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Avatar n tn Use ice whenever possible and take Advil or other anti-inflamms. Also, knee braces work wonderfully. Go to your local drug store and buy a good one. Try it out by wearing it for a few days and see if it gives you any relief from the pain. Another thing that might help your pain is if you ask for and get a steroid injection directly into your knee joint. It can usually relieve pain for about a month or so. Bottom line is, though...
645800 tn?1466860955 So now I can finally put my pants on, but I then have to pull the legs up above the bottom of the knee braces as the top of the AFO attaches over the bottom of the knee braces. Of course the AFOs attach with Velcro straps as well and they stick to everything as well. Finally the struggle to get the pants legs down again past the AFOs. So far the fastest I have been able to do this is around 10 minutes. Oh and getting undressed is just as involved. So is all of this worth it?
5770739 tn?1382315166 well they had an in store coupon to save an additional $2.00 per pack and I had a Huggies manufactured coupon for another $3.00 off which made the diapers be $3.99 a pack!!!! Needless to say I racked up on diapers today! I thought I would share this with all the mommies on here :) if any of you want the link to where you get the $3.00 Huggies manufacted coupon I will galdly send it to you!!
Avatar f tn I havr been using target. You are able to use target coupons with manufacturer coupon, plus their cartwheel (coupon app) and the Target debit card savings.
4268628 tn?1375041176 If you take in an old or expired big box item (carseat, bed, high chair, swing, etc) to the store they will give you a coupon towards another big box item.
Avatar m tn Normally it was like $6 per bag, so she got 2 bags for $6, plus she had a manufacturers coupon for 1 dollar off for this particular item. In fact, each thing they got in the store had a similar situation. If it wasn't on sale, she had a coupon. If she didn't have a coupon, she bought the lowest priced item on the shelf, bypassing brand names. She sent another person out with the same list of things to get, but told them to "shop" without concern to price.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies know of any good coupon sites or anything that would help out on diapers or anything?
9137321 tn?1402710290 Most stores have double coupon day, so go that day. For example, I had a coupon for $1 off toddlers motts apple juice. It was on sale for $2. My coupon doubled to $2, so it was free. I had 5 coupons and the store limit was 5 so I got 5 juices for free. It takes a little work, but is awesome. Also watch target for their diaper and formula deals! Usually they have buy 2 get a $10-15 gift card. Good luck! I usually get everything I need and save about 60-80%.
Avatar n tn I know this is not a question but i found this site so helpful so i just want to share a coupon i got from a friend's company staff discount. Its an online cosmetic contact lens store and i got a 15% discount code. I bought some last week and it was pretty good and not too expensive. I don't know how long the coupon is going to last so if you guys want any, better act fast. Website: Coupon Code: oneeight86clor23 Cheers!
Avatar f tn I have arthritis in my knee and in my left foot - but think it is also now in my hip. I was taking percocet for pain but have tried to get off them as I feel I was getting addicted. Right now I am looking for advice - the bottom of my left foot hurts and aches... is there anything you can put in your shoes or on your foot to lessen the pain? It's not swollen, and I don't really want a store bought insert because then it makes it too high for my foot.
Avatar n tn Yes what you do is find yourself a fairy in your area these are ladies that get their coupon inserts in bulk. Or you can go to the dollar store and buy your Sunday paper. If your starting you can buy 4 to 10 newspapers. It's cheaper if you find someone that gets the inserts. You clip your coupons (your case diaper coupons) you look at the adds and then go get them. Best places to get diapers is cvs and target. Usually you can use 4 like coupons. Good luck.
Avatar f tn He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap. It has been several weeks now and his pain is back he still has a little swelling but now both his knees hurt. He wears a brace on both his knees now. He has trouble getting up if he has to get down on the ground for something. We are not sure what to do now because both doctors has told him all his test look fine.
7615538 tn?1392668171 when u go shoping remember the coupon policy and pay attention to any extra sales in store . calculate how many for how much with ur coupon discount. This was someones response to this earlier.
4966610 tn?1362054308 I have a toy/mini poodle named Shadow who is over 12 years old. He weighs 12.5 lbs. He has several serious medical issues including a luxating patella (trick knee) on his right rear leg. Because of his age, and his medical condition, I don't want to chance surgery to repair this as there is more of a risk of fatality from surgery and or anesthesia as he gets older. Unless there is some dire need for surgery, I am looking for a non surgical solution for this problem.
Avatar n tn Ooh that's good! Discount!!
Avatar f tn There are usually "loss leaders" in every store...advertised items the store is willing to take a loss on, in order to get you in the store where you will usually buy other items that are not marked down. I look for those as often as I can, and try to buy store brand whenever possible.
Avatar f tn The lady also said I could go shopping and the cashier could call the registry phone number and they could manually take the 15% off. When I asked the customer service people in the store, they had never heard of the coupon being emailed or being able to call to get the discount. They told me the coupon always comes in the mail. It's getting frustrating.
3828469 tn?1358462325 Walgreens has coupons called register rewards and coupon magazine type things. You hey then atthe front of the store and you can use them at Walmart.
165078 tn?1255606407 FYI - Toys R Us Stinks - I saved my coupon that clearly states 20% off any baby item so that I could go purchase a $320.00 Playhouse for dd. I also purchased batteries for this playhouse and they took the 20% off the batteries not the playhouse. Said the playhouse (which is for 18months - 3 years) is not a baby item. More of a toddler item. I said excuse me are you telling me that 18 month old is a todder - well no but the coupon does not cover that.
Avatar m tn hi im bowlegged to and im 14 i went to the doctors because of my joint pain and he told me they could fix it so i too matters into my own hands and i found out there are knee braces that can help correct bowlegs im am not sure if they work properly because im still wating for mine to arrive so i hope they work and i hope this helped!
Avatar n tn We just did the same thing. Our youngest is 9. I got my crib, changing table, swing, bouncy chair all off of Craigslist. We did buy our car seat and stroller brand new but just waited until the one we wanted was on sale. I started stocking up on diapers and wipes early on but only bought them when they were on sale and I had a coupon (two coupons if buying from Target-1 manufacturer & 1 store coupon).
Avatar f tn Also, some stores will allow you to use a STORE coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on ONE item. Finally, some stores will accept competitor coupons. I used all of these tricks this past weekend and cashed in over $30 in coupons total. I am NOT a coupon diva, but I sure felt like one this weekend! I was able to get Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo AND lotion, 3 packs of wipes, and a bag of Huggies diapers ALL for under $10 total!
Avatar m tn Hence first physical therapy is started. Other treatments include knee caps and braces, taping the patella to reduce friction, anti inflammatory drugs, custom designed foot wear to correct arch problems if any and rest to the knee joint. Please discuss these treatment options with your specialist. You probably need an initial period of rest for the knee (maybe strapping it in braces) followed by physical therapy. Take care!
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee in April this year, went to the hospital and they popped it back in. It took from April to July for me to recover, with different knee braces and pysico. A week after getting discharged from the hospital in July, my knee dislocated again however this time it popped back in by itself, it took until September for it to be fixed. I just got discharged from physio last week (November).
973741 tn?1342342773 I am not any type of extreme couponer. However, I do my best to use coupons and search the sale ads hitting a few different grocery stores. I like when I look at that bill and saved $5, $10, or $15. I would like to attend a couponing class for extra help. I get my coupons in the paper, and have also asked an elderly neighbor if she would be willing to give me any she doesn't need. I flip through the ads, only pull sheets that have coupons I will actually use, pitch the rest on the spot.
7923170 tn?1412999504 Old Navy has great selections of maternity wear and they are always on sale.
233622 tn?1279334905 I am not sure what AFO stands for but they are braces that go from just under my knee down under my foot. They are for foot drop and help support my legs and hips. They are not bad but it makes wearing shorts or a dress not as attractive as it used to be.