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Avatar m tn When I had cartilage surgery on my knee, I was given exercises to start the day after surgery (yes, it hurt). I was expected to have full ROM in two weeks or less. Doing the exercises made all the difference. Were you given exercises, are you doing them, and are you seeing a physical therapist? Your answers should be yes, yes, yes.
Avatar n tn I think this is to get the knee and the muscles as strong as possible before the operation, as it is really weak and there is a lot of muscle wasting due to 4 weeks of not moving it I guess. The physio was baffled as to why I wasn't given any exercises sooner.
1461944 tn?1286027942 You require sessions with an experienced rehabilitation expert, who will walk you through the exercises. This should have been done before surgery. I am dismayed at the number of surgeons who direct patients directly into the operating room for sciatic pain without having them treated by a rehabilitation specialist. After a laminectomy is performed there should be no pain whatsoever. Discuss this with your surgeon. You need another MRI.
1070781 tn?1255359735 This probably due to retained fluid in your knee. It is not uncommon after knee surgery, and not necessarily a cause for worry. Keep using ice, NSAID's if allowed, and make your surgeon aware. He may want to drain your knee if it persists.
Avatar m tn i had a bucket handle cartilage tear in my right knee back in march and limped around on it for a little over 2 months before having surgery to fix the tear. once i had the surgery in may my knee feels great but my question is that ever since my surgery i have had this like sharp pain in my right glut and occasionally in my right lower leg. i feel it the most when i bend over my right leg to pick something up.
Avatar m tn The PT decided to do knee tests when I refused to complete certain exercises due to instability. She noted that it was very unstable and that I needed to make an appointment with my doctor. Saw the doctor and her reaction to the knee laxity was not encouraging. She ordered an MRI which I am waiting to have done. In the mean time, my PT prescription has changed as a result.
999692 tn?1250637950 d need surgery to fix it. I need a knee brace and to do strengthening exercises so I can still hike, bike, and run. Any suggestions on braces that can withstand such abuse?
Avatar n tn The pain is now worse than before I had the replacement surgery. My knee is always swollen, stiff and hot to touch since surgery. I have taken Celebrex that helped the pain but had to stop because my kidney function BU/CU ratio is now elevated. I cannot take other NSAID's because they elevate my blood pressure. I have a history of chronic Lyme disease. I was treated two years ago with six weeks of Rocephin IV Therapy. Could the Lyme disease have settled in my my new knee post operatively?
647391 tn?1275016633 Lee has performed both hips and left knee replacements on myself. Another doctor performed my right knee replacement before I met Dr. Robert Lee. The right knee replacement was a disaster. The knee will not straighten or bend. All surgeries that Dr.Robert Lee completed for me was a success. At my 6 week checkup post surgery, I remember the smile on his face when I said "no problems".
Avatar m tn and was given a few strecthes and leg strengthening exercises to help with my knee problems. Well, after a solid two weeks of performing these exercises, my knee feels strong and well. But whenever i have to stretch and put my left knee into my buttox the entire knee feels an incredible amount of pain. Also, whenever I try and sit on my ankles, I am in HUGE amounts of pain just in the left knee.
Avatar f tn Wow! Thanks for the info. I went to my orthopedic surgeon (I'm due to have a partial knee replacement on 6/17). When he read the report, he said that the tear is off the muscle not the bone. No surgery is warranted, (they don't sew a tendon back to a muscle) but extended rest of the muscle while it heals. He said that scar tissue would form and though I won't have as much mobility as before, it will heal with time.
Avatar m tn This is done by cutting the lower bone of the knee in a particular. For the cost of surgery, you have to ask the orthopedic surgeons in your area but it is quite affordable and recovery is good.
Avatar n tn prior to the surgery i had throbbing knee pain in posterior right knee. they tried cortisone shots - 2nd one helped but wore off quickly. even after TKR i STILL have this pain. Cold weather intensifies the overall pain. i still have on going knee pain in general and doc says takes sometmes ONE YEAR before see difference. When they did the TKR they did clean up some scar tissue (had 4 prior procedures before having TKR).
Avatar f tn So after the holyday I had an MRI scan and the orthopedics tell me that I have the patella/femoral syndrome and that i need to do exercises to make my quadriceps stronger or maybe surgery. The problem is now that I cannot do exercises as my knees get inflamed and if I don't do exercises it gets inflamed if I walk, so now I am at home resting but I do not know what it is right to do because as soon as I move it swells and then I can't walk at all.
Avatar f tn I feel ur pain, I haven't walked in two mos since surgery. Hope it's just heeling process and not any complications. No answers yet for my questions, good luck.
Avatar f tn I have started weight bearing some on the operated knee and except for lots of swelling that appeared yesterday, things are looking good. I do my exercises, I can already flatten my knee, get it to bend some. My first PT is in 4 days next week. Since yesterday I started developing this intense throbbling pain in my calf and lower leg. Yesterday I was sufficiently scared by it and stayed off my feet, upped painkillers.
645800 tn?1466860955 I ended up having the same therapist as I had for my knee surgery so he was well versed on how my body was doing. First on the list was going over what has been happening to me lately. After explaining all of the new things to him since I last saw him about 6 months ago he commented that it sure sounds like I have MS. After that he started testing the stength in my legs and feet. He then commneted on how much worse I have gotten since the last time. Of course I already knew that.
Avatar f tn anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy 2x week for 5 months, exercises at home (or bike or swim) and cortisone injection. PT was extensive but worsened the pain: I did taping, dry needling, and ultrasound with hot and cold but all those PT things really hurt and worsened the pain. I don’t do any heavy exercises like squats but pain occurs from walking, resting, stairs, driving. I am seeing a second opinion tomorrow who does specialize in lateral release.
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery and was given therapy exercises by physical therapists. Obviously the exercise changed as time went on. I couldn't believe what a workout they were.
Avatar n tn I recently learned that during my right knee replacement, the surgeon severed a nerve in the back of my knee near the right side. After 4 years of pain, drugs and almost loosing my job, I saw a new pain doctor who sent me for a 3D sonogram which is how I discovered this. Can this nerve be repaired?
Avatar m tn Thanks, what about surgery, do you think any form of surgery is good. I have Hypermobile Ankles, which caused Genu Valgum.
Avatar m tn The surgeon said the cast will remain for 6 weeks after surgery. Until then, he told me to do toe flexing exercises and to flex the knee down as much as the cast allows. I had the the staples removed about 2 weeks as prescribed. The surgery site looked good with no infection or swelling. I get around with a walker. When the cast was placed after surgery, they bent my knee at a slight angle of about 15 degrees. I am anxiously waiting for the 6 weeks and my cast to be removed.
Avatar n tn In the beginning of august I had a bad fall. I was put in a knee splint. After an MRI it looks like I have a grade 3 MCL tear. Prior to that, I've had habitual dislocation of the patella. Today, the doctor said I might have never had a connected MCL since my knee would "travel" with every step (and I could walk and function completely normally, before the injury).
Avatar f tn I am in Ted hose and have been doing my exercises they did a nerve block during surgery and I can tell that helped me a lot it hurts under my knee on the right side of knee and my thigh hurts very bad. Have a lot of fluid on top of knee not red or leaking I have a lot of heat coming from the knee and ice helps a lot. I was hoping someone has had some great advice and points they can share.