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Avatar m tn we just adopted a kitten and she is just hideing and don't want to go to her food bowl is this normal or what help.
874521 tn?1424120397 so I've not written about this kitten, mainly because I am really unsure even yet if I can keep her....?? On Saturday Nov. 1st on a FB page I read of a woman dumping 2 kittens in an alley not far from my place....I went out and after a few hours of searching I found 2 very tiny hungry kittens about 7-8 weeks old, someone I sorta know took the male kitten and I brought home the female with all intentions of taking her to the spca the following Monday....well that was 11 days ago....
6295034 tn?1381172901 He's on PURINA Veterinary Diet Feline NF Renal Function which is a pate like food, not dry.
Avatar f tn oh margy dry food is so second rate for kitties.....ANY brand of a wet food is better... however I do agree sharing a can doesn't sound like much do they weigh? feed a min of twice a day , preferably 3-4x and make sure they aren't wanting more after finishing what you give...those small cans a kitten should be eating a very minimum of 1 can per day each, perhaps more? been so long since I've had a kitten...
599616 tn?1219708208 You said the kitten is well fed, right? She probably isn't eating because you're most likely not feeding her what she is used to eating. Some cats will reject food changes. Cats are creatures of habit and hate it when something changes. About the constant meowing, she is probably still calling her mother or previous owners. When I adopted my cat he was still living with his brothers. That night I brought him home we couldn't sleep. The cat kept crying all night long and the next morning.
Avatar f tn Ok, the tricky thing now, though, is that our older cat was on an older cat diet, but if I put the kitten stuff out, he's eating it! So, I may have to just let that happen- because if I put the adult food out, the kitten eats that one! How do you all do it with two different aged cats in the house?
Avatar n tn After about 5 days she began throwing up her food. Not immediately after eating, but around 4 hours or so later, we also noticed that she was not having a bowel movement. I took her to the vet and they took an x-ray which showed she was full of food. They gave her an enema, which helped for that day, however she threw up again later in the day.
Avatar n tn After about 5 days she began throwing up her food. Not immediately after eating, but around 4 hours or so later, we also noticed that she was not having a bowel movement. I took her to the vet and they took an x-ray which showed she was full of food. They gave her an enema, which helped for that day, however she threw up again later in the day.
Avatar n tn No it's not normal at all for a kitten to be sleeping a lot and not eating. That is not good at all. Kittens DO sleep, but they are usually full of energy and playful and they should be eating a lot because they are growing quickly. In my opinion, your kitty needs help ASAP. Please don't let this go! I would call the rescue center and ask them to reexamine the kitten-also ask if he's been dewormed. Or if they won't reexamine him, take him to a vet.
Avatar f tn My kitten he's only 10weeks old he hurt his back leg and is lumping he was fine on it yesterday running around for about 5minutes, he wouldn't get up 2 eat he's not even moving 2 go for his food and today he was shaking and still not going for his food, and all he's doing is lying down but not going sleep. Just wanna know if I should take him 2 the vets or should I just keep a eye on him?
Avatar n tn I got a kitten about 5 days ago.Wasnt exactly sure of his age but he was eating wet food,used the litter box and would play.Then the other morning I picked him up and he was meowing but his body was completely limp.He died within the hour.He seemed completely fine when we went to bed the night before.Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Ok my kitten is appx 8 weeks it is an orphan and its belly is swollen its eating moist food and drinking water its eyes r not blue idk what i should do help
Avatar n tn He seemed to be eating okay but has had bad diarhea for the past week. He has never been a playful kitten since the first two days we had him. He now weighs a mere 1.4 lbs! He seems to be doing okay with food and water, but obviously, is having diarhea problems now. The vet gave him an iron shot and the kitten is perked up a little bit. He seems to think he may have an internal problem where he does not process food properly. Why was he fine, then, before we got him. P.S.
Avatar n tn I am worried since she does not seem like a normal buzzing around kitten. Eating Felidae wet food and Purina dry. She seems to drink lots of water too. How long is recovery for an emaciated kitten and what are their symptoms or demeaner like? Can you shed any light on care, things to watch out for, normal weight gain, or anything?!?!
Avatar f tn I received the kitten as a bottle fed kitten and transitioned her to eating royal canin wet kitten food. At first the kitten was producing no stool at all the some must stools that wouldn't come all the way out of her behind and wound up becoming matted in her coat. I brought her to the local petsmart vet who gave her fluids under the skin and a oral laxitive. 2 days later i saw no results, just a straining kitty.
1356964 tn?1302091035 He acts completely normal, active, great appetite, drinks adequately(more when his poo is runny and he goes more often)he is growing, putting on weight, no vomiting. So, I am giving him Blue holistic dry kitten food for the time being, I did not like the Iams which was suggested simply because of the corn products in it and I tried canned Iams kitten food but it only made his stool worse so we are sticking to dry right now until a later time.
5946774 tn?1389191535 So about 3 weeks ago I rescued a kitten that I found in a box by the trash he's now 10 weeks and crazy attached to me. My husband is the one who feeds him because I hate the smell of his wet food, he changes his litter, and plays with him a lot more since he bites and scratches as kittens often do yet he is so attached to me. He never leaves my side not even when I go potty or shower. He waits by the door whenever I go out and he has to sleep right next to me or else he starts to cry.
Avatar f tn my kitten is drooling,gets cold and low crawls and seems not to know when she is on the edge of something.She also acts as though she cant see food that's in-front of her face. She gets better after shes on an anti biotic for a week then right back to the same symptoms,We've gone through this process 2 to 3 times now.Shes had several tests done and we still cant figure it out.Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong?
Avatar m tn Hi Mom, I would try and find a emergency Vet clinic and take her today. A kitten is so fragile and if she is throwing up and not eating that is not good. She probably will need IV fluids. She also needs to be checked for a fever and infection. . Lets face it she has a tiny little body and there is a lot going on with it. The combination of things IMO warrants an emergency stop. , but that is just me. Good luck to you and your baby!
228686 tn?1211558307 have to laugh at beatingthis' comment...almost same here. stray cat kept appearing...IT was so skinny that i felt bad for her and bought her some food. i dont think this cat had EVER seen a human or had any human contact. well...after a year...i can finally "touch" her...but only while she's eating...she loves for me to rub her head while she's eating. when i'm outside...she follows me around and stays nearby...but if i DARE approach her, she takes off like a bat out of hell.
Avatar n tn When the kitten is 3 to 4 weeks old you will feel teeth coming through, and at that point, you can start to introduce them to canned kitten food, but milk replacer should still be the main dish on the menu. You can slowly switch them from milk to solid food over the course of a few weeks, and by the time they are about 8 weeks old they can eat normal kitten food.
Avatar f tn a thirty pound wooden leaf for my table fell on my kitten will he be ok?
Avatar n tn Prescription diets are intended for use in specific illness - although they are complete diets. I would not want a young growing kitten eating a restricted diet. IAMS is fine for the kitten and I would make sure they eat their own diet by space restrictions. I.E. feed the kitten and or 14 year old in separate rooms. You can also simply supervise them and guide kitty to her food. There should be no hard in short term sampling, but again I would not want this to be her main intake.
Avatar f tn If you're feeding him canned food, it just might be that he's getting enough moisture in the food to control his thirst. If he's eating dry food, I don't know what the explanation is, but if he IS eating only dry food, you need to do something to try to entice him to drink. Maybe buy him some of that Cat Milk that they sell in the little cardboard "juice boxes" in the pet aisle of the grocery store, or make him some beef or chicken buillon, anything to get him to drink.
Avatar f tn just an additional note to whats already been said, I'm glad you are soaking the dry kibble, however what I would like to see her have is canned food, make sure its 'kitten food' with all the extra calories....the canned food is so superior to the dry, even if its not a high quality canned its still superior.!!!! It would be easier for her to eat and digest..
Avatar f tn Of course, there is a limit, and like one of my cats, they could stop eating and drinking altogether after a certain period of time of not eating. Has she even asked for food at all? So it could very well be she didn't like the change. Cats are fastidious creatures of habit. But, it could also be that she has health problems. Whatever the problem is your vet will tell you if she there is anything wrong with her.
203342 tn?1328740807 That's what I've started to do and they're not eating it all but then again I still have dry food out. My vet told me to ease into it and taper off the dry food. I'll give this all a try! Thanks everybody!
3218865 tn?1346950951 my 4 yr old male cat gets human food but still eats his own he is trained to sit and wait until we are done eating and he gets to lick the plate or the remainder of our milk from cereal he has no problem still eating his own food, but my kitten will fight me the hole time were eating i do NOT give her human food sense ive noticed she will not eat cat food, she wont eat the hard food so i tried canned food she wont eat that either and i cant just let the poor baby starve she needs to eat how can
Avatar f tn My little 9 week old kitten Jazz is mad, he is running around, eating wet food fine and seems normal. He went to the toilet (for a number 2) a day and a half ago and i noticed there was a bit of blood that followed after. Since then he has not gone for a poo. Do you think this is constipation? and the blood was from straining to hard? I read giving them a bit of cod liver oil in their food would help from constipation is this right? Advice needed!!!! Cheers P.S. He has been wormed.