worse than before I had the replacement surgery. My knee is always swollen, stiff and hot to touch since surgery. I have taken Celebrex that helped the pain but had to stop because my kidney function BU/CU ratio is now elevated. I cannot take other NSAID's because they elevate my blood pressure. I have a history of chronic Lyme disease. I was treated two years ago with six weeks of Rocephin IV Therapy. Could the Lyme disease have settled in my my new knee post operatively?
Avatar n tn I injured my right knee on July 2nd, 2008 and worked through Physical Therapy to get to surgery. I was close to walking on my own, prior to surgery and recovered a bend of about 136 degrees, pre-surgery. I finally had my ACL and meniscus surgery on 8/15/2008. Once in surgery, the doc discovered that both sides of the meniscus were torn and needed repair, as well as the ACL.
Avatar f tn I have a friend who is a physical therapist and said the key is following through with the knee exercises daily the first year and as needed weekly from then on but remember to ice pack the knee following exercise. I am still unable to work at a job that requires walking or standing. I was a real estate agent and had to quit after 11 years. I am worried that is may have come loose.
Avatar m tn headaches, he is enunciating his speech, no falling to the ground, etc. Can you guys that have had surgery tell me what you went through after the surgery? My feeling is that he's only 5+ weeks out of surgery, couldn't these headaches still be from the trauma of the 8 hour surgery? Thanks.
1461944 tn?1286027942 i know surgery is a huge thing but after the chronic pain i felt it was necessary to undergo the surgery which my doctor told me there was a 95% chance that my surgery would fix my problem with me being only 16. it didnt work nor did the second one 6 months after. the pain has extremely affected my life and day to day activity including my whole athletic career. Thank you for the feedback i really hope this TENS device will work. If not is there any other things or medicines you reccomend?
Avatar m tn and was given a few strecthes and leg strengthening exercises to help with my knee problems. Well, after a solid two weeks of performing these exercises, my knee feels strong and well. But whenever i have to stretch and put my left knee into my buttox the entire knee feels an incredible amount of pain. Also, whenever I try and sit on my ankles, I am in HUGE amounts of pain just in the left knee.
Avatar m tn once i had the surgery in may my knee feels great but my question is that ever since my surgery i have had this like sharp pain in my right glut and occasionally in my right lower leg. i feel it the most when i bend over my right leg to pick something up. i was wondering if you could tell me what it could possibly be and what i can do to get rid of it. I am an active person and would like to get back to enjoying the outdoors.
Avatar n tn prior to the surgery i had throbbing knee pain in posterior right knee. they tried cortisone shots - 2nd one helped but wore off quickly. even after TKR i STILL have this pain. Cold weather intensifies the overall pain. i still have on going knee pain in general and doc says takes sometmes ONE YEAR before see difference. When they did the TKR they did clean up some scar tissue (had 4 prior procedures before having TKR).
Avatar f tn So far my rehab has been going well, however today after sitting my damaged knee crossed over my good knee during a meeting, i stood-up and my knee has started clicking and feels really uncomfortable. Do you think that i may have indadvertedly caused some damage to the graft (I don't usually sit in that position...)?
1070781 tn?1255359735 I had knee surgery on 9/23/09 and i was wondering why i have two hard large bumps on my thigh just above my knee? Also my knee is so stiff... the more i do my exercises the more stiff it gets... I was wondering if this was normal after artho knee surgery? My knee gives out more now than before the surgery and now my knee wants to lock if i don't step just right.
Avatar m tn This is done by cutting the lower bone of the knee in a particular. For the cost of surgery, you have to ask the orthopedic surgeons in your area but it is quite affordable and recovery is good.
Avatar m tn I remember the doctor was surprised with me a LONG time after surgery how I said the knee I had surgery on was turning very red and hot compared to the other (w/hot water). He said that was a sign of bone healing but he was surprised it was happening that long after the surgery. You might want to defer to your surgeon- perhaps he/she knows using scar medicine is appropriate later on rather than right now.
Avatar f tn d be contacting my doctor, could also be indicator of the beginning of a blood clot,(the popliteal artery is found behind the knee, a common place for clots to form) the knee and calf area especially since you've stated that you experience this both at rest as well as with exercise. I personally would either a) contact my PCP or b) contact the surgeon who preformed the surgery for an appointment or c) go to the ER's express care service with the complaint.
Avatar f tn I am in Ted hose and have been doing my exercises they did a nerve block during surgery and I can tell that helped me a lot it hurts under my knee on the right side of knee and my thigh hurts very bad. Have a lot of fluid on top of knee not red or leaking I have a lot of heat coming from the knee and ice helps a lot. I was hoping someone has had some great advice and points they can share.