Kidney stones while pregnant

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Avatar n tn My cousin had kidney stones while pregnant. Doc said lots of water. It's very painful to pass a stone as I understand it. Good luck and feel better!
Avatar f tn My doctor has offered to induce me at 39 weeks because she thinks I need evaluated, but they can't do much while I'm pregnant. Has anyone else struggled with kidney stones? Does anyone have any tips for relief until I deliver? I don't particularly want to induce, but I need some relief!
Avatar f tn I just found out I have kidney stones and I'm almost 18 weeks . any body get kidney stones while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Iv had afew kidney stones in the past and it is n absoulte living hell. When i first found out i was pregnant i would joke like " watch im gonna get one while im pregnant" well its no laughing matter now that im 17 weeks and pretty damn shure i have one. Less sever then the previous ones but i do fear it becoming more question is, does anyone know what they do for them during pregnancy? Befor they just threw a script of percs at me and idpass it on my own.
7019649 tn?1396796117 Anybody else have them? I'm 34 weeks, and they feel much worse while pregnant than while not. The pain meds make me dizzy and nauseous, but I still am in a lot of pain. How do you cope? The doctor said I could go back in the hospital until they pass and/or have a stent put in, but I'd rather not....
Avatar n tn I can sympathize! I got kidney stones while pregnant too! It was terrible. I though I was having a tubal pregnancy or something. I never dreamed being a 25 year old female, I was having a kidney stone! I finally passed it or get it settled after several days of hurting and had no other problems while pregnant. I got another one though after my baby was around 6 months old and it was terrible again!
Avatar f tn I had a bout with stones 2 years ago, but not while was the worst pain I've ever experienced!!!! I've had 3 c-sections and that wasn't even close to how painful those silly little stones were...feeling for you hun...I honestly never even knew kidney stones were something u had a higher chance of getting while pregnant until this pregnancy...I've been a little nervous worrying abt getting them this time around...only 8 wks, 5dys left until my c-section, so hopefully they stay away..
Avatar n tn I started developing stones because of hyperparathyroidism and developed 28 kidney stones. My urologist did analyse the stones and placed me on dyazide (dieretic) to keep my kidneys flushed. It worked! I was on the dyazide for many years and never had any problems and the stones stopped forming and some of them actually got smaller. Others, I did have to pass the hard way but mine would often take longer than two-three days of pure pain and suffering.
Avatar f tn ) and yes they said drink plenty of water which is odd cause I have no history of kidney stones but since I found out I was pregnant I drink a lot of water constant thru out the day and I have favored lemon aid I don't ever drink soda or any caffeine so I think mine might be from calcium as well. They are going to analyze the stone so I'm hoping to know more later. One thing I will say is I give major propes to Anyone who has had to pass a stone- by far the worst pain I have ever felt!
Avatar f tn It's been three weeks since my diagnosis of having multiple kidney stones on the right side. The Radiologist who gave me my stat results said I would pass them and didnt think straining my urine was something I needed to do. I finally got in to see my urologist he was upset I wasn't straining and wanted me to have surgery since I will be undergoing IVF treatments in March. I agreed because I don't want to deal with flare up while pregnant.
Avatar f tn With my last pregnancy i had such bad kidney stones that they were blocking my ureter (the tube going from your kidney to your bladder) which caused all the urine on my left side to be stuck in my kidney i got really bad hydronephrosis (excessive swelling of the kidney) and had to have a stent placed 4 times while pregnant to let the urine flow correctly again!
Avatar f tn 20am I was rushed to the ER from sudden back pain that was unbearable I was so scared for my baby.. Came to the conclusion it's kidney stones and I became more terrified because there's not many pain killers they could give me other than tylenol and morphine, so about the last one I asked if it was ok for my baby, first they said not sure!!
Avatar f tn I am having a lithroscopy to break up kidney stones a stent may have to be put in place in order that the stones can pass. I have read and heard how uncomfortable this can be and are there other options to having a stent put in place.
Avatar f tn Any moms have experience with kidney stones while pregnant. Were you induced early or allowed to go as normal??
Avatar m tn Hello, Since the kindey stone is 7 mm, so the symptoms seem unrelated to the kidney stones. Since you are having pedal or leg edema, hence your cardiac, liver and kidney functions need to be assessed for which I suggest you to consult a physician immediately. Abdominal causes like irritable bowel syndrome can also cause such symptoms. Common symptoms include abdominal cramping or pain, bloating and gassiness, and altered bowel habits(alternate constipation and loose stools).
Avatar f tn My older sister had kidney stones while pregnant- she said it was pretty difficult, but I don't recall if she had anything that helped. I do hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I don't see why they still wouldn't do the surgery if you absolutely needed it done I had an appendectomy while I was 11 weeks pregnant with my son
463595 tn?1334000822 And thats mean that I either have a stone or I just past it. I have a history of calcium kidney stones and I know it is easier to get them while pregnant . Is there anything but drinkking plenty of water that you would recomend?
Avatar f tn Im curious if there are any known natural remedies that are safe to flush out a stone while pregnant. This is very painful and I'm hoping will be over soon.
Avatar n tn I am 14 weeks Pregnant and have a kidney stone. I am taking dilauldid and am very concerned about my unborn child. I am told there is nothing I can do for the stone excpet take the medication.
Avatar f tn So I have been in and out of the hospital since Christmas with kidney stones on both sides, I am 31w+1d. First my option was to monitor it and hopefully they pass on their own, no luck so far an now my white blood count is high so they want to do surgery to put in to stents the drain the kidneys preventing inflammation an pain . The only thing is I will have to have them until the baby is born an then they will deal with the stones.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have really bad kidney stones my doctor prescribed me antibiotics and pain pills :-( I don't like taking the pain pill they make me sick and I don't feel like it is healthy for my baby.. Has any one been through this while pregnant?? I go back to work in 3 weeks and there's no way I can work with this much kidney pain!!
Avatar n tn I am 21 weeks pregnant and went to the hospital a few days ago in severe pain. Ultrasound revealed that I had water around my kidney and a blockage, which was caused by a kidney stone. I was given an epidural and a stent was inserted, which alleviated my immediate pain. I am now home, and the stent is very uncomfortable; I cannot do any activities because of the pinching and aching it is causing me. I was not given any pain medication or was even told what to expect.