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Avatar n tn It is good at helping the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins, helps with muscle and joint problems, and it can help precipitate crystals in joints (from arthritis), as well as help disolve gall stones and kidney stones. I have a few books on it, including one with a lot of recipes, and it is widely talked about on the web (using a web search). The best kind is the unpasteurized, raw ACV with the "mother" (enzymes). It is safe to drink as it kills bacteria and many viruses.
Avatar n tn Although I was told I had no stones I gave it a shot. I could not believe all the stones that came out. Hundreds and I am not exagerating. It is a cleanse that requires you be in fairly good health because you feel a little drained from it. It is called Dr. Hulda Clarkes Liver and Gallbladder cleanse. You will be amazed at how well it works. Just do a search on it and you will be sure to find it.
482754 tn?1341795094 Hello, Yes, I can help with a Calcium oxalate diet for your little dog.... The KEY is Wet food and adding some x-tra water. LOW PROTEIN DIETS ( Thanks to Lowchen's ) Low protein diets play a role in the treatment of several conditions, such as kidney disease, advanced liver disease, and some forms of dominance aggression.
172023 tn?1334675884 Or even research people foods that are used for people w/kidney stones etc..and maybe there is a people food you can use as a treat instead? I did that when I had a diabetic baby, I bought him cookies that human diabetics can have. At that time there was basically nothing for dogs w/ diabetes. I also bought a human diabetic cook book and made foods/treats for him with that. So maybe there are cook books w/ recipes for people who have urinary stones too?
Avatar n tn I used to have the onset of kidney stones and did a special herbal cleanse in Indonesia. It was done with monitoring at the lab etc. Two brothers who inherited their fathers herbal recipes and studies in the US. They had lots of kidney stones in their practice. Amazing what people were able to pee out, instead of getting operated for the stones. I didn't release stones, but my urine was clouded from the calcification and calcium was detectable on the lab reports.
469720 tn?1388149949 elevation of cholesterol Some people have elevated cholesterol levels as a result of specific medical conditions, including diabetes, hypothyroidism (low thyroid,) obstructive liver disease, chronic renal (kidney) failure, and drugs (anabolic steroids, progesterone drugs, and corticosteroids.) In these patients, treating the underlying disorder often improves cholesterol levels. Who needs to be treated for elevated cholesterol?
Avatar n tn The kidneys pull the body's wastes from the blood stream in the kidney's glomeruli and the basement membrane filters of the glomeruli are typically small. Kidney stones can exit, (albeit with some blood, guess from the tearing of the filter membranes to allow escape). But, the stones originated in the kidney, not the gall bladder, they are not connected. Kidney stones can cause severe flank pain and can radiate, perhaps this is what Andy might have passed, a kidney stone.
475555 tn?1469307939 I thought they determined you to be a stage 2. Is there anything else going on with the gb other than the asymptomatic stones? I like the idea of dissolving than removing. Did the hep doc say you could do any treatment for the HCV?
Avatar f tn I'd be sitting on the toilet with a sore kidney and a full bladder but yet could not get the muscle to open. Even telling my body part open , open , and nothing happened. Frustrated I asked my homeopath what\s up with that? He said; It doesn\t help the brain get the message. The brain has been damaged in areas and has to find new paths to connect to the bottom half of your body. Yet the doctors all seem to thnk that that all works apart and doesn't need the brain to give the message.
Avatar f tn The urine pH is right in the middle of the reference range, so completely normal. This is very good news, as variances in the pH can contribute to kidney and bladder stones forming. I have never been a fan of dry foods. If you think about it, they were designed for our (human) convenience, mostly at the expense of nourishment and quality.
685623 tn?1283485207 Research that continues to this day in the form of new diets and novel formulations that will help our pets continue to live longer. If it wasn’t for Dr. Mark Morris developing the first kidney diet for the seeing-eye dog, Buddy, a lot of pets would not live as long as they now do! I personally trust these companies simply because they have put in the hours, done the dirty work, and come up with products that have allowed millions upon millions of pets to live better lives.
Avatar f tn You can even find cookbooks devoted solely to mushroom information and recipes. Aloe vera (whose active ingredients also contain polysaccharides). A dosage of 50 to 100 milligrams daily of aloe-leaf concentrate containing 1 percent or more acemannan is significant and useful. Researchers have found that a basic multivitamin/mineral supplement can reduce overall illness, including infection, especially among the older population (age 60 and up). Make sure to take one every day.
Avatar f tn I was treated with Tindamax. After that treatment, I now have a kidney infection so I am on Cipro for that now. I already ordered Dr. Jernigan's parasite formula and one of the other formulas to address the repeated infections I experience. It's the formula called Mircobjen. I'll do the parasite one first, then the other. It's seems I get every illness that comes within 10 feet of me, so hopefully the Microbjen, from what I read, will boost my body's natural immune defense mechanism.
Avatar f tn An ultrasound confirmed that I have both sludge and stones, and after five months of pain and not knowing what's going on, I was thrilled to hear that the problem is something so easy to fix. I know gallbladder pain is traditionally associated with the right side of the body, but up until a week and a half ago, I had no pain whatsoever on that side.
Avatar n tn My skin is falling apart, I'm glad to know it's part of this, and not something new! As I said I already have bi-polar, and now discovered Kidney Stones, I already had skin problems before, so I get to see my dermotogists tomorrow. I am 49, F, just found out about the Hep C after donating blood in 2002, and started my tx March 13, my doc wanted spring in the air due to the possible depression side affects.
Avatar f tn Vet said possible gastritis, not necessarily related to the kidney disease, but possibly. She ate a bland diet for a few days and back to the kidney diet. 6 days later we had another episode of the shaking, but this time she was swaying while standing. No vomiting and she had eaten fine. This was in the middle of the blizzard on the East Coast of the US and there was no way to get to the emergency Vet! I was a nervous wreck. This lasted about 30 minutes, 2 separate times.
Avatar f tn High levels may lead to kidney failure or kidney stones. Glycerol, caramel and flavour pharmaceutical 503.978/A: effects unknown. Some of these ingredients can cause allergic reactions, respiratory reactions, and damage your heart, kidney, veins and liver if injected. Talk to your NSP workers or methadone prescriber about the differences between pure methadone and methadone with additives. In some cases, methadone is mixed with cordial or fruit juice.
20202111 tn?1492379275 My gynocologist believes the reason I always show E coli in the urine tests is because of the kidney stones sitting in my kidneys. I have not had a kidney stone since 2002, but did have the kidney infection this past summer. So they always put me on antibiotics, and it never clears the urine tests results. Since January 10th I was put on a round of Macrobid, twice. A round of Ceflen, think thats the name, a round of Levaquin and a Z pack.
Avatar f tn She is in fourth stage renal failure-Of course she has seen her regular vet for fluids-ultra sound revealed she has one kidney which is failing. Creatine was 13-subs at home-now using hollistic and homepatic treatment. Recently more bad days than good. I am giving her ice chips which seem to work better for her than lapping. Pedialyte ice is also better.
475555 tn?1469307939 When they do the colonoscopy, they'll probably find all sorts of ghastly stuff in wrong with my kidneys and pancreas (I already found out I have gall stones and a chyst in one kidney), and then I won't be able to take combination therapy either. Probably when I go in for the general anesthetic prep on April 30th, they'll tell me I can't take g.a. for some reason.
Avatar f tn We had her at the Vet's office 3 months ago and he told me she was in pretty good health for her age with the exception on a slight decrease in kidney function and suggested putting her on KD. She has always eaten dry dog food but did not like the KD and I started mixing it with chicken broth to try to get her to eat better. When that failed, I started trying out different foods. They didn't work much better.
Avatar m tn Thanks Stef, will take your advice. I did have kidney issues in the past with kidney stones in 2011. It was suspected my diet contributed to the stones. This is the first time I saw the levels go up this high, so I'll take your advice and check back on this level within 3 months. I am also going to cut back on some of the stuff I have been eating, as I've been "pigging out" on my 3 meals a day :) But avoiding all greasy stuff as much as I can.
Avatar f tn The dexilant seems to be helping so far (it's my third day on it now) but I am early into this new treatment. My internist also sent me to my cardio when I first started experiencing the burning just to rule out other issues and all was fine regarding the heart. My gastroenterologist told me not to do anything natural or med wise except for the dexilant right now-I asked him about drinking aloe which I had started doing a few weeks ago and he told me to stop.
Avatar m tn proper nutrition and exercise. No pill can do what you can to do for yourself. Lisonopril - Do you have kidney issues? I would ask your doctor why "he seems to think this is a good medication to take." For what? Get a full explanation and don't leave his office until you feel satisfied with his answer. If you have doubts on any drug, or need more information about them go see and discuss them with your local pharmacist.
203342 tn?1328740807 My worry now is that for the last 3 weeks or so she is not eating much or drinking much and she has been throwing up nearly every day.I have to have her on special prescription dog food due to kidney stones so don't have a lot of options. I talked to the vet and got the same prescription dog food only in canned. The first couple of days she ate this good and did not throw up as long as I kept the portions down to a couple of tablespoons. Now the last 2 days she is not even eating this.
Avatar n tn I have, had pain in my vagina and my anus too! but i just take 2 modrin and go to sleep because i can't deal with the pain. Hope we both can come up with a answer for this painful painful problem.
541150 tn?1306037443 I need prayers here. Treatment (antibiotics and prednisone) obviously didn't work. He is only 1 year old. I will keep you all updated as soon as I get back from the vet. I know we do not have much experience dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats, but it will make me feel better to know that I have your support.
Avatar n tn Plus, as you know, too much calcium could cause kidney stones so I drink alot to flush out my system to prevent such horror. These are simple pleasures that make me feel "Zen".
Avatar n tn did you find out if you are pregnant? i have read that HCG is not a fertility treatment but it can facilitate pregnancy! if not did you find out what was going on?