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Avatar n tn Mid 20s, have developed mild pain in testicles, groin and lower left ab over the past week/week and a half. Pain has been persistent and nagging, but manageable (able to walk miles at a time with little pain). No noticeable lumps, either... Any ideas?
Avatar n tn some days i sleep three hours, other months twelve hours sleep days with unusual patterns that do not fit a time schedule. i may also have something called restless leg syndrome. i shake my leg a lot before sleep due to the feeling of tense inner strain in my ankles and wrists. i always thought of the shaking as due to my liking to be rocked to sleep by myself but now realize it could be due to low iron. thalassemics have low iron. i also had a psychotic break at age 20.
Avatar n tn I eat fruit, veggies, chicken and fish. I do not binge, I do not skip workouts, I do not drink and I do not eat fried foods of any kind. I did not cut out carbs completely but I no longer eat potato chips, sandwiches, rolls, bisquits, etc. Twice a month I treat myself to ice cream. I HAVE NOT LOST ONE POUND. In July I came off the beta blocker. Still no results. I weigh the same now as I did when I was eating ice cream, cheese burgers, chicken wings and fries, for God sakes !!!!
Avatar n tn caused me low back pain, sciatica, tingling in my ankles, toe and lower leg. After reading Sarno, my pain is GONE and I'm not alone. Just check out all the people who have posted comments about Sarno on Amazon. com's book site. Also, do a search for Sarno on Wikipedia and open the link provided by ABC News 20/20 and John Stossel. Sarno helped him after 15 years of back pain. Forget the surgery. Forget the drugs. Get pain-free. Get your life back. Read Dr. Sarno!!
Avatar m tn The sensation occurs throughout my entire body, no area is exempt from this sensation, and it seems to be completely random, at times I'll feel it on my arm, then my face, then leg, then arm again, etc, no pattern. The sensation "goes away" once I touch the area (either itch it, brush at it as if there WAS a bug I am brushing off, slap it, or touch it in any way...) I've heard that various forms of dry skin, or minor allergic reactions to soaps could produce such a problem...
Avatar n tn Was negative and today doctor take my blood test and is negative too. But i'm feeling all kind of symptoms Bloating, cramps in my abdomen and leg cramps, difficulty in sitting, nausea, breast tenderness, all my veins being visible, dizziness, some headache..but the doctor asked me to take pills so that i could have my period..i said no. I want to wait till i'm sure. Please somebody tell me Still i could be pregnant.
Avatar n tn Since have weakened. Possibly because of less workouts! Also I suggest staying away from ALL alcohol. I believe this had an adverse effect! Also had sex a few times about a week ago! Don't kno if this helped or hurted the situation! Erection quality during sex was maybe a little better than before.