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Avatar f tn As you have had/still have calcium oxalate stones, your risk of getting more kidney stones is much increased. Avoid the foods mentioned and browse the web for more information on oxalate rich foods that you should avoid or eat less of. It is also very important to always stay well hydrated. Your urologist may have advised you to drink 2 litres of fluids (4 pints) during the day, more if you are doing exercises that make you sweat or perspiring in hot weather.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones almost 3 years ago but I did not get them removed as my Dr told me they could not kill me or cause any life threatening diseases, but recentley I have noticed a little bit of stomach discomfort, I would like to say pain but it doesnt hurt , it kind of feels like something is there like gas, and my stomach gurgles a little bit and once in a while I will feel a little bit of a slight pinching pain in different spots over my belly , it feels like its through the b
Avatar n tn Just sharing some info that I got from another forum. Lemon juice, olive oil, and chanca piedra are the most common remedies to flush out kidney stones. You can Google them for more information.
Avatar m tn - calcium oxalate struvite uric cystine The rarest form of kidney stones is Cystine stones. Cystinuria is an inherited condition that affects the amount of acid that is passed in the urine. Struvite stones are caused by recurrent kidney infections. Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration.
Avatar m tn the lemon water can be helpful, yes.
Avatar m tn In addition the therapy for renal stones depends on the size, the location and the kidney functions. Certain foods are likely to aggravate the stone formation. Dietary changes may help prevent kidney stone formation if you are prone for it. Prevention strategies for kidney stones include - Increasing your daily fluid intake and taking the recommended daily allowance of calcium. Increase your fluid intake to the point where your urine volume reaches 2.5 litres a day.
Avatar f tn - calcium oxalate struvite uric cystine The rarest form of kidney stones is Cystine stones. Cystinuria is an inherited condition that affects the amount of acid that is passed in the urine. Struvite stones are caused by recurrent kidney infections. Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration.
Avatar n tn It does not get rid of the kidney stone. The kidney stone will cause you problems with urinary infections as it moves, or travels down. This is because it scratches as it moves and then when bacteria enters the wounds, infection sets in. You will know when the stone is moving because you will feel discomfort or pain in one or the two kidneys (depends where the stone is). You may also experience what is called renal colic which is wind like pain in your belly.
Avatar n tn Vegetarians actually tend to form significantly fewer calcium oxalate kidney stones than meat eaters. Vegetarian diets include more bulk and fiber, which lowers calcium output. And, vegetable protein contains fewer sulfur-rich amino acids than animal protein, and those amino acids promote calcium excretions. It will help you to increase fiber sources in your diet, like root vegetables, and to cut back on how much meat you eat.
Avatar f tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Kidney-Disease--Disorders/Has-anyone-with-kidney-stones-tried-vitamin-B6-and-magnesium/show/2052270">Has anyone with kidney stones tried vitamin B6 and magnesium?</a> was started.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry for all that you are going through, it's horrible. Do you eat a low oxalate diet? Do you drink water with real lemon juice? Do you reduce your sodium? I'm just wondering because this is some of what I am having to do after two 24 hour urines. I also am taking 400 mg of magnesium and I'm supposed to limit my dairy to two servings a day. I just want to know if others are advised the same as I was? If it doesn't work, my urologist says I will have to go on medication.
463595 tn?1334000822 Do not drink cranberry juice because it contains oxalate which can cause kidney stones...cranberry juice is okay for uti but not kidney stones..lemon juice is very good for breaking up stone for smaller passage. I just finished up a bought with kidney stone 7mm and uti.
Avatar n tn I found out this year that they have always been kidney stones. I was sent to a urologist and told that I have multiple stones in BOTH kidneys. They want to do a 24-hour urine test, but since I keep getting stones, the test keeps getting put off. In the past two weeks, I've had 3 stones. Upon stone analysis, they found it is 100% calcium oxalate, which I've read is the most common stone type.
Avatar m tn sometimes Calcium Oxalate, Sometimes Uric, Calcium Oxalate mixed with carbonate, sometimes mixtures of both and sometimes calcium phosphate is mixed with calcium oxalate or the uric stones. I have done tons of tests from the 24 hour urine tests (twice), blood tests, etc. and everything is normal. My magnesium was initially low and they do have me on a 500mgs of magnesium daily. My problem is no one can seem to figure out what is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn Hi, Firstly, the patients of ulcerative colitis are definitely at an increased risk of developing renal stones due to hyperoxaluria (there’s an increased excretion of oxalate in urine) and you know that the most common kidney stones are calcium oxalate stones thus increasing the risk of these patients. I didn’t like the attitude of your treating physician and he should definitely continue treating as you’re going through a genuine problem and it’s not a fake one.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar n tn These stents are supposed to help kidney stones pass, but stents often must be left in for the remainder of the pregnancy, and can cause extreme pain. Drink plenty of extra water, and avoid high oxalate foods such as nuts, dark leafy green vegetables, berries and chocolate. Drinking pure lemon juice freshly squeezed or from concentrate has been known to help dissolve kidney stones too. Keep in mind that pre-made lemonade drinks don't do the job.
Avatar f tn I concur with Spotjeff. My natural doctor says: "Most kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate. Magnesium makes calcium more soluble in the urine, and inhibits the formation of calcium-oxalate crystals. One study examined 55 people with reoccurring kidney stones, who were given 500 milligrams of magnesium daily for up to 4 years. the study showed that 85% of these people remained stone0free compared with 41% in a group of people who did not receive magnesium supplements.
Avatar n tn Also, specifically, lemon juice appears to break down CaOx stones. I pass a kidney stone at least once a month, so I completely understand what you are going through. No doctor would expect a 9mm stone to pass on its own, its just too big. I personalyl wouldn't be that anxious to break it up though, because a 9mm stone can make quite a few smaller ones. Luckily, in some blessed individuals, stones can stay in the kidney painlessly for many years without causing any trouble at all.
Avatar m tn Be sure, though, to get your calcium from dietary sources like dairy products as taking calcium supplements can increase your chances of kidney stones. My stone may years ago was diagnosed as being calcium oxalate, but then the thinking was to avoid all dairy products. So things have changed a lot since then. And of course, the usual of drinking water and not getting dehydrated also is a preventive from stone formation. Did they let you keep the stone? Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis of kidney stones. Expected to be small enough to pass. One has passed. Is it common to have bloody urine this long?
Avatar f tn I am worried because it was horrible passing the stone. I have been reading that lemon juice is good at preventing calcium stones, but it may be bad for phosphate stones, so I am not sure if I should keep with the lemon juice. I should also note that I do not have insurance(its a long story How I was able to get the stone analysed), and though I am trying to get insurance, I still want some advice to prevent these stones. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Dear Hajime, One third to one half of patients with medullary sponge kidney have hypercalcemia secondary to a multitude of reasons however, renal leak is most common. The stones that these patients develop are calcium oxalate type stones. Thiazide diuretics are the main type of treatment in the USA, however dietary modification may help as well. If this doesnt work, inorganic phosphates may be tried.
168348 tn?1379360675 and, thus, don't drink nearly as much as I should and gravitate to the sweeter, more tasty liquids which really is not beneficial to wt. loss or my history of kidney stones. Sometimes really cold with fresh lemon slices .. that is the closest I've come to an answer. So, how do you drink your water plain or flavored and what kind or ideas?
168348 tn?1379360675 All my metabollic levels are normal and I've been through the works with both my endocrinologist and urologist bcz I also produce calcium oxalate kidney stones (and gallstones). I just recently (after 2yrs) wasrepeat tested 24hr urine and all was normal as well as more routine physical-type bloodwork all normal. My TSH was nromal @ 2.8 prior to my surgery. Nodules found upon routine physical exam (about 2cm's), thus my thyroid entered my healthcare.
805104 tn?1242338271 I too was told that it is not worth having them checked at this point, unless they are getting stones and infections. My URO though also did recommend that they drink lemon aid and take Vit. B-6 and Magnesium to help prevent the stones. Also getting them to force lots of water to keep things cleared out. The key with all of them but esp. with you son who is already having some problems is to make sure that any infections, UTI's are treated completely and not just let return.
Avatar m tn Orange juice is really good too. Lemon water is a good diurectic to help you pee but orange juice can help in breaking the stones up as they contain the citric acid that is needed to break the stones. Also, low salt and protein diet. Like others have said, it does depend on the person as to what will help them but these are common denominators I have come in contact with since my voyage on this ride of stones. Most people have at least one during their life.
690241 tn?1227390813 That reminds me .. with calcium oxalate stones, my Uro told me I can drink as much lemon as I want all day long. Fresh lemon squeezed into water .. whatever way I want it, will be helpful. Kind of like the citrate I guess in the Urocit-K. But guess what, I get little sores on my tongue from the acid .. so within limits works best for me. Let us know what your Dr says about the extra vitamins in the water + the prenatal's My dr. suggested I take magnesium, too and B6 I believe it is ...