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Avatar f tn In 2004, I injured my knee playing sports. They found it to be a large medial meniscus tear. I wore a brace for a long while and things seemed to be looking up, however it is now 5 years later and i don't particularly enjoy wearing my brace but i still have problems with it. Sometimes it will just lock up and i feel like i can't move my leg. What are my treatment options to prevent this from plaguing me forever?
Avatar m tn However, this is not due to something physically interfering with the movement of that knee. This is called a pseudo-lock. Hence you may need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact cause. It is good you are giving knee ample rest by wearing braces. Also, do not put much weight on it until you are able to consult your specialist. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar m tn I read "I bought a knee brace for work, and sports. It is like elastaprene, or something. It works well keeping my knee stable (ACL injury). But it makes my skin have a rash. Is there another style material brace I could buy that would not make my skin have a rash? " But no answer. Is there any solution?
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999692 tn?1250637950 d need surgery to fix it. I need a knee brace and to do strengthening exercises so I can still hike, bike, and run. Any suggestions on braces that can withstand such abuse?
1324871 tn?1288981706 I was on crutches for a couple of weeks.I have had problems with my knee locking up for years ever since.It will lock up on me and I have to roll from side to side to get it to unlock.Could this injury back then be causing my knee pain now? My pain is in my kneecap and when I try to walk it's excruciating. Any advice would be appreciated .
Avatar f tn I blew my left knee 1yr ago and had knee surgery and it is not recovered yet, so I wear a knee brace everyday on that. The ortho gives me Cort shot every 6 months or so but that only helps a little.... I hope that they make a DX soon b/c I am scared to death. I don't feel like myself anymore, I fell 100 years old and am only 36..
Avatar f tn Is it o.k. to wear a knee brace that also covers the vaiacose vein in my shin. without the brace I have pain in my knee cap & not sure if any pain is from the varicose vein. it does feel better with the brace on But will it do harm to the varicose vein?
Avatar f tn I used to play a lot of soccer and have not in years, but I remember having knee and ankle pain quite often, enough so that I frequently wore knee braces and wrapped both ankles. I now play golf, and after playing one day I noticed some knee pain. There was no specific incident or sudden onset of pain - it just gradually appeared. I also started hearing more popping noises than usual, but now it hurt and I felt movement.
Avatar f tn I am bit confused whether meniscus is really torn or not as am able to walk and bend knee more than 50 degree. I have never came across stituations of knee bukling or lock. In sleep I awake as I feel very much akward and tired in straight sleeping poster to keep left leg striaght.
Avatar f tn My son destroyed an ACL playing football -- he lives a normal life without one, but uses an orthopaedic knee brace when he runs or plays sports.
Avatar f tn The condition is mostly the reason I will become wheelchair bound, lasting for a few (3-5) days. Occasionally I am able to perform a stationary task without discomfort, but if I attempt to move around, I lock up and twist again. Quite a few times it has caused me to fall. The spasms and involuntary "jerks" and twitches have become more violent and frequent.
Avatar m tn He also suggested waiting as long as possible for knee replacement so hopefully the brace helps- he did say there were more specialized Patella support braces available also- Can you recommend any if this one seems to help the situation???
645800 tn?1466860955 Yesterday I finally got my new foot brace for my right foot ( called a toe off) . Right from the start it felt so weird walking with it on. Probably mostly because my foot has been dropping and turning in for such a long time that I had gotten somewhat use to it. It is made of carbon fiber material and goes all the way up my shin to just below my knee.
Avatar m tn The knee started feeling around 80% better about 3 days ago. I wore knee brace every day even to sleep, 2 days ago I changed to a more comfortable brace with those metal hinges on sides, also slept with it. My current issue/question, is 2 days ago I woke up with a swollen ankle and pain when putting leg down to walk. I don't remember any sprain in ankle at all, I had just walked a theme park the night before with no ankle issue or even the knee felt great.
Avatar f tn thanks for your reply, I was also wondering do you think they would follow the same steps as last time regarding the surgery?? like six weeks on crutches again but no knee brace again or would they maybe change it?
Avatar f tn See your chiropractor, seriously, I have a knee that does that, he works on it and it is fine. In the mean time, try wearing a knee brace to give it support.
486038 tn?1300063367 Wha is THAT? Sounds like an alien to me. The NYU doctor said I needed one on my foot to help with my walking... and so I said "ok". This is a brace right? Because he was talking about a brace too. Just making sure!
Avatar f tn Ok I gave in. I'm back. I talked to my neurologist several months back about pain in my left leg. She didn't think that it was MS related. I forgot why. My GP hasn't found anything wrong with me. My vitamin D was a little low again - shocker. So I upped my Vitamin D intake to see if it would make a difference. Well I still have chronic pain in my left leg.
Avatar f tn I have no reflex in my right knee and I was thinking about getting a brace for it. Anyone have similar problems and used a brace?
957414 tn?1246670050 I went down right away and felt pain in my left knee. Both sides of my knee were a little bit swollen, and I could not bend my knee all the way back. In addition, if I put pressure on the sides of my knee, it hurts and this was after swelling went down. I was able to bear my full weight on my injuried leg without pain at all. I have since then put on a brace to limit my knee movement with icing and elevation.
Avatar n tn Got all the pills and drained right knee. If its not better he has to cut.
Avatar m tn t really wear the brace all of the time. Each evening after I have my dinner I take off the brace because I don't do much walking after that. But I have noticed that after wearing the brace all day I can walk around my house without any tripping. I think this is because my leg has not gotten worn out during the day and eliminated the foot drop from being tired.