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Avatar n tn For the past several months, I have been experiencing a pain that feels as if it is generated on the tip of the bone of my right elbow, just off center of the very tip of the bone when the elbow is bent. It is continous and increases if pressure is placed on the "spot" where it hurts. In addition, I have a simular pain on the knee cap of the right leg, only occationally, most prevelent when applying pressure while climbing stairs or walking up hill.
Avatar n tn I fell onto concrete nearly two weeks ago, and I'm certain that I've broken my knee cap. I can feel the gap between the large (unbroken) section of patella and the part that has broken off. When I put my finger in the gap and bend my knee, I can feel the joint moving. I have quite a bit of fluid on the knee as well. However, the pain is not too bad, and I'm mobile (walking and doing stairs). I can fully extend my leg.
Avatar m tn Around a 8 but like any hit pain went away within 5 minutes. My knee cap has been tender ever since. Extreme sensitivity to contact of any pressure. (for example I was getting off a ladder today and my knee tapped one fo the steps) I get a sharp shooting pain, that feels like a nerve bang. Also from the center of my knee cap to the left edge of my knee is now pretty numb. Again this was roughly two weeks ago. I don't have any pain walking or running. Just on contact and the numbness.
Avatar n tn on my 14 surgery, a right knee fusion. my doctor left my knee cap in just in case I was able to get a knee replacement in the future. MY leg got infected with a MRSA ( aka the super bug) staff infection. the waited 18 months for the leg to fuse and took out the infected hardware (2 paltes and 36 screws) and started me on IV vancomyosen for 3 months. The infection healrd inside my distal femur. I have outbreaks of fever, swelling, and severe pain. I also have RSD in my right knee to top it off.
159619 tn?1499916784 hi I have been diagnosed with moderate chondropathy to the femora patella, light tendinopathy of the quadriceps and rotary tendon and also a possible discrete radial meniscus tear of the posterior horn junction of the internal meniscus. I got a cortisone injection today. I was wondering if it would be effective and would I need surgery for a possible discrete radial tear?
Avatar f tn Although the pain doesn't show up when I poke or touch my knee, I can duplicate the pain when my knee is slightly bent and I press below the knee cap and rub to the painward side while still pressing. I almost thought it was a chipped bone at first, but now (because of the above) I think it is a collection of fluid and the pain is from the fluid trying to migrate to an area of muscle or tissue that doesn't want to separate. Some of you may be aware of how powerful hydraulic pressure can be.
Avatar m tn Confirmation of the diagnosis can only be made with the help of physical examination and x-rays, MRI’s. As you mentioned, pain in the center of the knee cap while squatting could most probably be due medial meniscal tear or medial plica syndrome. Depending upon the cause treatment varies. Consult a orthopedician for further assistance.
Avatar n tn Possibilites include pre-patella bursitis, which would cause swelling in front of the knee cap or an injury inside the knee such as damage to the cartilage or even an ACL tear.
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago I was coming down the stairs and my knee locked up and I got this terrible biurning pain right where my knee joint and knee cap meet on the right side. I was in agony and could hardly put any weight on my right leg because it felt like it would give out. Then after a half hour or so the pain went away and I was back to normal. It happens every once in awhiile mostly while I am coming down stairs. What could this be and what could be causing it?
Avatar n tn I've been slowly tapering off of a 15 year Methadone maintainence program for about 2 years now. Roughly dropping 5 milligrams every month or so. About a month ago my dose was at 3 mgs. At that point I really didn't feel to bad during the day although the nights were horrible due not being able to sleep. At that point I decided to just stop the meth all together, rather than prolonging the agony of dropping from 3 -2, then 2-1 etc.
Avatar n tn Please try to go to a neurologist, preferably, and see if you can start taking Gabapentin. It would be expensive I think with no insurance, but Gabapentin seems to be a life-saver for me so far.
Avatar n tn i got told off by him for going to my GP in the early days who said I had an infection in my knee, He said I should have gone back to him but when I did I got no help at all. i was given Tramodol but had to stop them as they made me very naseaus and I couldnt eat and lost weight.
Avatar m tn It is tender when I press on the bone just below the knee cap. The pain is slightly more toward the inside than dead center. I can press on what I believe is the petellar tendon without any pain. Do I need to get in to see a doctor to make sure its not a stress fracture or should I just take it easy and see what happens? I probably will not be able to avoid walking around a lot at work, unless a doctor tells me I have to stop putting weight on it or something like that.
Avatar m tn It is tender when I press on the bone just below the knee cap. The pain is slightly more toward the inside than dead center. I can press on what I believe is the petellar tendon without any pain. Do I need to get in to see a doctor to make sure its not a stress fracture or should I just take it easy and see what happens? I probably will not be able to avoid walking around a lot at work, unless a doctor tells me I have to stop putting weight on it or something like that.
Avatar m tn I couldn't walk for the first 2 days and gradually it seems to be getting better, however I still have pain when I bend my knee all the way or put pressure on my knee when my leg is bent (i.e. an activity like walking up or down stairs). My knee cap is still a little swollen and has minor bruising. I don't think I did any soft tissue damage, because I didn't hit it anywhere there would be ligaments /tendons connecting to my patella.
3147730 tn?1343157621 Did you do your PT after surgery? I had surgery back in Mar 2012 for this. I had intense thearpy 2 x weekly for about 2 months. I have my full range of motion BUT like you my knee cap gets off track & I have to jerk my knee back in a quick motion or try to maunevere it until I can hear the pop. It is called an unstable knee cap. Look on line for knee excersices you can do to strengthen your knee muscles & ligaments & even the knee cap. You need thearpy, not pain management.
701160 tn?1228417123 My Brusa sack on top of the knee cap is swollen again for me. However its swollen more towards the left of the knee rather then the center. About 3 years ago My bursa swelled up due to constant friction of the knee rubbing againts a wrestling gym mat. It was swollen and very irritable/stinging to the touch. The bursa eventually popped and I had to get my knee drained. Right now the Bursa just seems to be swollen.
Avatar m tn It was nothing traumatic other than being kicked below the knee causing a contusion to my shin and then started causing pain in my upper knee. After several months off, with no soccer and only minimal rehabing in the training room (due to mass amount of swelling and pain) a surgeon scoped my knee in November and took out 2-3 plica and a ton of scar tissue. After three weeks of healing and feeling great, the same pain as before came back except for more intense.
Avatar m tn Then she ordered an EKG and that I was told was perfect, She made me sit there and I told her about the burning down the side of my thigh to knee cap, she took a little hammer and smacked around my knee cap, I dont know what this should have done but it did nothing, I mean sure if felt it but my leg didnt pull back or anything She then asked me to stand after I told her my head goes numb, my arms, shoulders, upper back, chest, down my sides and down in too my belly, She put her fingers on m
Avatar n tn A recent x-ray showed medial problems, and patella femoral pain, knee cap is hypermobile and they want to give my Synvisc, since I still have cartilage. Problem, I may need cortisone first according to my insurance, but I am considering the Synvisc----what do these shots fell like, I have heard horror stories........are they really that painful? I am currently in pt, taking Celebrex, icing and modifying my exercise routine.
Avatar n tn I'm now looking at having a piece of cadaver cartilage put in the back of my knee cap later this summer and starting rehab once again. Has anyone had something like this????
Avatar n tn You can look at my knee and see the presence of a lump below the knee cap towards the inside of my knee. I do not complain of pain unless it is extreme. I walked around on a torn meniscus in both knees the right one for about a year the left almost 2 years when I told my doc that it was getting bad. I am angry and hurt that the first MD did not listen to me. I told him over and over again that my knee was not hurting on the side where the prosthetic is.
Avatar f tn Well my fall resulted in jammed up wrists. One was broken and a cracked knee cap and torn acl and meniscus damage. That injury resulted in me getting my own pain pills. Now we had a double supply. At that time i would take 10-20 Loratabs a day. Along with any other pill i.could score. I loved the way the pills covered all my pain. Both emotional.and physical. Well three surgeries later. I wound up in pain management. I was already addicted. Bad.
511409 tn?1373398778 Then went on Suboxone for a year and slowly tapered down (during that time I'd cracked my knee cap too! crappy!)...that was last year. This year I went back to school...studying to be a drug and alcohol counselor....I've gotten sick heaps and also got diagnosed with ADHD...oh joy! It's been hard but I only have about 5 weeks left of classes :) This time last year i never would have thought I'd be where i am now. So when i say I rekon you'll do it....i do believe it! Are you doing cold turkey?
Avatar m tn I play soccer and Frisbee again and I have no pain in my knee. I would recommend you find a rec center with a grass field and run around it a few times barefoot to see how it feels. Running on grass feels good and you don't have to worry about getting cut. Make sure you read about proper running form, and put those lessons to use. Even if you don’t go barefoot, proper form is important. TAKE IT SLOW.
Avatar n tn She touched the vibrating thing to my middle finernails, knee cap area and near my ankles. She had me take three steps each on my tiptoes, heels and heel to toe. She had me touch my finger to my nose then her finger once on each side and then track her finger across, back and then up and down. She had me stand with my eyes closed. She asked me to subtract 7 from 100 which I did easily. Then she asked me to subtract 7 from 93 which I couldn't seem to do, but eventually came up with 84.
1460021 tn?1445739558 I was in and out of consciousness on my bean bag while my parents packed my belongings because I simply couldn't stay awake. I came back home a very broken girl....last year in May....I cracked my knee cap (the knee I had 2 previous surgeries on)...and put on 50 kilos. This year....has been massive....and very hard at times....but now I see who I really am. I feel like I can do ANYTHING.
Avatar f tn However, limping due to knee injury and the use of a cane caused my body to be thrown off balance, the other knee cap to start hurting because of excessive pressur on it, a tennis elbow which hurts me terribly, and eventually pains in shoulder and neck on side that I used cane. I started going to the chiropractor to help me relieve the pains in my body and to heal.
515698 tn?1211493123 ( I must be to nice) Now when I get out and get to hot ,not even sweating , Rt foot again (ugg) my great toe pulls up to touch my knee cap , while trying to rip the bones out of my lower leg and at the same time my other toe try to greet my heel. OMG it is so painful ! I literally expect to see the bones in my calf to just snap right out of the skin. I stand on something round in the arch of my foot and DH tries to rub it. After a while it calms down but still hurts.
Avatar n tn A week later I developed and still have tightness of chest, cough (sometimes productive), shortness of breath, a noticable new reddish brown dime sized bruise on left leg below knee-cap off to the side (I pressed on it and does not get lighter, slight tenderness when pressed and it is not raised). Took my temperature. 98.2 at around midnight. Around 10am next morning it was at 98.8. Also want to note that I occasionally shave my penis to remove hair from shaft. Apply shaving lotion after.