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106886 tn?1281295172 Just responding to a nice message I got regarding my spouse and his horrible, icky, painful Kidney Stones. Hi Marty, Thanks for the suggestion on pain relief. I had forgotten all about that drug. That's a name from the past, huh? He has Percocet and another drug and he has chosen not to take the Percocet (for me it is constipating and gives me bad headaches, so I might have talked him out of it). He is asleep right now from the drugs actually.
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1916673 tn?1420236870 This made me very happy. That day I started him on the Kidney gold drops and plan to get repeat blood work done on Nov 16th. I have been giving him egg whites as a treat(and to put the kidney gold drops on). He seems to be doing well, except that his trembling has increase. It has happened once in awhile over the last few years, but it seems to be increasing substantially. I love my dog more than anything and obviously want him to live as long as possible as long as hes not in major pain.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old **** zhu has been having uri infections with a little blood in the urine, the vet put her on clavamox but once she had taken the course it reocurred, he did an ultra sound, no kidney stones her kidneys looked good but said there was a thickening of the bladder wall, with no other test he is talking about a biopsy, which I have been not is not the best thing, have heard there is a urine test that can detect bladder cancer, she is on a second course of clavamox, again 100 per cent
82861 tn?1333457511 3 weeks ago he ate 2 jalepenos that were lying on a plate on the bed. and today after runing a random test on him for his liver and kidneys find that his blood urea is 182 and his creatine serum is 5.1. What could be the cause of this doctor. and what do u suggest i do to get him to be better.
Avatar f tn My shitzu dog is 7 years old and has kidney stones and allergies.He also has high cholesterol(Cushings' disease suspected). He weighs about 10 lbs. Is it safe for me to give him omega 3 capsules and what should be the dosage? Thank you, Mrs.
Avatar f tn The story is I found him lying down licking his privates and he was panting quite hard. So I went to see what was going on, he was still panting and a little bit of blood came out on my hand. So I was really worried about what the matter was with him !! Later I saw one of the soft toys with some blood on, and I do wonder if he has humped it ? What do you think ? Is this to be any of worry or not ? What do you think it is ? Thankyou !!!
Avatar n tn Urinary tract infection, kidney stones or bladder stones. Definitely need to get your pup to a vet. These are all very painful conditions that require medical care. There is nothing you can do at home to help it.
20701913 tn?1504105446 From her preliminary blood work results her BUN was slightly elevated, but her Creatinine was high. Nevaeh had kidney stones when she was 3 or 4 years old so the vet took x-rays and did not find any. On Saturday night (6 days ago) she was rushed to the Vet ER because she leaked a few drops of urine on my tile floor that looked like there was blood in it. Saturday's blood results showed BUN within normal limits, but the Creatinine was elevated more than before.
Avatar n tn My cat has a large stone in her bladder and a small one in her kidney she is on Hills CD food and antibiotics right now I"m not sure if I should wait a couple of months to see if the bladder stone dissolves or just have it removed now? They said they can't remove the kidney stone but they can remove the bladder stone, but I don't know how the kidney stone is going to effect her health in the future.
Avatar n tn Can we do anything to get rid of the calcium deposits? Could the calcium be kidney stones? Is renal advanced (the powder supplement) really important for her to take? My vets are clueless. They can't tell me anything. We are crazy about our Pookee.
1341923 tn?1276130446 Dogs with chronic renal disease do better on Hill's K/D than cats, however, I think that there are ways to spruce up this diet and helping to maintain kidney function even more. You can either add to the K/D, use a homemade diet in addition to it, or supplement with holistic canned diet. The most important dietary change is no dry commercial food! Good holistic renal friendly dog foods include: Wellness Senior canned food, Orijin Senior, and Natures variety Senior.
787406 tn?1339206783 My aussie started hiding today,which is what my boxer did the day he died,he is in so much pain that he groans all day,I tried Tramadol last night but had no effect on the pain. Can dogs take morphine when they have kidney failure?
Avatar n tn I took her to the vet this morning, where they X-Rayed her, and found both Bladder and Kidney stones. This will be the third time that she will be having her bladder stones removed. What I find so odd is that she never hunched her back or seemed to be in the discomfort that she is in now with the last two times she had bladder stones. I am not sure if it’s because she is showing signs of Kidney Stones this time? Have you found out anything more with you Schnauzer?
Avatar n tn We took him to an emergency vet and they tested him for kidney stones and urinary tract infection. He had trace amounts of infection so he was prescribed antibiotics but my dog still urinates blood after running and after marking. I have taken him to the vet again and they cannot find an answer. He Ph levels are perfect, no kidney stones, and no infection. He is not in pain but urinating blood cannot be good.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Processed manufactured dog foods usually have the appropriate ratio of these minerals, but when an owner decides to produce home cooked food (for all the right reasons and with the best of intentions), the ratio is harder to achieve. In younger dogs, kidney stones and the resulting blocked urinary tract, inherited genetic defects affecting the kidneys, kidney infections and ingested poisons (notably anti-freeze and rodent-control poisons) can all cause phosphorus levels to rise.
1660289 tn?1302560398 I have a Shih Tzu who is going in for surgery soon to have two large bladder stones removed. He also has two small ones in his kidney. The vet keeps talking about getting him started on Hill's diet. I have no intention of buying this food from them. I have reminded her three times that he needs to be on a grain free food. I will not risk the chance of switching foods & having him go through the miserable itchiness, hair loss & yeast infection again.
1832268 tn?1326819610 I am sorry to read your dog has received this diagnosis. Please join our special User Group on MedHelp - the CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE IN DOGS User Group.You should see a box on the main MedHelp front page (top right hand side) that is for searching the website. Just put the group name in it and click the magnifying glass. When you get into the User Group's first page, join it (become a member).
Avatar f tn We would all want them to die peacefully in their sleep, but this is not always the case. I have read many peoples posts on kidney failure in their dogs. Most people say that when their dog stops eating, The time is near. Watch for increasing signs and symptoms. I pray that she will go peacefully in her sleep, but if this is not the case, I am sure you will know when it is time to let her go. My heart goes out to you.... ( My lovely little yorkie..TwoBits had kidney failure.
661200 tn?1225486613 I noted a homepathic mixture on line call tripsy for kidney failure. Not sure if that could help the kidney failure or not. I'm just not ready to let go yet? Any suggestions?
2361255 tn?1339611918 As far as Meds for kidney disease goes,Dogs with kidney failure will end up getting ulcers, throughout their digestive tract, and because of the ulcers, the vet will prescribe anti ulcer medications, as well as anti nausea meds. Dogs with kidney disease will also experience a rise in their phosphorus levels, so typically a phosphate binder is given. And when the dog is not drinking, and not staying hydrated enough, then it is time to start administering Sub-Q fluids.
Avatar m tn I don't think we are allowed to post links here, but if you search that, it should take you to a good piece on kidney stones, on a site called 'Live Strong'. It may give you some ideas that you may be able to use yourself and give you a little more feeling of control. This info may not eliminate the problem, but may help ease the discomfort. I am a firm, lifelong believer in homeopathy.
Avatar f tn * Promote healthy kidney functioning * Fight kidney infections * Improve urinary flow * Reduce the pain and discomfort of kidney stones Tripsy is high effective, yet is totally natural and 100% safe for long-term use. I bought it online at Petwellbeing.
Avatar f tn It does seem extremely expensive, considering the manufacturers haven't provided any scientific evidence to prove it works on kidney failure dogs. That said, who knows, maybe it does something, maybe it doesn't. You should certainly be aware of the potential to overdose, so always give it in accordance with the dosing instructions.
Avatar f tn It's incredibly frustrating and upsetting when we feel so helpless, and I totally empathise with how you must be feeling. Some dogs seem to carry on almost normally, except for refusing food and being a bit sleepy and lethargic ... right up to the last couple of days, when their outward appearance of health takes a nose-dive. I suspect you will see this happen with your dog.
Avatar m tn One of the problems of high calcium is kidney stones and bladder stones can develop, so this is a matter not to be ignored. Your vet is suggesting euthanasia. I appreciate he is thinking old dog and kidney failure, so better to call it a day. There is some rational consideration to be thought about there. Personally, I can also understand you wanting to do everything you can to prolong life and improve quality of life.
Avatar m tn I had a small stone pass back then and on x-ray they saw a 4 mm stone sitting in my right kidney, so I had a scheduled follow up to check on it. The stone has moved to my ureter and has gotten stuck, about halfway. I've been feeling significant pain on that side since the end of December, but I had a kidney infection which was treated with ampicillin at that time and thought it was all related to that.
Avatar m tn grieving so bad myself as what to do with my almost 17 yr old toy poodle Abby. Told in April she was in early stage of kidney failure, put on special kidney prescribed diet. She is blind from cataracts, doesn't hear as good, but her nose still works good, stick it up when give her kidney diet. Here it is July, I just feed her whatever she will eat, which isn't nuch,sleeps most of time, has to be carry out about every 2-3 hrs, she still drinking .
20820864 tn?1522934753 Hello. Dogs not eating is typical of kidney disease. The reason is due to several things, each one can be the culprit, or all of them can be. It ranges from nausea to acid-reflux and even kidney or bladder stones. Sometimes different medications and supplements can cause nausea too. Please have a read of my article on this subject, as it might offer you some help ... you will find it at http://www.infobarrel.