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Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar n tn For low back pain and abdominal pain, conditions like kidney infections, urinary tract stones, appendicitis, spine disorders have to be ruled out. Seek consult with your primary physician for a complete assessment and diagnostic tests.A warm compress over the area and OTC analgesics may be able to help temporarily. Do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn It is good at helping the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins, helps with muscle and joint problems, and it can help precipitate crystals in joints (from arthritis), as well as help disolve gall stones and kidney stones. I have a few books on it, including one with a lot of recipes, and it is widely talked about on the web (using a web search). The best kind is the unpasteurized, raw ACV with the "mother" (enzymes). It is safe to drink as it kills bacteria and many viruses.
Avatar n tn so erm does foamy urine onli mean kidney damage or any other things??
Avatar f tn I know you have had tests done but did any of them look at your left kidney? What are the symptoms of kidney stones? Kidney stones often do not cause any symptoms. Usually, the first symptom of a kidney stone is extreme pain, which begins suddenly when a stone moves in the urinary tract and blocks the flow of urine. Typically, a person feels a sharp, cramping pain in the back and side in the area of the kidney or in the lower abdomen. Sometimes nausea and vomiting occur.
Avatar n tn The most comman causes of pain in right side of navel are appendicitis and kidney stones. However, usually an ultrasound detects these. If your doctor really suspects appendicitis or kidney stone then you may need a CT scan. However, since you have a family history of Crohn’s and personal history of IBS and polyps, then further investigations should be done in this light. In all probability you symptoms are due to an inflammatory bowel condition.
Avatar n tn I can go to my doctor again, they have EKG there, would that solve my problems, no worry if EKG comes normal? Also I have soon normal year control for my kidney stones (blood test and abdomen ultrasound), if something is wrong would that show on blood test and abdomen ultrasound?
Avatar n tn I've also been speaking with someone I know whom is a chiropractor. I remember that I had kidney stones for over a year and a half. ( I thought I had a UTI and the test was negative for UTI but high in calcium and so they sent me to the urologist who then through the tests found the kidney stones and my ovarian cysts.) I was on special diets and lifestyle modifications and kept having to go to the urologist and follow up with my doctor over and over again, but I kept making more stones.
Avatar n tn I've had kidney stones and know how painful they are. My dog is so happy and good natured...even through all of this.
1361959 tn?1277687317 Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, constipation, ovary involvement in women, ectopic pregnancy in women, mesentry (a thin tissue that carries the blood, nerves and lymphatics for the intestine) involvement, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle can all cause lower right abdomen pain. Hence these causes should be eliminated by a CT scan of the abdomen. Crohn’s disease is a difficult entity to diagnose.
599316 tn?1256925213 To name a few, it could be a kidney infection or a gallbladder attack. Neither are pleasent, but sounds pretty consistent with what you have. If your not running a fever, then I would say it is the gallbladder. The best thing to do is call your OB and let them know what is going on. If they don't help you go see your primary caregiver. More than likely the OB will not discount you, since the cause could be kidney infection.
Avatar n tn • Muscle cramps or twitches • Insomnia • Irritability • Sensitivity to loud noises • Anxiety • Autism • ADD • Palpitations • Angina (chest pain) • Constipation • Anal spasms • Headaches • Migraines • Fibromyalgia • Chronic fatigue • Asthma • Kidney stones • Diabetes • Obesity • Osteoporosis • High blood pressure • PMS • Menstrual cramps • Irritable bladder • Irritable bowel syndrome • Reflux • Trouble swallowing"
Avatar n tn Im a 40 year old white male with a history of kidney stones. for the past few years ive had persistent pain, and have been to a urologist. I have a large stone in the left kidney. They suggested i have a PERC done, but since the pain has been somewhat manageable, i havent done anything. especially since they told me that the stone in the kidney doesnt usually cause pain and there were no guarantees this would even solve my problem.
Avatar f tn The stone can be anywhere in the urinary system from kidney to urethra. Cancers of urinary system or some drugs too cause blood in urine. Bladder infections and cysts too can cause similar symptoms. Since you are not expecting your period (you must have reached menopause), chances of endometriosis are less. Vaginal and cervical infections and cancers along with uterine fibroids could be other possibilities.
Avatar m tn As you probably know, right upper abdominal pain can be due to cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder), stones in gall bladder, abscess under the diaphragm (unlikely in your case due to long standing history), liver problems (this you have), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as Crohn’s or celiac or IBS (you have IBD but the type needs to be diagnosed) or due to duodenal ulcer. I don’t know what you mean by normal CRP. Normally C reactive protein is undetectable in blood.
1601869 tn?1441314348 I've never had a baby but I've had kidney stones and an adult tonsillectomy, both of which were excruciating but I got through it and I'm also not afraid of menstrual cramps. Besides the mirena can be removed if it's not working for you, whereas something like depo has to work its way out of your system gradually and if you're really suffering from bad side effects you can't speed up that process to get it out of your system any faster.
Avatar m tn The CT scan of Kidney, bladder is normal, no stones. The prostate check is also normal. All the doctors I saw do not know the cause and reason for now and I am still bleeding. My questions are: What could be the cause(s) ? And how can I stop the bleeding ? Thanks.
1929236 tn?1323124128 Some other things that I have that probably mean nothing - I pass kidney stones about every 2 or 3 months - My back hurts constantly right between my shoulder blades - My right elbow pops and my arm falls asleep when I try to straiten it out(the doctor called it "tennis elbow") - My left knee feels like something is crawling inside of it(the doctor said that I sprained it) - I wake up sometimes with my hands clenched tight and it takes about 20 min to get them to work right - When I
1688444 tn?1305693229 I have had issues with my left kidney now with a year of constant infections to 8 yrs of kidney stones. This past March this kidney has been hurting and I don't know why. I had to see a Vascular Surgeon last Oct due to two lumps from an IV from the Colonoscopy in June. He told me my problems with my hands and feet is Raynauds. Finally a name for it. He laughed when I told him what the dr told me yrs ago about my nerves trying to catch up.
Avatar f tn Well, another 2 weeks go by and burning pain and testicle pain still there so I have my GP reffer me to a urologist who checked my testicle and had me do a urine test and said he thinks its reffered pain from a pinched nerve and to do some back exercises and it should go away. He also had me get a MRI to check for kidney stones and it came back negetive.
Avatar f tn Her food is from the vet since she tends to get bladder stones and bladder infections often so she eats strictly. She also has a history of 'binging & purging' from eating too quickly which is most likely what started this current issue. Whatever the cause it is erelevent at this point. I just want to know how to make it stop and get her eating again.
1126418 tn?1326169592 I take 400 IU of D3 daily now. He rechecks my blood, occasionally. He did warn me overdose of it can cause kidney stones. I also take SAMe, for depression. 10 years ago I was on prescribed antidepressants and was able to get off them with SAM-e. I was taking NerveFix for numbness but I'm on a very fixed income and it's been a couple months since I ran out.
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2085202 tn?1373203340 If the gallbladder is infected or failing, it won't necessarily show stones in a scan. A HIDA scan measures gallbladder performance, and it if it is too low, they usually take it out. There is some argument for treating for an infection first, but it seems that surgeons usually recommend surgery. I just read an article about how sugar causes a fatty liver. You might find it interesting.