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Avatar f tn Urologist performed cystocopy (normal), ultrasound (normal with R kidney hydronephrosis), CT scan showed no hydronephrosis but two 2mm non obstructing LEFT kidney stones. I keep having symptoms of what feels like uti that subsides with drinking a lot of water. Macrobid removes all symptoms while i'm on it but they return 2 days after I stop taking them. I don't have any other symptoms, the pain I usually feel is bladder discomfort and pain in urethra, some burning and urgency.
Avatar f tn UTI can also be due to the polycystic kidney disease as well. Kidney stones and kidney failure are late-stage symptoms of the disease. I suggest you an immediate urologist’s evaluation. If the size of the stone is small, it’s usually treated with ESWL in which shock waves are given from outside and stone breaks into small pieces. On the other hand, if the stone is quite big, then the surgical removal of the stone is a better option. Also her renal functions need to be studied.
Avatar m tn i have been to see my gp a month ago with kidney stones, painfull cramps ,the pain has gone but im passing alot of blood when i urinate and it also stings when i urinate which is about 20 times a day im male and 29 years old any help please
Avatar f tn It hurts so bad to pee and the pain runs all the way through my back (right side). No matter how I sit or move I'm in pain. I've never had kidney stones so I know very little about them but from what I understand, round ligament pain is short lived, not hours and hours of pain. Anyone have an experience like this and have advice?
5900973 tn?1396067991 I found out monday I have kidney stones for the 2nd time this pregnancy... :( I am going in friday for my csection and just hoping the pain eases up for me or that I just pass the dang stone... I dont want to be dealing with that after the birth. It just seems like bad timing, not that there is a good time for these things... Tmi but my urine looks like cranberry juice, kinda scary but I know its from the stone. I have been drinking tons of water.
Avatar f tn She was very sick just over a week before she was diagnosed, and they don't know if she was sick from the kidney stones,or if she had the stomach flu,and getting dehydrated caused the kidney stones. However she never really got too "dehydrated" when she was so sick. She did vomit alot, but was still having plenty of urine. So who knows. Any experience on how long these things take to pass? Thanks again.
409451 tn?1206900232 Endo and kidney stones can cause bladder problems however endo doesn't produce blood in your urine not that I have heard of anyway but don't quote me on that. Most cases when there is blood in your urine is when you have a uti or kidney stones. The next step for you since your pap came back normal and the fact that your dad had kidney stone problems, is ask your doc to do blood work and see if there is any abnormalities in your blood work that will show if your kidneys are functioning right.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had an uti or kidney infection while pregnant? I'm having cramps on the right side of my uterus and a burning/Sharp pain on my right side of my back. it's very painful so called my ob's nurse. I had to do a u.a. I'm patiently waiting for the results. Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain?
Avatar n tn The way that I can notice the difference is that I get very ill very fast when it is a UTI, or kidney infection and I also developed a fever with it. All the best.
Avatar m tn Definitely be sure to have your doc review the labs. Calcium Oxalate is the material kidney stones are made of sometimes .. interesting it is showing up in your urine and curious what your doctor will say about it. Could it be fragments in your urine from a stone? or, potential for a stone. ?'s to ask your doc.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Any test result should be correlated clinically. The presence of mucous in urine can be due to urinary tract infection. Kidney stones and stones of the urinary tract can also cause the presence of mucous in urine. It can also be seen in certain sexually transmitted disease if they additionally affect the urinary tract. Urine normally is sterile and presence of WBCs in a urine sample indicates inflammation or infection within the urinary tract or kidney.
Avatar f tn it could have turned to a kidney infection or even kidney stones which is what i have right now.. o would give them a call they may wantyou to get checked out.
Avatar n tn Basically, Causes can be divided according to the affected organ and they are Kidney conditions (infection, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease), Bladder conditions (cystitis, bladder polyp, bladder tumor), Urethral conditions (Sexually transmitted diseases, urethral injury, vaginal inflammation), and certain bleeding disorders I feel that without clinical examination, pinpointing a diagnosis is tough. Also a complete urine examination and culture may be required.
Avatar n tn My family has a history of kidney stones, and I just needed another opinion on what exactly it might be. Thing is when I urinate it doesnt burn at all (like with a UTI), but I have cramps, a belly ache, and lower back pains. Help Please!
Avatar m tn The obstruction can be due to abnormality of structures since birth, stones or diseases like tumors. Females are more prone to recurrent UTI. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn Hi there! Any condition which causes obstruction to the flow of urine like kidney stones or prostatic hypertrophy can lead to urinary tract infections. In males the bacteria can hide deep inside the prostatic tissue leading to repeated urinary tract infections. Repeated urine infections can lead to poor kidney function, kidney scars and permanent damage.
Avatar n tn If UTI is ruled out then I would like to rule out any kidney or ureteric causes.Inflammation, infection or stones in the kidneys or ureters can cause such symptoms. I suggest you to get an examination done from a urologist and get the diagnosis confirmed. Lab investigations like complete blood examination, urine examination, ultrasound lower abdomen and kidney function tests will help in diagnosis. Treatment will be started thereafter.
Avatar n tn I had a confirmed UTI in mid September. 5 days ago (Sat), I began symptoms again---extreme pain while urinating & difficulty emptying my bladder. Next day (Sun), I go to Urgent Care who takes a urine sample & says I have a UTI, gives me Cipro 500mb BID & sends me home. By Mon morning, the burning is unbearable & I see my gynecologist nurse practitioner. She swabs my vagina & takes another urine sample.
Avatar f tn Has your urologist checked you for kidney stones? Bladder stones? Those can cause this situation. Also, an abnormality in your anatomy. That can be checked. The issue with improper wiping in the bathroom or sexual contact that would transmit fecal matter to your urethra is another one, And lastly, I don't know how old you are but some pre menopausal women get this due to hormonal shifts. Some women will take antibiotics for an extended course of therapy-- even up to six months.
7019649 tn?1396796117 I'm on my last day of antibiotics, and they didn't clear up my symptoms. I have a history of kidney stones, and I'm afraid that's what is going on again. Anybody have any experiences with kidney stones during pregnancy? What did you do for them?
Avatar n tn Symptoms of UTI are frequent urination, burning sensation during urination, passing of blood in urine and even fever.The most common causes of repeated UTIs are kidney stones and diabetes mellitus. Women who are sexually active, who use diaphragms for birth control, and/or are past menopause are at an increased risk for urinary tract infections.
Avatar n tn Hematuria can be caused by a variety of issues such as vigorous exercise, sexual activity, viral illness, trauma, or infection, such as a urinary tract infection (UTI). More serious causes Additional diagnostic tests such as imaging studies may need to be done to determine the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.