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Avatar f tn I'm 18, female. Currently I have a kidney stone near my bladder so I have to have surgery to get it out. Can they still do the surgery while I'm on my menstrual cycle? Started today, surgery is tomorrow. ..
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Avatar n tn i have a low grade fever after just having kidney stone surgery what should i take
Avatar f tn I just found out I have kidney stones and I'm almost 18 weeks . any body get kidney stones while pregnant?
Avatar f tn How many here have dealt with kidney stones during pregnancy? I am 18 wks 5 days and have a stone that needs to pass. Hurts excessively. I had a stone with my last pregnancy at 34 wks. That time required surgery to remove. If this is not gone by Monday I may be headed that way again.
Avatar f tn Well I had really bad pain on my left side to the point I was crying so I went to the hospital and there keeping me over night to pass my kidney stones. Anyone else gone through this?
Avatar n tn Last May (2007) I got my first kidney stone, which was removed in emergency surgery (it was blocking my kidney). I have since then made three more stones and have had each one result in a blockage of the kidney and the ER admitting me for surgery. I have another stone in my right kidney as of right now but for some reason, my left kidney is killing me!!!! Ever since the last two surgeries which were both on my left kidney, it seems as though it is not working right.
Avatar f tn I feel for you dear! I before pregnancy is prone to kidney stones...which puts me s high risk! I know kidney stones are painful enough but to add pregnancy on top of it...its so much worse! I do hope the best for you and a fast recovery!
Avatar f tn I was never told that this could be the outcome of my surgery and that I would need subsequent surgery to get rid of these stones. Thank you for any advise you can lend.
Avatar f tn I am really prone to kidney stones and after a lot of pain on Wednesday an ultrasound reviled another one. :( My doctor is wanting to put in a stent but says he usually doesn't do them this early so most likely it will have to be changed in a few months. I am scared. Has anyone had one in pregnancy before? Someone told me I would be awake the whole time. That makes me more scared and anxious. Is the stent painful? I am 11 weeks today.
Avatar m tn I have just had treatment for kidney stones -- the stone is too large to pass and it is translucent. Efforts to enter the kidney from the back and remove it failed as I was told the surgeon and the radiologist could not see the stone at the same time. I was released and thy have a drain tube on my kidney. I am to return in one week. What procedures might they be considering to remove the stone.
Avatar f tn There are other types as well ( cystine, struvite , uric) Kidney stones may hold a genetic predisposition. In your case, the presence of kidney formers in the family may explain the onset of kidney stones at an earlier age. It is best to open lines of communication with your physicians. At this point, you may discuss on whether a referral to a pain management specialist may help.Continue following physician's advice regarding diet, fluid intake and exercise.
Avatar n tn I have had high blood pressurefor a few years now and recently I had lithroscopy(kidney stones) surgery and since then my blood pressure has been normal and they taken me off my hydrochlorizide(water pill), do you have an explanation of why this happened or how.
Avatar n tn I had surgery a week ago to shockwave my kidney stones and had a stint put in to help with the passing of the stones. I have had one week of very painful urination. I feel the pain worse after I have urinated. I can not see that I have passed any of the stones but it is so painful to urinate. I was on antibiotics for 5 days so I don't think it is an infection. Is the feeling I am feeling grains of stones being passed? I am afraid this pain is never going away.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry but I have never heard of something like this before in well over 30 years dealing with kidney stones, so any comments I might make regarding same would be useless.
Avatar m tn I'm figuring that kidney stones take a while to form and that, if I have kidney stones and possibly an infection, it's likely that I had the kidney stones first and they contributed to the infection, rather that having an infection first that contributed to the kidney stones (sorry if this sounds confusing).
Avatar m tn In case someone missed a beat and you weren't told anything, a 3mm stone can cause you a lot of pain, as most stones can, but can usually pass on its own without the definite need for surgery to remove it. I'd be drinking water and then drink more water and then more again.. The water will help it pass and help flush it out, so drink as much as you can handle. If you have been given a prescription for Flomax, get it filled and take it too. That will help the stone to pass also.
Avatar f tn IT's been 2 days since I was discharged from the hospital after a week of suffering from kidney stones and ended up having to under go a procedure where they placed a tube in my kidneys and now I have a bag attached to my side until after I deliver. I've never felt so much discomfort and pain. It's hard for me to do anything I can't even shower properly.
Avatar f tn Hi, Kidney stones often do not cause any symptoms. Usually, there is extreme pain, which begins suddenly when a stone moves in the urinary tract and blocks the flow of urine.If the stone is too large to pass easily, pain continues as the muscles in the wall of the narrow ureter try to squeeze the stone into the bladder. As the stone moves and the body tries to push it out, blood may appear in the urine, making the urine reddish.
Avatar f tn I really recommend that you go now and take your children with you. If it is a kidney stone, a kidney infection or your gallbladder things may get worse. Try not to take any more prescription medication before you go because the med center or hospital will most likely give you something stronger for your pain. You want your system clean or they may give you nothing. Is there anyone at all that can go with you or watch your children? Please let us know what you find out.
Avatar n tn I ended up having kidney surgery at 25weeks with my first because the stones were too large to pass. Now Im 32weeks with my second and i have passed 12 stones since 9weeks pregnant. Its miserable. I had to stop taking my prenatal vitamins because the calcium blocks my kidneys so they switched me to folic acid instead. I decreased my calcium intake. And don't eat alot of green vegetables since those have a tendency to cause stones. You just gotta let the stones pass on there own.
5900973 tn?1396067991 I found out monday I have kidney stones for the 2nd time this pregnancy... :( I am going in friday for my csection and just hoping the pain eases up for me or that I just pass the dang stone... I dont want to be dealing with that after the birth. It just seems like bad timing, not that there is a good time for these things... Tmi but my urine looks like cranberry juice, kinda scary but I know its from the stone. I have been drinking tons of water.
472139 tn?1211336163 hi everyone i was in the ER last night all day because of kidney stones, ive never felt so ill in my life thankgod i didnt taper down on methadone, they gave me like 5 shots of fentyle or something lasts 1/2hr each time..... methadone doesnt play a roll in them does it?
Avatar n tn Since having kidney stones currently and knowing what they feel like not being pregnant, I can safely say that I have had stones at least 3 other times between the ages of 17 and 27 (pain at that time was diagnosed as most likely a cyst -- when pain was severe - shortly thereafter went away - they said cyst burst - i am confident that the pain was kidney stones). With that being said, I'm tired of getting the kidney stones (as well as the tiredness, soreness and moodiness).
1619332 tn?1299021545 So after they made the pain go away and they gave me pain medication to take home and a follow up appointment with a Urologist to check out the remaining 3 kidney stones and to make sure I passed that one I was sent home. Well the Urologist seemed nice and he took another CT scan on my follow up appointment to make sure I passed my first kidney stone, which I did, and check out the other 3 in my right kidney. He told me that to just come in for check ups and that was it.
Avatar m tn sir , I have three stones in three different parts of my body first is in the gall-bladder {9mm} ,second in right kidney 7mm,third in distal part of left ureter 5mm ,is their any possibilty it can go with medicines or laser treatment ? but not open surgery .
Avatar n tn You need to watch if the dog is in pain, having problems urinating, etc. I take it these are bladder stones? They are more common then kidney stones. It is considered a major surgery to remove them and they may become chronic. You definitely have to watch the diet. Ask your Vet for a recommendation on the food. There are dog food companies that do make special diets for animals with stones!
Avatar m tn ' The answer is, then find a different primary care doc, or start listening to the things that you don't want to hear-- that you need surgery to remove the kidney stones, for example. OR that narcotics are just not the proper way to treat chronic pain from kidney stones. The bottom line-- if a person keeps going to the ER to get pain meds, at some point things will go very bad. The patient will end up with untreatable pain, and in need of detox.