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Avatar f tn Upon getting cats can it was revealed that my rt kidney was extremely enlarged and full of fluid with calculus stag horn stones measuring over 2inches. At first the plan was to drain the kidney and break up the huge stones. After having a kidney function test, well it was discovered that my rt kidney had no function at all and needed to be removed. It was described as a huge beachball about to explode. I had kidney removed along with gall bladder.
Avatar f tn cats need this moisture to prevent urinary problems and crystal formation. and cats by nature do NOT drink enough water it has to be supplemented in their diet. Yes cats should live on wet food ONLY..............of course they get all the same nutrients as with the dry minus all the preservatives. Please tell me exactly what caused the urinary blockage. I suspect it was crystals in the urinary tract a disease refered to as FLUTD. Can you tell me if these crystals were STRUVITE or OXOLATE??
1345268 tn?1276406032 FUS is just a catch all term for any type of urinary track issue and includes anything from urinary track infection (very common in adult male cats) to bladder or kidney stones. Increased thirst (a good thing) and decreased and painful urination are typical symptoms. The change in diet is to lower ash and magnesium which affects pH and exacerbate urinary track infections. The chemical smell may be from a build up of these chemicals that he is now excreting.
470425 tn?1246926200 Hi Lauren, Like you I suffer chronic bladder/kidney infections my problem was the I had kidney reflux, this is where the valves in the bladder do not function properly and allow urnine to flow back up the urethras into the kidney (reflux) causing constant paindful infectins, I am now 39 yrs old and have had this problem since birth, I have had many surgeries to correct this.
Avatar f tn Has your cat ever had a history of crystals or stones in your cats bladder, or crystals in her urine? If not, and you only give 100 to 200 mg's of vitamin C once per day there should not be any problem. Cats who are prone to urolithisis, bladder or kidney stones have a hereditary predisposition to produce stones or crystals from the components in their diet, regardless of whether they ingest vitamin C or not. These cats must be on special diets.
1832268 tn?1326819610 My Yorkie was diagnosed with kidney failure in September 2014. She was in the hospital for 10 days (over $6,000) where they ran tests and found out that she developed kidney failure from eating chicken jerky treats. It is called Fanconi syndrome and the FDA has been investigating the deaths and illness of several dogs due to eating chicken jerky treats. I purchased Dingo Market Cuts from Walmart and both my dogs got sick throwing up and with diarrhea.
1963554 tn?1325451090 We went through that with our Joker Wallace. He had kidney cancer. I asked the vet if he was in much pain...he said yes. My mind was made up at that point...I wanted to be selfish...I wanted my baby to stay with me ( had raised him from 2 days of age...his mommy had been killed)...but he was hurting. The day I brought him back to the vet he had peed in the house...he must have peed out a bucket full...I knew it was over. The vet gave me time to call hubby and to pick up the kids.
Avatar f tn Her rine of her kidney is gone, but her kidney is slightly a little bigger that kidney size, so it hasn't shriveled like in so many stories I read. It made me happy, but now, she's not drinking as much as we've been told she is severely dehydrated and with ulcers in the mouth. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. Making all kinds of food for my lucky water as she enjoys one thing one day and another a different day, and then for the first time, not really eating yesterday.
Avatar m tn The Urologist tells me they are not kidney stones, but at bladder stones, and common, but I can't find a single word about them on the internet (regarding humans). They seem to be mentioned in cats and perhaps goats, and remedied by changes in diet. The particles are always between 1/10th mm and 1.5 mm in diameter, and spherical or ovoid. The cross section shows layering, with whitish and orange rust-like colors. My urologist says they're not important and nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn A dehydrated cat will often develop the feline equivalent of kidney stones (crystals). Which, if your cat's stool is hard, would explain the blood (from straining and tearing). Otherwise, a vet visit to get kitty checked out may be in order. While the above isn't serious in the short run, there can be serious damage if the problem has been about for a while.
351317 tn?1204755471 no pain in my arm but my muscles ache a lot.
Avatar n tn I have been to a GYN, Urologists, primary care physicians, you name it I have seen them. I have had kidney stones removed, laproscopic surgery (nothing abnormal) and a cystopy (spelling). I was actually hoping that the Lap would indicate that they had found something wrong so they could fix it. My GYN seems to think our next step is to remove the uterus, I just don't see how this can help.
Avatar f tn The level you have given suggests she is in stage 4, the final stage of kidney failure. The prognosis is very poor, so this may best be a day-by-day assessment. If she deteriorates suddenly, then maybe I would opt to consider euthanasia - not something easy to consider, I know, but it might be appropriate if things get worse.
Avatar m tn I think one of the biggest things is the fact that the symptoms are not always present, that they have to be set off---as in sneezing, or something like that. My husband is 27...I'm not sure how old you are, or if age even has anything to do with it... If you've come across any new information since your post...please let us know!
Avatar f tn By the way, I believe there are 4 different types of gall stones as there are kidney stones. You will need a natural laboratory if your regular physician wont test for that. BUT they should freely test for parasites and polyps/tumor/ or carcinogens.
Avatar n tn you might have to get it in shot form if you are really bad. Nerves can grow back and be repaired. All these symptoms of tingle itchy or pin pricks is nerves and inflamation. When our body is up the muscles are up and working. When we lay down that goes away and gravity takes hold and thus putting pressure on the nerves.
Avatar n tn wanted to know how robs biopsy went.i have alot of the same symptoms as rob. also i'm starting to have pain in arms and legs. dont know if its related. constantly tired. ct scan also shows i have in my abdomen,and under arms... two weeks ago i had one swollen so bad in my inner thigh area could barely wak from the pcp wants me to see a hemo/oncologist... rob i pray all is well with you,deb u as well.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Drinking is good for your cat, as long as your cat is taking in enough water it helps to flush out toxins..I sit a bowl in the dining room, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom, since cats are random drinkers . My cat's kidney values haven't changed for the worse much in the past 6 months and it was over a year ago that her levels became slightly abnormal.
Avatar f tn Reading my journals for the last six weeks-will provide some of the highlights when I can, but now I just can't. Hopefully, this will help somone else recognize the symptoms of kidney failure in their babies. I cannot express to all of you how much your comments mean to us right now. Not sure we could make it without you. It is so hard.
242516 tn?1368227505 risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug.
Avatar n tn If you recently underwent a CCK- assessment of gall bladder contraction, then you had a test which is very sensitive for the diagnosis of gall bladder disease, even in the absence of gall stones. If the CCK test is normal but you still beleive that the problem is the gall bladder, then removal of the gall bladder would be needed. If the pain persisted , then a problem in the gall bladder was not the cause.
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms in my lower left leg. I Googled the problem and found your comments. I am going to the Dr. on Monday. I will post what ever I find.
Avatar f tn This can occur at a very young age, as well as in older cats. If a cat has difficulty getting in the correct posture to urinate, or "stands too tall" they may believe that they eliminating into the litter but in reality their behinds are hovering over the edge. There is a different posture for defecating and urinating. The position for defecation may not be painful. An X-Ray to check for spinal, knee, hip, or other joint problems will give you an answer.
746512 tn?1388811180 He is urinating about 75% of normal volume but isn't in and out of the litter box like he had been. My vet wants to do a blood test to rule out kidney stones. Since he is almost back to normal in behaviour, is it really necessary? Could it have been a mild bladder infection that his system had cleared out? I would rather not put him (or the clinic staff) through a blood test because he can be a little spit fire with needles and never had a blood test so I'm not sure how he will react.
Avatar f tn If not maybe try that and see if the GB improves but may take time. I have bonifed stones in both GB and kidney stones, too ..... my thyroid is normal .. actually, I'm on Synthroid for cancer supression and also for life bcz 1/2 thryoid out and other half went poof and won't work LOL ... oh well ..... I've had GB stones before thyroid issues and kidney stones before thyroid issues, too ... they say to keep in mind in my age that GB and kidney stones come with age (40's) ?????
Avatar f tn There is also a concern that this is related to kidney disease, a kidney infection, urinary stones etc. and all of those are urgent in requiring treatment. Here in Canada there are great third party financing companies (petcard is one of them...maybe theyre in the US too) that can help with delayed payments. I hope you can understand a vet's reluctance to create their own payment plan options. Good luck.
931217 tn?1283484935 As I am sure you have heard, there have been numerous alerts, recalls and reports of food-borne illness reported in the last couple of years, associated with uncooked or undercooked meats served to human consumers in restaurants or sold to them in stores. The under-appreciated truth of our meat production industry, indeed of any nation's meat production, is that absolute certainty of freedom from sickness-causing bacteria in meat cannot be assured.
Avatar m tn If you have not had an ultrasound scan done of your kidney and urinary tact (including the bladder), it may be a good idea to have that done. You may have kidney stones. Kidney stones can vary in size from as small as a grain of sand. They don't cause any problems until they start to move. Some of the symptoms you mentioned earlier did point to kidney problems and even though there was no urinary infection detected, it does no mean that there is not a problem there.
931217 tn?1283484935 This occurred in about 12% of cats with FLUTD symptoms, and the risk is higher in castrated males cats.[122,123] Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland atrophies or is damaged by the immune system and fails to produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormone.[124,125] It occurs in an estimated 0.2%-0.3% of dogs.[126,127] Some studies have found that neutered dogs are at higher risk than intact dogs for developing hypothyroidism.
669982 tn?1225672843 The propanolol is used to control the heart disease that is common in hyperthyroid cats with the dose depending on you cat's heart rate. You can ask your vet about trying the above, but I'm not sure if it's available for distribution yet. You can always try going with the original medication for thyroid treatment (Propylthiouracil) but it does have a fairly high incident of adverse reaction in felines (which is why they don't use it anymore). But it is something to consider.