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Avatar f tn An accurate diagnosis is only possible based on detailed examination, including history and physical signs and symptoms. From the symptoms you have mentioned, he seems to be having a serious kidney infection which may have been caused or aggravated by obstruction due to the kidney stones. Reddish and cloudy urine indicates that there is hemorrhage somewhere along the urinary tract, if not from the kidney itself, and this can be accompanied by pus cells in the urine.
Avatar m tn I'm figuring that kidney stones take a while to form and that, if I have kidney stones and possibly an infection, it's likely that I had the kidney stones first and they contributed to the infection, rather that having an infection first that contributed to the kidney stones (sorry if this sounds confusing).
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones almost 3 years ago but I did not get them removed as my Dr told me they could not kill me or cause any life threatening diseases, but recentley I have noticed a little bit of stomach discomfort, I would like to say pain but it doesnt hurt , it kind of feels like something is there like gas, and my stomach gurgles a little bit and once in a while I will feel a little bit of a slight pinching pain in different spots over my belly , it feels like its through the b
Avatar n tn I'm on my fourth episode of kidney stones, and all of us that have had them can surely agree, the symptoms are tell-tale and ones you don't forget. I get extremely painful cramping and horrible diarrhea EVERY time I'm trying to pass a stone. Actually, that's the first symptom I've had each and every time. It is the worst, painful diarrhea ever, and something I've only experienced when a stone starts moving through my urinary tract. Like clockwork, soon after, that hallmark back pain starts.
Avatar f tn Im 14 almost 15 and im wondering ..Does it Hurt to go through birth? & what symptoms should I be having at 7-8 weeks?
Avatar f tn They came back later to tell me I have a severe UTI and bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics and a low-dose painkiller. The painkiller has done nothing for my pain, and I have been taking my antibiotics as instructed since then, but I am showing no signs of improvement. Instead, I am now having difficult starting to urinate, and am having to strain throughout the entire process... and every time I am not completely emptying my bladder.
Avatar n tn You will need to take care to restrict certain foods in your diet, especially vitamin C, as it has been reported to aggravate signs and symptoms of both kidney stones and interstitial cystitis.
1712422 tn?1443341101 The worst symptom for me was it felt like a knife being twisted back n forth in my back!! Terrible pain!!! I also felt like I had to have a bowel movement, but never could go! I was very nauseous too!! :-( felt cold n clamey, like flu-ish..
Avatar f tn The pain was more in my back than my side, I developed nausea and hot sweats (no fever). There was still blood in my urine but no signs of an infection. My PCP felt it was kidney stones and prescribed me flomax to help pass it. Days later no change. They did a CT scan, but it showed no stones. I still have blood in my urine so they suggested I see a Urologist. Feeling frustrated I have not made an appointment yet.
Avatar f tn Have you been properly assessed along this line? Was a scan done to establish the presence of these stones? Kidney stones may be asymptomatic depending on their size and the presence of underlying disease conditions like structural anomalies involving the urinary tract. They may present as a dull vague pain over the flank. They may present as a benign back pain. In some patients, the back may be slightly tender when the physician gently hits the area with closed fists.
Avatar f tn My 4 yr old grandson has kidney stones, and the pedi and urologist say too much gatorade.
Avatar f tn I started to feel the syptoms return about 6 weeks ago so went straight to the doctors and was given the cyprofloxicen and codiene and was to assume a kidney infection had returned and told to go back with 24 hours of taken the antibiotics if i felt no better. The next day i vomited half an hour after taken the tablets and was feeling extremely poorly and the doctors (very reluctantly) sent me straight to hospital.
Avatar n tn I would recommend that he see his nephrologist for further evaluation. Kidney stones has a tendency to recur. Urinalysis and imaging studies such as ultrasound or CTscan may help with the diagnosis. This is also to rule out the any tumor residual. Take care and regards.
924255 tn?1243881663 This is the 4th time they give me antibiotics and nothing seems to work it is just getting worse. This time they did a culture and found to signs of infection in the urine nor blood. Last monday I had orange and cloudy urine. Now I have major kidney pelvic pain. They did an ultra sound but found nothing. Right before the ultrasound I peed and it was really painful. I constantly feel like I have to pee and I am absolutely exausted. The pain is so bad that I can't work at my new job.
192055 tn?1263559137 I have every symptom of kidney stones and its runs in every female in my family. -For 2 weeks had extreme sharp pack pains -Then turned into a dull, constant pain in my lower right back (kidney) -Went to the doc, found blood, no bacteria, in my urine -Slowly both kidneys started to hurt... -All of a sudden, one night, i was sitting down, I got really hot, started to sweat, and felt nauseated. I felt something moving in my left abdomin... not a pro but felt like it could be a stone moving down.
Avatar m tn A doctor told me that I did not have textbook symptoms of a kidney stone, and to begin with I had been treated for depression. And I agree with what people say - that having a kidney stone is worse than being in labour!
Avatar n tn Dark spots that appear on kidney ultrasounds can represent cysts, abscesses, abnormalities of the blood vessels, kidney stones, old calcifications or kidney cancer. Cysts on the kidney are usually harmless and large cysts may need surgical treatment if they are producing symptoms. Each of these condition mentioned above will present will associated symptoms and signs like burning urination, increased frequency of urination, weight loss etc.A CT scan will definitely be helpful.
Avatar n tn My son 17, just as recently as Tuesday was experiencing Flu like symptoms chills and muscle/joint cramps and pains, Wed. he woke up and noticed blood in his urine, his flu-like symptoms had disappeared, He is an active soccer player and exercises daily, is the blood in his urine simply due to his exercising or could it be something serious like diabetes. He also says that he now frequents the bathroom but can not produce urine the doctors are not sure what it is yet, they believe kidney stones?
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Are there other signs or symptoms present? Are you still experiencing the pain? Kidney pain usually is felt in the flank area, and not on the upper abdomen. Can you elaborate on your blood pressure readings? If it persists, i would recommend that you have this evaluated further by your doctor. With your history of elevated blood pressure and tachycardia, other tests such as ECG and blood tests may be done to rule out cardiac and gastrointestinal causes.
Avatar n tn Musculoskeletal pain typically gets worse with movement, and is relieved by heat or massage. Common causes of kidney pain include kidney stones, kidney infection or pyelonephritis, and any bleeding within the kidney from injury or otherwise, where the blood supply is suddenly cut off because of blockage of the artery to the kidney. It would be best to have it evaluated by your doctor. Ultrasound or xray may be done to better visualize the structures. Take care and keep us posted.
519035 tn?1348279373 Hello! I was wondering what lab tests you've had done? Also have you had kidney or gall stones? I had similar symptoms in my late 30's and was told I was perimenopausal and got the traditional "pat on the hand" and subsequent "blow off". It turns out my calcium and parathyroid levels were through the ceiling! -I had nearly every symptom of perimenopause -with exception of the stones and frequent (maddening!
Avatar n tn the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
Avatar f tn When I googled this I found polycystic kidney disease. Symptoms (according to the website) include blood and protein in urine and side (between ribs and hips) or back pain, etc. Seems like your doctor would have at least ordered an ultrasound. I have to go discuss my cysts with my doctor tomorrow. I have no idea if I have blood or protein in my urine as there are no obvious signs. I do have pain in my lower left side and go to the bathroom constantly!!
456645 tn?1208679571 The perirenal fascia is a covering that envelopes the kidneys and provides stability and support to the organ. Nephroptosis may be symptomatic. That is the more common signs and symptoms are flank pain, blood in the urine, formation of kidney stones and repeated urinary tract infections. In your case, is this a confirmed case of nephroptosis ? What examinations were done to establish the diagnosis? Do you have other associated symptoms?
706715 tn?1228910831 There are numerous causes for a swollen kidney such as urinary tract infection and kidney stones. A complete medical history, physical examination and some laboratory tests are needed to determine the underlying cause. Are there other signs or symptoms present? HIDA scan is an imaging procedure that evaluates the production and flow of bile from your liver to your small intestine.
Avatar n tn I had constant BV, UTI's (which were always really kidney infections too), and indifferent and negligent doctors who just prescribed me whatever they where prescribing at the time for UTI's. They did this without ever seeing what bacteria and what antibiotic the infection was susceptible to, and more than that, in chronic cases no thought was given to the underlying cause of re-infection.
Avatar n tn Hi, Aside from the burning sensation, are there other signs or symptoms present? Urinary tract infection (UTI) may involve the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. This usually presents with: strong, persistent urge to urinate; passing frequent, small amounts of urine; blood in the urine or cloudy, strong-smelling urine. The presence of flank pain or fever usually points to a kidney infection.
Avatar m tn I have a history of kidney stones and already have another calcium deposit that has developed in my left kidney (just 5 months after lithotripsy!). I also suffer from low testosterone and GERD and take Testim and Nexium, daily. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there such a thing as a hernia that can't be seen on ulrasound? Can a back injury cause these symptoms (the middle of my back has hurt during all this time, but only when in certain positions. Dead center, on spine.
Avatar n tn Hi, "Nonobstructing stones produce no symptoms or signs apart from hematuria. Stone passage produces renal colic that usually begins as a mild discomfort and progresses to a plateau of extreme severity over 30–60 minutes. If the stone obstructs the uretero-pelvic junction, pain localizes to the flank; as the stone moves down the ureter, pain moves downward and anterior. Stones at the uretero-vesicular junction often cause dysuria and urinary frequency mistaken for infection.
362203 tn?1248813910 0). She now keeps getting kidney infections over and over. Know though she recognizes the signs before it gets too bad. What should she be asking the doctor? I want to help her be more proactive in her treatment. Her doctor said that she just needs to rest and drink fluids and take meds for pain. She's on an antibiotic till the infection is gone. Should she be taking a profolactic antibiotic? It seems that she is just being treated for the infection and not the cause.