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117078 tn?1200026271 Hi...I fell hard on the sidewalk on my right knee cap and I immediately had swelling and a large amount of fluid on top of the kneecap. I was not able to bend my knee at all. I elevated it for several hours and put ice on it. I tried to get up and my right foot turns dark blue and the veins stick out and start to swell immediately, the swelling i n the knee returns immediately even though it goes down a little bit with elevation and I still can not bend it.
Avatar f tn I fell directly on my right knee cap on monday, Pain started immediatly and some swelling as well. I also noticed that it feels like either the knee cap or behind it is poping and grinding when I walk or move it. I had an x ray done and it was fine. They gave me a brace, motrin and pain meds. The brace helps b/c with it on my knee won't pop or crack. My question is should I have any furthers tests done like an mri or are these symtoms just going to go away with time?
Avatar n tn hi.. i am a female 22 years old.i had a knee cap dislocation 2 month ago. the doctor said i had my MPF torn and i have been in braces for 1 month and now i'm on rehabilitation. My question is that how long will it takes until i can walk as normal again? now i can walk without crutches but very slow and sometimes the knee tends to bend more while im walking.So i use 1 crutch to support me. Is there any possibility that i had torn my ACL? Is it normal that the knee is still swelling?
Avatar f tn The bursa is a thin lining of tissue that sits in front of the patella(knee cap). There are bursae in many areas of the body, wherever a tendon attaches to a bone superficially. When you fell, you caused bleeding into the bursa, this caused the swelling and eventual bruise like appearance. First, you should have an Xray, to be safe, and make sure you didnt actually fracture your patella.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing problems with my knee for the last 3 months. It keeps swelling then it subsides for some time then the swelling resides again. After consulting the doctor when the problem started, i was told that it could be probably due to my weight or the family planning method i am using. The x-rays showed some fluid around the cap of the knee and the fluid was probably not water. I was given some antibiotics and the selling went down but after some time it began again.
Avatar f tn it's suppose to replace the gunkey stuff behind the knee cap, i use it all the time (gel) for my discs in my back....hope this helps...
Avatar m tn I have yet to ask my doc about this and plan to in a couple weeks at a checkup, but my knee cap is definitely bigger than my other one! There is no swelling, no soft tissue surrounding it, but you can really tell and even measure that the knee cap is wider than its counterpart?? When looking at it is very square and boxy, my other knee is very "pointy" or "knobby" and they used to look the same, Any ideas what is going on and if it will ever get back to normal?
Avatar n tn She woke up yesterday with a Swollen bump under her knee cap that is the size of 1/2 her knee. The top of it has a spot on it that looks like she scrapped or burned it like a rug burn. Says when she presses on it, it burns/hurts. Hurts to bend but only because of the skin being pulled. Obviously I told her to go to the dr tomorrow to get checked out which she is. She has been iceing it.
Avatar n tn I noticed a hard nodule , about the size of a marble, under the skin, on my right knee cap. It is very hard, not red, not itchy, and I can move it around under the skin,it is not directly attached to the knee. Noticed its developemnt about 3 months ago, was very sick, night sweats, weight loss, no appettite, swollen glands on left side under jaw. Swelling of the glands has gone away, so have the other symptomms, except for prickly skin condition. ESR is a 1. CBC normal. NHL? RA?
Avatar n tn They went up the stairs, and so did this monter. Climbing/Crawling as fast as I could up the stairs, the top of my knee cap (Patella? area) of my knee got "caught" (slammed into) the curve of the next step up. It felt as though my knee cap slammed downward towards my shin/ankle area. A loud POP sounded and my knee instantly went numb and within about 6 seconds looked as though it had 3 ounces of liquid piling up in it. Within about a minute, a bruise was visible.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have recently injured my knee with a frontal hit to the knee cap against a door. I had little pain and only a slight swelling the next day, but nothing too noticeable. However, every time I bend my leg now, I can hear (and feel) a soft grinding sound. I have had XRAY's done but everything was O.K.. Could this mean that I may have caused some damage to the knee cap, like the cartilage under it? I have had a mosaicplasty done on this same knee before. Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn This happened a few other times throughout the week, sharp pains when I bent my knee. The sharp pains have stopped but I'm left now with constant pain. My knee cap and area above the knee cap are swollen and stiff. I can't walk well and have a lot of pain when bending the knee, like getting up and down from a chair. Recently my calf started hurting upon walking. At times, the calf hurts more than the knee.
Avatar m tn In September, I underwent umbilical hernia repair surgery. In the recovery room, during extubation, my airway collapsed and I spent 24 hours in ICU. Approximately three months later, my left hand and arm swelled enormously. A trip to the ER and IV steriods, antibiotics and Zantac started bringing the swelling down (hand and arm returned to normal after a day or so). Two weeks later, I was taken to ER (by ambulance) when my airway swelled shut.
Avatar n tn I've had right knee swelling for 10 months. Several monthe ago, I went to see 2 rheumatologist which one doctor said prepateller bursitis and the second doctor ran a HLA-B27 blood test which came back negative. I finally went to an orthopaedic doctor and he aspirated the fluid in my knee cap which was clear and he gave me a shot of cortizone. The x-ray was ok. The following day when I took off the bandages, I've noticed it was still swelling but not as bad.
Avatar f tn my big spring dance resydal is coming up soon but last week i fell on the ice and twisted my knee me knee is swollen 2x past its normal size and it hurts and it is bruised around the knee cap i aslo went xc skiing and feel three times which didnt help it but i didnt feel it at the time.
Avatar n tn Seering pain shoots through my knee joint and down the sides of my knee. Have I dislocated my knee? Or is it something like a severe strain?
Avatar n tn I have experienced the tingling numbness in my toes and when I rb my swollen knee it feels like a wave going back and forth on my knee cap. The fluid on my knee and ankle are driving me nuts and having to compensate w/ my other leg is causing pain in that knee and hip. I am wishing I never had surgery and can't deal w/ this much longer. I have a 6yr old so when I get home from work I am in so much pain that I can't do anything to entertain my daughter and enjoy my life and being a parent.
Avatar n tn I quickly fell to the floor and it jammed it pretty good on the hard wood gym floor, right above the knee cap. My knee immediately began to swell and a humongous bruise the impact area. my director became very concerned and sent me to teh nurse right away. I have applied ice and heat reguarly but it's still fairly swollen and the bruising is spreading. My knee has sudden jabs of pain radomly throughout the day, and it hurts to apply pressure to all of my leg.
Avatar f tn Why do I have so much pain and swelling 11 months after a total knee replacement? I have seen my own OS 3 times since my surgery regarding this problem. He takes x rays and says everything looks good and that the pain and swelling could take 2 or more years to go away. It has gotten to the point that I am having trouble walking, it feels like my knee cap is rubbing on something. It is difficult to get up, lots of pain and crunching sounds under knee cap.
4520186 tn?1356650156 Between the knee cap where the hinge area turned a blueish gray with hints of red immediately then began swelling. I have a spurts of shooting pain . I went home immediately elevating it and icing it. Oh and wrapped it for compression. It is however the skin is numb. why??
Avatar f tn my husband is in so much pain and i don't know how to help him he can put any weight on his leg, there is alot of swelling and he is unable to move him knee at all put ice and heat but he is in so much pain and unable to walk the swelling is all around the knee and there is pain to the touch what she i do
Avatar f tn This happens due to a lot of force put on the knee cap after surgery as the knee cap gets used to the new implant. The rubbing and pressure results in cyst formation. Other causes of pain after knee replacement can be infection, improper alignment of the implant and poor blood supply. A complete evaluation is needed to determine the cause. The cyst can get absorbed or it may need to be drained. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
Avatar n tn it was ok but they said to me everybody have a knee cap on hia/her knee so our knee cap move a bit then when we walk run or bend or knee its get hurt and start swelling.. my GP gave me tablet i forget the name.. bit that was good.. and in 10 days my swelling disappeared... my GP gave me pysio but its still hurt when i bend my knee..
Avatar f tn I started having unexplainable severe knee pain. No idea how or why. No injury, no swelling, no bruising. I had my knee examined, Xrays done, and everything looked great. I decided to change the sneakers I was using to exercise and actually use sneakers when using the eliptical at home and as God is my witness - problem solved!!!!!!!! No more knee pain. I hope my story helps someone.
Avatar m tn however i have pain just underneath knee cap( front side) when i walk on stairs. also seems like i got some fluid in there. is this just bad bruses or much more serious injury?
Avatar f tn a year and 1/2 ago I fell down some stairs and landed on cement causing a left knee injury, after a few weeks of physical therapy the swelling and general soreness was better but I had a burning feeling under my knee cap, clicking and grinding, the Dr told me it was normal.
Avatar f tn He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap. It has been several weeks now and his pain is back he still has a little swelling but now both his knees hurt. He wears a brace on both his knees now. He has trouble getting up if he has to get down on the ground for something. We are not sure what to do now because both doctors has told him all his test look fine.