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Avatar f tn You will require a MRI scan to know about more details about your knee. Torn meniscus has to be dealt properly, else later life arthritis chances will increase. causing pain and aony. So meet the orthopaedician again, get the MRI done. hope you have medical insurance.
Avatar f tn I am a veteran when it comes to knee problems. Torn meniscus cartilage, 2 knee scopes (arthroscopic surgeries), and finally a total knee replacement. If your knee is swelling, especially in the morning after sleeping, it may be a torn meniscus cartilage. The older we get, the more brittle our cartilage becomes and the more prone it is to damage from impact, etc... I have had lots of injuries over the years but the knee had the worst pain of all.
Avatar n tn I have bad arthritis in my knee. My ortho doc (after MRI) says I tore the meniscus but he thinks arthroscopy is a waste of my time and money since I have such thin cartilage. He took all the fluid out and injected me with cortisone earlier today. The pain is unbearable and the swelling is coming back already. Has anyone had torn meniscus with advanced arthritis and had sucess with arthroscopy. He says I am not ready yet for knee replacement.
Avatar f tn m about 4 1/2 months post-op, i had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture to repair torn cartilage on my medial femoral condyle. A few weeks ago i jumped knees first onto a sled and have been having problems since. i am experiencing alot of stiffness and a little swelling, there is also something the feels like it is moving when i extend my knee. should i be worried about another injury?
Avatar m tn Symptoms include pain along the inner or outer side of the knee, stiffness, swelling, and sometimes “locking” of the knee. A piece of torn cartilage may get caught between moving parts of the knee joint and causes the sound. A clicking sound may be heard when moving the knee. The pain may be worse when squatting. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn It's unlikely your general doc can diagnose a knee, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. An MRI would tell you more than an X-ray, as it would capture a better picture of the softer tissues such as torn cartilage. As for your PT, yeah, ask, you'll probably end up there anyway although if it's torn cartilage you might need surgery depending on which cartilage and where it's torn. I once had a knee diagnosed as a sprain, but it wasn't.
Avatar f tn I had a piece of cartilage on my medial femoral condyle that had a small piece of bone attatched which had torn off. The doctor removed the cartilage and performed a microfracture. After the surgery I started physical therapy again and after awhile it really started to feel better and things were looking up. Its been about 3 months since the surgery and last week i made the wrong decision to jump knees first onto sled. Ever since then the knee feels exactly the same before i had the surgery.
Avatar f tn may 2010 had surgery for torn medial cartilage, now, in feb 2011 i'm looking at having approx. 35% of the same removed because it's "retorn", the question is, will this only prolong the inevitable replacement? as a mechanic, i depend on FULL range of motion, both left and right knees have had the identical surgery thus far.
Avatar n tn I am a 53 yr old female, who danced & taught Ballet for 36 yrs, now retired. I also have MS & RA. 15 yrs ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee for torn cartilage; I've never had any problems w/ that knee since. Until several months ago.
Avatar f tn I am a 14 year old female and had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture to repair torn articular cartilage about 8 months ago. after physical therapy and lots of rest, i was cleared to play lacrosse again. My knee was feeling alot better and stronger. i still wear a brace while i play to try to prevent any further injury. however, i'm afraid its injured again.
Avatar f tn The meniscus is under the knee cap and it can get torn. It says yours is fine. I tore mine when I tore my ligaments years ago.
Avatar n tn I have a question...I fell from a couple of a stairs and tore my lateral meniscus. The orthopedic told me that I have to get surgery because that portion of the tear is not healed. Also he mentioned that the cartilage in my knee is calcifying. So I want to know is the calclifying of my cartilage in my knee a long term risk for my knee?..And if I don't want to do surgery to take out the torn it possible that my knee can still heal on its own?
Avatar f tn I used to play a lot of soccer and have not in years, but I remember having knee and ankle pain quite often, enough so that I frequently wore knee braces and wrapped both ankles. I now play golf, and after playing one day I noticed some knee pain. There was no specific incident or sudden onset of pain - it just gradually appeared. I also started hearing more popping noises than usual, but now it hurt and I felt movement.
Avatar n tn The reason the arthroscopy was done is due to knee pain as a result of meniscus tear n torn cartilage. My doctor is not at our town. I have to fly in to another town to do the arthroscopy. I did call my doctor & was advise that this is normal after the incision. Well, I now can walk around but slow. My knees seem not able to support me even normal daily thing like going to toilet. I need some support in order to sit down or stand up. Just wonder if it is normal.
518798 tn?1295212279 These three combined, indicate a mechanical problem such as a torn cartilage possibly combined with a fluid collection, known as an effusion, in the knee You mentioned no trauma, but didn't say whether you are active or not. You didn't mention redness, or increased warmth, so i will assume they are not present. My first choice is probably what is known as a degenerative torn meniscus. These occur not from trauma, but rather from wear and tear over time.
Avatar m tn is the left knee, and a recent accident disclosed a torn cartilage and arthritis in the left knee (and some swelling behind the pain, just swollen). One injection of Cartisone and 1 weekly injection of Hyaluronic Acid for 3 weeks brought some relief, but very little. I read about Castor Oil Packs and within 1 hour, I eliminated the swelling (had been swollen for almost 4 months) and daily treatments of COP has eliminated 95% of all discomfort....
1069378 tn?1255215132 , but my knee never healed and in fact the pain has spread to other parts of my knee and my knee swells very easily when I do anything (upright, sitting, sleeping). The MRI shows that my lateral meniscus is torn again and x-rays show I have osteoarthritis. One of the orthopedic surgeons I saw suggested trying Synvisc injections before resorting to surgery, especially since the surgery will involve removing the rest of my lateral meniscus which will in turn worsen the osteoarthritis.
Avatar m tn A sore knee that refuses to get better could point to a torn muscle or torn cartilage, which usually won’t get better without professional intervention. Or it may simply be a minor injury that needs a doctor’s care to improve. Whatever it is, after 3 weeks, it’s an injury that the body can’t handle by itself, and it needs some outside help. Torn muscles and cartilage are extremely painful though, so you're probably in luck.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 31 old male, I am 5.3 tall and my weight is 110 Pounds. I play tennis and squash from time to time. This is my second MRI after a 1 year. The previous MRI showed that I have a Medial meniscus tear. I was so happy to see that after 1 year, the Meniscus tear disapparead from the MRI report without doing any surgery or rehab. But this time I did the MRI on my both knees and it looks like I have some issue with my cartillage.
Avatar f tn I've hit my knee a month ago. My doctor suspects of a torn cartilage or previous injury and request an MRI. There's a pretty significant white mass in between the joint (Between the bones), I have no idea what it is, but it is where the little black meniscus triangle on the left side should be (like a bone?).I feel like sometimes my knee might give in, sharp pain with movement, pain when stretching and knee sore to touch (top left, below knee cap, lower right side).
Avatar m tn Essentially, you have two injuries to your knee. The first is a torn medial meniscus, or a torn cartilage. The rest is a description of the shape of the tear. A bucket handle flops back and forth inside the knee, like the handle on a bucket, and can cause pain, locking, and swelling. This treated arthroscopically and will require either repair or removal of the damaged piece of meniscus. The second injury is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, (ACL).
203342 tn?1328737207 Hello. My 20 year old son went to the doctor a couple of months ago because his knee was so swollen. The doctor seemed surprised that he didn't do sports because he thought it seemed like a sports injury. They took x-rays and didn't see anything. He gave him Motrin and that was pretty much it. Lately, he's been complaining that his knees hurt again especially when he's bending down or on his knees. He doesn't play sports. He goes to college and works part time.
Avatar m tn cfm Other causes of knee locking are torn medial meniscus, knee cap mal-alignment, osteoarthritis, knee arthritis, torn lateral meniscus, Osteochondritis dissecans - occasional knee locking with instability, Recurrent patella dislocation - may cause knee locking or knee collapse, Chondromalacia patella - occasional locking or knee collapse, Knee alignment problem, Knee fragment or Knee cartilage disorder. Hope this helps. Do not ignore it. Consult an orthopedic specialist.
Avatar m tn An X-ray can't see soft tissue, such as a cartilage tear. It might be the meniscus, for example. I don't know who diagnosed you or how -- was it an orthopedist? Did anyone move your knee around to see how mobile it is? I would guess your family physician knows absolutely nothing about knees except to refer those who have problems to a specialist.
Avatar f tn Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. Pain in the back of the knee can be caused by arthritis or Bakers cysts (cystic accumulation of synovial fluid, also causes a swelling).
Avatar f tn Hello, I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my left knee from torn cartilage and meniscus. Instead of surgery I opted for Stem Cell Treatment. Since then I’m still experiencing pain and spasming in my calf which are basically 24/7. Any suggestions on what I should do next? I’ve seen many pain management and homeopathic doctors and nothing is working.