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Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, front, back and side and the pain takes my breath away. I had CT scans and ultra sound to determine if I had kidney stones. Then they sent me for x-rays with contrast and I was told I had a floating Kidney. The nurse for his office said there was nothing that I could do for the pain. "Just deal with it". Wow how can I when the pain takes my breath away and the pain is so bad that I have to lay down in bed until it goes away.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year old female with symptomatic Polycystic Kidney Disease. My kidneys are about twice the normal size and are both filled with cysts. For years, when standing I have had a very large mass that will descend into my abdomen on my right side. With a firm "grab and push" I can move the mass to under my rib cage and it will stay put for an hour or so. I have had family and friends feel and move the mass just to confirm that I'm not imagining it.
Avatar n tn Before mono I had kidney stones twice at age 18 and 20..none since. I have chronic constipation and go to the bathroom about 1 time a week. The more constipated I am the worse my bladder symptoms are as well. I have been to a neurologist who ruled out ms. I have been to physical therapy twice, which helped a little.....but got worse again when done. I have seen a internist who checked me for diabeties insipidus which I did not have.
Avatar n tn Hi, You can ask for an Xray, which would be quicker to schedule and to report, to check for the presence of kidney stones which my cause an obstruction of urine flow, even if only partial, and can predispose to UTIs. WBCs in the urine can be a sign of renal damage and inflammation, especially if accompanied by epithelial cells.
Avatar n tn I've never been tested for HIV and it makes me nervous! Aren't there other causes for this? I eat healthy because of my kidney stones, I'm 25 yrs old female, 96lbs and 5'3". What else could these symptoms be from? Why would they only take one picture after the CCK? Thank you for any insight!!!
Avatar m tn Ended up going to the ER because the pain became so severe. First thing they thought of was gall bladder or kidney stones. But all the tests came back ok. They came to the conclusion that I have a spastic gall bladder and sent me home with Reglan. I've been reading some of the other posts on here with people who have similar pain in their abdomen. Unlike a lot of them I don't have vomiting. I have mild nausea and cycles of constipation and diarrhea.
Avatar n tn Im a 50 year old female with kidney stones sence i was 16 i have high blood pressure, hair thinning,loss of energy, cant concentrate, depression, osteoporosis, cant sleep, memory loss, heart palpitations, headaches, gastric acid, myasthenia gravis, bone pain,low vitamin D of 9.9 , pth of 16, blood calcium of 10.
Avatar n tn Blood in the urine suggests kidney stones. When there is diarrhea, white blood cells in the stool suggest intestinal inflammation. Plain X-rays of the abdomen. Plain X-rays of the abdomen also are referred to as a KUB (because they include the kidney, ureter, and bladder). The KUB may show enlarged loops of intestines filled with copious amounts of fluid and air when there is intestinal obstruction.
Avatar n tn Those are visual tools to see if you've got, for example, kidney stones or ulcers. Gastroparesis means the tummy isn't emptying as fast as it should. One way to help that is to eat several small meals a day instead of two or three large ones. Also, make one of those meals a nutrient shake. As for your hydrocodone, whomever is prescribing that to you, please visit them again and inquire as to how you might reduce your dosage a little, if you would like to try that.
554409 tn?1218407068 My Drs have ruled out Crohn's, IBS, colitis, gonorrhea, syphallis, gall stones, kidney stones, bladder infection, appendicitis, and ovarian cists. My gastro is stumped and ordered another ESR and CRP to be done yesterday, and I have been told if they come back as elevated as they have been that they will consider exploratory surgery, which I really would like to avoid.
Avatar n tn I also would have to disagree with the person who says this is just grapefruit and oil. My stones looked just like the pictures. How could your body manufacture in a period of just overnite, "stones" . It is true that when you examine them they are white inside. That is cholestrol that has been building up and the green outside is bile. Sometimes it is not green but tan or even black.
Avatar n tn I left out a few symptoms....bad breath, LOTS of belching and gas, as well as some insomnia. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am a 21 year old very healthy female, the only problems I have ever had are kidney stones two different times. I feel like I am going crazy. I am in real pain, and all the doctors keep giving me the run around. I need some direction. What kind of specialist should I see? Has anyone had anything similar to this? What should I do for now to help with my pain so I can continue working. Money is tight, as it is for everyone and I really need to get back on my feet soon.
Avatar f tn I don't have kidney stones, Gaul stones, pregnant. I do know they found discoloration on pelvic wall and some fluid but haven't got them results yet. Its very frustrating to be in pain but doctors tell u everything normal. Someone help!
Avatar n tn Not only has my tumor grown but i have multiple more along with lesions and cysts on my liver and kidney stones. A specialist told me and can't tell anything til he goes in to see whats going on cause I shouldnt have pain. I understand his point there but have a hard time understanding why they are growing.
Avatar n tn 6 teeny raised dots, forming a perfect circle. One same type of dot, in the dead center. they never itch, burn ... wouldn't even notice them without having spotted them. (no pun intended) Inside wrist .. back of hand, stomach, top thigh. They come and go. Sometimes they appear in the same spot, and stay awhile & come back, some go away but haven't come back ... Honestly. A perfect tiny circle of 6 light red raised dots, one center dot.
Avatar n tn I was told I have a fatty liver and that they had discovered a leaking cyst on my right ovary, My blood and urine was tested and found that there was blood in the urine. I am now going to have a CT Scan on my kidney's to check for kidney stones and she put me on some antibiotics to be on the safe side. It's strange but oddly enough the pain has become somewhat less severe but still uncomfortable. The dr mentioned that the cyst on the ovary could cause deferred pain.
Avatar m tn For those that have kidney stones, i had pain on my side and back and an ultrsound revealed a lentil sized stone in my kidney. The doctor gave me some pain killers and told me to go home and wait for me to pass it. He said I needed to pee through a filter to catch the stone and that the pain would be what a woman experiences giving birth. Well I saw my wife give birth and I knew I did not want to go through that. I then went to the internet and found an ad for a product called Uriflow.
Avatar n tn kidney problem, with higher creatinine levels than normal. Then that was OK and a scan showed no kidney stones. I have pain lower left side, sometimes moving round to my lower back, left side. It feels "heavy" only description I can make. I never pass any blood in stools or urine. I've been vegetarian for 36 years. I am slightly anaemic, but it is only slight. Anyone got any ideas where I go from here?
Avatar f tn By the way, I believe there are 4 different types of gall stones as there are kidney stones. You will need a natural laboratory if your regular physician wont test for that. BUT they should freely test for parasites and polyps/tumor/ or carcinogens.
90502 tn?1196367605 I ended up taking (among others) silymarin (Milk Thistle), N Acetyl Cysteine, and vitmain C for years. That is until chronic kidney stones put an end to any further supplementation via vitamin C.
Avatar f tn We are expecting our first baby girl, Alexia Grace, on April 18. This has been a rough preg for me.. so far kidney stones, spotting until about 18 weeks, and now dilated to 1/2 cm... but it will all be so worth it when she gets here! Hopefully not for another 12 weeks!! I haven't worked since I was about 9 weeks pg, I'm practicing being a SAHM.
1549643 tn?1495762953 I saw the abdominal calcification on a CT scan where I was being checked for recurrance of kidney stones. A doctor never told me about it, so I assume it's not a big deal. I do get stressed but this is random, not every day. I'm not hyperventilating or having anxiety attacks as a cause to this. My pulse pounds harder when I lay down. If I put too many blankets on me, and get too hot, these sensations worsen. I just want to know what's wrong.
Avatar n tn I have been to a GYN, Urologists, primary care physicians, you name it I have seen them. I have had kidney stones removed, laproscopic surgery (nothing abnormal) and a cystopy (spelling). I was actually hoping that the Lap would indicate that they had found something wrong so they could fix it. My GYN seems to think our next step is to remove the uterus, I just don't see how this can help.
Avatar n tn It's an urban myth...gallstones, unlike kidney stones can not be dissolved - and even if they could, you would NOT want the remnants of them "passing through" as this "flush" suggests would happen....the fragments or small stones would become trapped, possibly in the bile duct. This old wives' tale is at best useless and at worst dangerous...please don't even try it....
Avatar n tn She said the only way she would touch it is if it is cancer or if it starts to effect my ureter again. 2 months ago I had severe kidney infection and kidney stones, I am thinking now it is because of the ovary thing growing back. I am just at a loss and dont know what to think anymore. If there are so many people having this issue why dont they find a way to deal with it. Beyond me, but now I have to deal with the daily pain that seems to be the norm for all that have the same symptoms.
Avatar n tn Could be kidney stones. I get kidney stones. I've been getting them since I was young. When I was younger, I had no idea what it was. Now I do. They tend to get worse as an adult and in some stages, can be as painful or worse than child birth. I would see a urologist.
Avatar f tn She is in fourth stage renal failure-Of course she has seen her regular vet for fluids-ultra sound revealed she has one kidney which is failing. Creatine was 13-subs at home-now using hollistic and homepatic treatment. Recently more bad days than good. I am giving her ice chips which seem to work better for her than lapping. Pedialyte ice is also better.