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Avatar m tn This morning however, I am having sharp pains on the left side of my right knee, its around the knee cap and the pain starts if I bend my knee, going up stairs, and sitting with it bent. There is no pain when I am standing though. Any ideas on how to treat it?
Avatar m tn Please ignore my diagnosis of Runner's Knee. My knee pain is more of a knee cap tracking issue. Foam rolling your inner thigh (VMO) helps immensely along with doing leg strength exercises. I use a foam roller on the whole leg but target the inner thigh. Trying to fix posture as well. Hope this helps someone!
Avatar m tn I have no problem in that arena and not experience any pain on the knee or back of the knee, whatsoever. I notice the pain more when I pull my knee back and touch my heel with my rear. I can say that I have been getting better by the day, but not healing as quickly as my shoulder, heel, and hand.
Avatar n tn If there is enough ligament left it will be stretched and stapled to the bone. The patella (knee cap) will be either removed or reattached. If there isn't enough ligament to stretch, then a ligament from a cadaver will be sewn onto the existing ligament and stapled into place on the bone. The surgeon will cut the knee open in one of several ways, all of them will cut through muscle and nerves. You may have a numb spot forever, but that isn't too bad.
Avatar f tn Although the pain doesn't show up when I poke or touch my knee, I can duplicate the pain when my knee is slightly bent and I press below the knee cap and rub to the painward side while still pressing. I almost thought it was a chipped bone at first, but now (because of the above) I think it is a collection of fluid and the pain is from the fluid trying to migrate to an area of muscle or tissue that doesn't want to separate. Some of you may be aware of how powerful hydraulic pressure can be.
Avatar f tn His knee-cap is in 2 pieces, a smaller one on the outer part of the knee-cap and the main knee-cap. What worked for you? They are suggesting a complete cast from hip to heel for 6 weeks to "settle" it down. Then, surgery to remove the smaller separate bone if this doesn't help the pain. I'd love to hear your stories. Thank you in advance.
1733156 tn?1310301457 He did say thou that he thinks my muscle mass around my knee was really bad practically no muscle functioning which will cause the knee to track in the wrong way. Which is why when i do any activitie my knee becomes very sore n inflamed. So he recommended exercise....i was devastated in one way because for the past 6 months ive been doing two physio sessions two hydropherapy sessions and daily exercises at home.
670987 tn?1284502386 5 weeks pregnant and like you ive had plenty of headaches along with nausea and sickness and now to top it off i started to get really bad pain in right knee cap. I left it thinking id maybe just bruised it or something without noticing but the pain spread to my left knee cap a couple of days later. I barely sleep at night as if i bend my knees in my sleep they become extremely painful and i wake up only to have to go through the agony of unstraightening them!!
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago I was coming down the stairs and my knee locked up and I got this terrible biurning pain right where my knee joint and knee cap meet on the right side. I was in agony and could hardly put any weight on my right leg because it felt like it would give out. Then after a half hour or so the pain went away and I was back to normal. It happens every once in awhiile mostly while I am coming down stairs. What could this be and what could be causing it?
Avatar n tn I've been slowly tapering off of a 15 year Methadone maintainence program for about 2 years now. Roughly dropping 5 milligrams every month or so. About a month ago my dose was at 3 mgs. At that point I really didn't feel to bad during the day although the nights were horrible due not being able to sleep. At that point I decided to just stop the meth all together, rather than prolonging the agony of dropping from 3 -2, then 2-1 etc.
Avatar n tn Please try to go to a neurologist, preferably, and see if you can start taking Gabapentin. It would be expensive I think with no insurance, but Gabapentin seems to be a life-saver for me so far.
15086443 tn?1441575126 As for taking off work, I've been off since 6/16 fora work accident where I fractured my left knee cap. It barely hurts at all as it's almost healed. I don't return to work until 9/15. I have 3 weeks left to get through the worst. My symptoms so far are pain! Not the knee, that feels great. The rest of me feels like I stepped in front of a bus. Starting to get nauseated and anxious. Like a rat running around in my head nipping my brain.
Avatar n tn i got told off by him for going to my GP in the early days who said I had an infection in my knee, He said I should have gone back to him but when I did I got no help at all. i was given Tramodol but had to stop them as they made me very naseaus and I couldnt eat and lost weight.
Avatar m tn I could put no weight on the knee after that. Went to another orthopedic doctor who said my knee cap was slightly too far to the right and so out of its groove. I used Advil, Bengay, ice, rest and got a knee brace for compression. I'm now scheduled to start physical therapy tomorrow to strengthen one muscle. I still don't think the answer to the electric jolts has been found.
Avatar m tn It is tender when I press on the bone just below the knee cap. The pain is slightly more toward the inside than dead center. I can press on what I believe is the petellar tendon without any pain. Do I need to get in to see a doctor to make sure its not a stress fracture or should I just take it easy and see what happens? I probably will not be able to avoid walking around a lot at work, unless a doctor tells me I have to stop putting weight on it or something like that.
Avatar m tn It is tender when I press on the bone just below the knee cap. The pain is slightly more toward the inside than dead center. I can press on what I believe is the petellar tendon without any pain. Do I need to get in to see a doctor to make sure its not a stress fracture or should I just take it easy and see what happens? I probably will not be able to avoid walking around a lot at work, unless a doctor tells me I have to stop putting weight on it or something like that.
Avatar n tn The pain is mostly around the knee cap and on the inside of my left knee. My right side of the knee is still numb. Could I be over doing it?
Avatar m tn It sounds complex, however, it's just medical terminology meaning that your knee cap is pulling off to the side (under load), instead of following its up and down track on the femur bone upon bending and straightening. There's also loss and splitting or cracking of the articular cartilage ( the soft cushioning protective tissue between the femur, the knee cap -patella- and the tibia bone, which are the bones involved in the knee structure).
3147730 tn?1343157621 Did you do your PT after surgery? I had surgery back in Mar 2012 for this. I had intense thearpy 2 x weekly for about 2 months. I have my full range of motion BUT like you my knee cap gets off track & I have to jerk my knee back in a quick motion or try to maunevere it until I can hear the pop. It is called an unstable knee cap. Look on line for knee excersices you can do to strengthen your knee muscles & ligaments & even the knee cap. You need thearpy, not pain management.
457721 tn?1256644398 my knee caps sit off to the side of the groove they are supposed to track in. The problem is related mostly to smaller than average knee caps. After playing sports for years...I have also worn out the ligaments that hold the patella in place. Therefore making it EXTRAORDINARILY easy for me to dislocate my knee caps. Many times all it takes is stepping off the curb. I have tried knee braces and guards...
Avatar n tn It slips out frequently but dislocated the other day. I went an orthopedist who said that my knee did not track correctly due to genetics and that I needed a complete patella realignment. He said this a major surgery in that they would have to move bone as well. I need to know if anyone else has had this surgery and how long you were in the hospital and what the recovery was like. He said it would be a tough recovery but even more so for me because I suffer from Fibromyalgia. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I did not baby my knee in the slightest and the muscles came right back since I wasn't off my knee for long. Don't forget to ICE ICE ICE!!
Avatar n tn You can look at my knee and see the presence of a lump below the knee cap towards the inside of my knee. I do not complain of pain unless it is extreme. I walked around on a torn meniscus in both knees the right one for about a year the left almost 2 years when I told my doc that it was getting bad. I am angry and hurt that the first MD did not listen to me. I told him over and over again that my knee was not hurting on the side where the prosthetic is.
Avatar f tn You don't know where that side is in space--your proprioception is off. Whether or not you slide off track is a function of cerebellar issues, I believe (ataxia). For myself, I exhibit dysmetria when I try to place my left heel on my right knee, overshooting to mid-thigh. This fits with my other neuro exam results. I don't think my body knows where my lower right leg is in space. Hope this is helpful in some way.
Avatar f tn I have Lichen Planus on both of my ankles My right ankle has large lumps in it, it is very painful and often I can not bend it My right shin feels like it is being crushed, incredibly painful I am not able to straighten my right knee at times, small lump that moves from the from of the knee cap to the back my right thigh feels like the bone is being crushed, again one of the worst pains I have ever felt My hips make a loud sharp snapping sound when I turn or use stairs, it is accompanied by a
544292 tn?1268886268 This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
589816 tn?1332980371 I feel like typing a million words a minute so I hope this makes since. Just putting all in words feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.
Avatar n tn oh and plus i have had pain in the same knee if i do certain excercises, or if i sit with my feet hanging off a chair it feels like tugging pain under my knee cap.
Avatar n tn She touched the vibrating thing to my middle finernails, knee cap area and near my ankles. She had me take three steps each on my tiptoes, heels and heel to toe. She had me touch my finger to my nose then her finger once on each side and then track her finger across, back and then up and down. She had me stand with my eyes closed. She asked me to subtract 7 from 100 which I did easily. Then she asked me to subtract 7 from 93 which I couldn't seem to do, but eventually came up with 84.
Avatar n tn Sorry this is off subject, kind of, but no doctor or website has answered this question. I have a history of knee problems. Not exactly sure what it doctor told me I had chrondromalacia, another said I had messed up alignment that made my knee caps "track" to the side a little, causing rapid wear of the tissue padding my knee cap to my leg bones (so I guess he was saying the pain came from almost bone to bone contact).