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Avatar f tn Upon getting cats can it was revealed that my rt kidney was extremely enlarged and full of fluid with calculus stag horn stones measuring over 2inches. At first the plan was to drain the kidney and break up the huge stones. After having a kidney function test, well it was discovered that my rt kidney had no function at all and needed to be removed. It was described as a huge beachball about to explode. I had kidney removed along with gall bladder.
Avatar f tn so yes keep feeding the RC urinary diet as long as it is CANNED not the dry ever for a cat with urinary stones (FLUTD) 2.I found the renalzin, here its called Azodyl. its to support healthy kidney function and reduce toxin build up. 3.I don't agree with anyone claiming dry food is fine because they will drink water with cats do NOT drink enough water to compensate for the lack of it in their diet. that is a false information. please read 4.
1345268 tn?1276406032 FUS is just a catch all term for any type of urinary track issue and includes anything from urinary track infection (very common in adult male cats) to bladder or kidney stones. Increased thirst (a good thing) and decreased and painful urination are typical symptoms. The change in diet is to lower ash and magnesium which affects pH and exacerbate urinary track infections. The chemical smell may be from a build up of these chemicals that he is now excreting.
470425 tn?1246926200 I had surgery in 05, I had gallstones. If you have had gallstones, is there a greater risk of having kidney stones? Or vice versa?
Avatar f tn Cats who are prone to urolithisis, bladder or kidney stones have a hereditary predisposition to produce stones or crystals from the components in their diet, regardless of whether they ingest vitamin C or not. These cats must be on special diets. An even better bet for your cat would be to give your cat 1/8 of a human dose of a human antioxidant supplement containing vitamin C (Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants).
1832268 tn?1326819610 Breed, Age, Symptoms, Creatine, Bun, and Phorsphorus levels at time of first exam that revealed Kidney Disease, as well as End Stage Symptoms and Lab Values ( if known. ) How Quickly did the disease progress. Did the dog die naturally, or was the death assisted. I think this type of information would be very helpful to anyone and their dog, who has to deal with this disease.
1963554 tn?1325451090 He said that his right kidney is destroyed and that his left kidney has about 25% left. He has a tumor within his bladder and his urine cannot pass thru which goes into his kidney and damages it. When we had Shaggy checked out in May our vet said that it's UTI...because I mentioned to him that he'd pee and then go to other spots and nothing comes out. So he was given anti-biotics. This went on for several months.
Avatar f tn This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
351317 tn?1204755471 You get symptoms of what docs call groans, psych moans and bones...You will get kidney stones, high blood pressure, joint/back pain, constipation, heart burn, fatigue, and so much more...also depression, sleep probs, blood sugar problems and constant headaches...Sound familiar?if your tests come back positve for the parathyroidism, have a sestamibi scan done...and get a surgeon that has done hundreds of these operations..Not just any surgeon will do...good luck...
Avatar n tn I have been to a GYN, Urologists, primary care physicians, you name it I have seen them. I have had kidney stones removed, laproscopic surgery (nothing abnormal) and a cystopy (spelling). I was actually hoping that the Lap would indicate that they had found something wrong so they could fix it. My GYN seems to think our next step is to remove the uterus, I just don't see how this can help.
Avatar n tn A dehydrated cat will often develop the feline equivalent of kidney stones (crystals). Which, if your cat's stool is hard, would explain the blood (from straining and tearing). Otherwise, a vet visit to get kitty checked out may be in order. While the above isn't serious in the short run, there can be serious damage if the problem has been about for a while.
Avatar m tn The Urologist tells me they are not kidney stones, but at bladder stones, and common, but I can't find a single word about them on the internet (regarding humans). They seem to be mentioned in cats and perhaps goats, and remedied by changes in diet. The particles are always between 1/10th mm and 1.5 mm in diameter, and spherical or ovoid. The cross section shows layering, with whitish and orange rust-like colors. My urologist says they're not important and nothing to worry about.
Avatar f tn Some cats will have a normal bladder and urine, but their kidneys are infected or they have kidney stones. This could also cause symptoms. Some stones and crystals cannot be seen on an X-Ray but can be seen on ultrasound. So this does get complex. This issue is very rarely completely behavioral, and often a physical problem is accompanied by a behavioral component.
746512 tn?1388811180 He is urinating about 75% of normal volume but isn't in and out of the litter box like he had been. My vet wants to do a blood test to rule out kidney stones. Since he is almost back to normal in behaviour, is it really necessary? Could it have been a mild bladder infection that his system had cleared out? I would rather not put him (or the clinic staff) through a blood test because he can be a little spit fire with needles and never had a blood test so I'm not sure how he will react.
Avatar f tn If not maybe try that and see if the GB improves but may take time. I have bonifed stones in both GB and kidney stones, too ..... my thyroid is normal .. actually, I'm on Synthroid for cancer supression and also for life bcz 1/2 thryoid out and other half went poof and won't work LOL ... oh well ..... I've had GB stones before thyroid issues and kidney stones before thyroid issues, too ... they say to keep in mind in my age that GB and kidney stones come with age (40's) ?????
Avatar f tn There is also a concern that this is related to kidney disease, a kidney infection, urinary stones etc. and all of those are urgent in requiring treatment. Here in Canada there are great third party financing companies (petcard is one of them...maybe theyre in the US too) that can help with delayed payments. I hope you can understand a vet's reluctance to create their own payment plan options. Good luck.
Avatar m tn If you have not had an ultrasound scan done of your kidney and urinary tact (including the bladder), it may be a good idea to have that done. You may have kidney stones. Kidney stones can vary in size from as small as a grain of sand. They don't cause any problems until they start to move. Some of the symptoms you mentioned earlier did point to kidney problems and even though there was no urinary infection detected, it does no mean that there is not a problem there.
1358341 tn?1282213443 1) No good for her kidney. 2) No good for her bowel. Old cats are very complicated and very sensitive about food, it seems that food can control in very short time their health ! So be cautious with food experiments, it's not because a food is good and have everything a cat needs, that it can be good for an old cat. And now I really think that what causes diarrhea or constipation is not food in itself, but food changing. Cats musn't change food habits that work with them.
669982 tn?1225672843 She got a rep at the vet a number of years back when she had to have kidney stones removed and she tried to kill the pill-givers. She has been really good with the ear application.
Avatar n tn A couple of months ago we lost our beloved 7-year-old lab to complications from bladder stones. She showed no symptoms at all of a bladder or urinary condition until early one Sunday morning when she was unable to urinate at all. We immediately took her to the vet, her bladder was drained and they did an ultrasound that clearly showed bladder stones. The vet thought the condition could be treated with meds (antibiotics) and a special acidic food that should dissolve the stones.
Avatar n tn Anti-parasitic herbs,magnesium,cats claw and anti-helminths bring some relief but no cure,doctors will not bring relief or a cure.Get any kidney stones lithotripsied and attempt to heal yourself.The CDC is aware of this yet will not go public.Why?
897333 tn?1280394878 Could his drinking of so much water be the newness of the water fountain? We got it last week and he appears to love it. I have looked up symptoms of diabetes and I am not too sure that is the issue. He is not losing any weight or acting differently in any other way, urine is fairly clear and not sticky (he had an accident on the floor the other night). He is what I call pacey (pacing the hallway) between the hours of 1:30pm and 7:00pm, however he has been doing this for several months.
242516 tn?1368227505 risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug.
1356964 tn?1302091035 I did find on several websites that claimed D-Mannose is extremely safe to use on a daily basis and also on Tanya's Guide to Feline chronic kidney disease it said it seems to work best for cats who have recurring UTI'S and will only work for uti caused by E coli, which makes up for 90% of infections. An 1/8- 1/4 twice a day, however some people find it works better by splitting it up over 3-4 doses . Keep giving it for a week after the symptoms have disappeared ...
Avatar f tn A catheter is inserted through the urethra into the bladder There may be an infection in the bladder from the blockage and he will prescribe more antibiotics. 2- He should check for kidney or bladder stones. 3- I agree 100% with AnnieBrooks in that the doctor should put her on a no magnesium diet of WET food. Hills has a prescription diet food called Diet Feline s/d. During this time No other food is allowed for a few weeks to see if there is improvement.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Hello, my cat is not sick yet, it is a female of 19yo or more (found in September 1991), and she has 23,3mg/L of CREA (<24), so still not kidney, but my two other cats dyed of kidney with CREA that went up very fast. Veterinary prescribed Fortekor 2.5 one by day for prevention. Her Urea is normal, although she had drink and eat before blood test, it is 0,524g/L. But she drinks a lot: each time she awakes up she wants food and water.
667008 tn?1231130069 I do take some natural remedies under the supervision of my psychiatrist but when I took cranberry pills as a diuretic with the reccomendation of my grandmother who was taking them for that reason, they gave me kidney stones and I only found out why after. The problem with Xanax is its not meant for long term use and a person can easily build up a tolerance to it. Every benzodiazepene has that potential but it is far less with Klonopin which is safe for long term use.
931217 tn?1283484935 Most coyotes and wolves, for example, are gone by 7 or 8 years old. Pet dogs and cats, however, are now living into their teens quite commonly. Diet is not the only reason for this, but it does not follow that eating raw meat is a positive factor. Most pet animals are not eating raw diets now and live long anyway. Their safer, indoor lives while eating consistent professionally designed commercial diets are one likely reason. That, and better health care than in decades past is another.
931217 tn?1283484935 This occurred in about 12% of cats with FLUTD symptoms, and the risk is higher in castrated males cats.[122,123] Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland atrophies or is damaged by the immune system and fails to produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormone.[124,125] It occurs in an estimated 0.2%-0.3% of dogs.[126,127] Some studies have found that neutered dogs are at higher risk than intact dogs for developing hypothyroidism.
1689583 tn?1387755994 I am reslly scared that I have cancer with all these symptoms . Any help right now is appreciated. Very scared., all alone and need to work .