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Avatar m tn Recurrent kidney infection can be due to diabetes, some anomaly or defect in the kidney or due to the organisms developing antibiotic resistance. Recurrent kidney stones are found renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, Dent's disease (genetic disease of the kidney), hyperparathyroidism, primary hyperoxaluria and Crohn's disease. Since the pain comes before periods too, it can also be due to endometriosis.
Avatar f tn if nodule presses on parathyroid and too much calcium production you can develop KIDNEY STONES!!! You don't want that either. So happy biopsy is good. Keep us posted on your herbal findings and make sure ok with surgery and not a blood thinner for X amount of days before surgery.
443757 tn?1217554790 The riba is known to be rough on your kidneys. Caffiene can cause kidney stones. Usually you have to drink it for many years, but the alkalines, inclusive of all forms od speed, have an irritating effect and change PH making stones more formable. Also your genetics and cholesterol levels determine if and when you will get stones and how resislient your kidneys are, so at any age there is risk to certain people, and certainly to those on Riba therapy.
Avatar n tn Can we do anything to get rid of the calcium deposits? Could the calcium be kidney stones? Is renal advanced (the powder supplement) really important for her to take? My vets are clueless. They can't tell me anything. We are crazy about our Pookee.
1341923 tn?1276130446 In addition, there is an excellent natural herbal kidney product called Kidney Essentials available at which along with an all-natural, vitamin supplement patented for dogs called Paaws offers the nutrients recommended by Dr Cheng, all available in an easy to give chewable tablet.
Avatar f tn Hi, I also heard the same case of yours to my friend. For the kidney abnormalities annd/or kidney stones, those are the results of our wrong diet to the foods we eat. So natural cleansing and detoxification by 100% pure vegetable & fruit juice can help the treatment process and helps preventing kidney stones formation and prevent development of bacteria's and or cancerous cells.
Avatar n tn I've had shortness of breath which I think is from the cosopt. No appetite which is from the diamox and lately kidney pain (i.e. stones) from the pilocarpine. I don't want to be on this stuff much longer but I would also like to avoid surgery. The docs are just trying to buy me time to see if the effects of the steroid shot wear off and the plumbing in my eye starts working again. I'm also taking ALA, vitamin C, fish oil and doing some cardio whenever I can.
1660289 tn?1302560398 I have a Shih Tzu who is going in for surgery soon to have two large bladder stones removed. He also has two small ones in his kidney. The vet keeps talking about getting him started on Hill's diet. I have no intention of buying this food from them. I have reminded her three times that he needs to be on a grain free food. I will not risk the chance of switching foods & having him go through the miserable itchiness, hair loss & yeast infection again.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 year old female.I am having reoccurent UTI'S and now I have a Kidney infection. In fact I have had 10 UTI's in the past 12 months. Each time I am treated and with-in a week or two, I have another one. I 've had 8 cases of BV, as well.My body has built immunities to Bactrim. It no longer works. I am now on Cipro. I follow all the guidelines the dr. tells me. I have been tested for all STD's including Clamydia-all were Negative.
1832268 tn?1326819610 We brought him home and did twice daily under skin fluids plus standard recommended meds and kidney diet. We then took him to a kidney specialist who was trying to determine at what stage of Kidney disease he was at. Got his levels down a little more a week little later, things were looking promising and his energy levels were increasing dramatically. Less than a week later, he completely stopped eating. Took him to specialist after 2 days of not eating.
2361255 tn?1339611918 I have never met a dog yet that won't eat green tripe, it stinks to high heaven, but they love it and it's full of natural ingredients, minerals and nutrition. You can buy natural meats and white fish for dogs at any good pet store, look in the freezer department or you might have to ask about it. So sorry to hear about your dad, on top of everything else. You are really going through the mill right now.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Higher than normal potassium is not very unusual in kidney disease, but it is important to discount other potential causes - including kidney or urinary tract stones. An ultra-sound and white blood cell (WBC) count will help identify if stones are a problem. Phosphorus is also too high. Dogs acquire phosphorus directly from food, and normally (in healthy dogs) any excess is excreted through the kidneys.
Avatar f tn Hi Christina. I think the peach stone wouldn't have caused the kidney disease. The stones do contain toxic substances, but in relatively small quantities. The swimming in stagnant water is a possibility, but quite honestly, I think this kidney disease began maybe 2 or 3 years ago, so again it may have adversely affected an already existing condition, but not necessarily caused it.
Avatar n tn Individuals with higher levels of oxalate in urine are predisposed to developing kidney stones made of calcium oxalate. Though no stones may have been seen, their passing could have been the reason for the trauma to your urethra and the subsequent strictures (narrowing that needed dilatation). Blood in urine is again an indication of kidney stones.
Avatar n tn In other instances I tested negative. I take a lot of natural products to try and prevent this. My question is, aould applying antibacterial cream inside the condom further help to prevent UTI's?
4801019 tn?1359349012 Here recently about is this time last year I had a bout with a bladder infection, I was put on 3 different types of antibiotics, I was checked for kidney stones and bladder stones and those test results came back negative. I recently just had an epydimitis which is an infection in my left testicle & got that cured. now I went today to the doctor and she checks my prostate and said it was fine and not swollen.
Avatar n tn Try natures sunshine, they are all natural supplement products that can help with specific issues like the one your having. I used it when I had kidney stones and it worked like a charm.
Avatar n tn however, you can be at risk for toxicity (weak muscles, weak bones, excessive bleeding, and kidney stones) if you also consume large amounts of fortified milk / dairy products and fish. Vitamin D is available through our foods - Fortified milk, breakfast cereals, egg yolks, fatty fish, fish oils, and the sun. Sit at a window with the sun shining in for about 1/2 hour (few times a week) and that will help you get enough Vitamin D.
Avatar f tn Mine was identified as a calcium stone and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some veg and fruit. Also kidney stones can form from becoming dehydrated and from frequent infections. You have definitely had or still have a urinary infection. In which case you may benefit from a course of antibiotics. A urine sample sent to the lab can identify the bacteria to see which antibiotic will kill it off. In the UK we take a sample to our surgery which is then sent to the lab.
Avatar f tn however, you can be at risk for toxicity (weak muscles, weak bones, excessive bleeding, and kidney stones) if you also consume large amounts of fortified milk / dairy products and fish. Vitamin D is available through our foods - Fortified milk, breakfast cereals, egg yolks, fatty fish, fish oils, and the sun. Sit at a window with the sun shining in for about 1/2 hour (few times a week) and that will help you get enough Vitamin D.
3060903 tn?1398568723 These two dietary factors places significant stress on your kidneys, promoting kidney disease and stones Kidney-Friendly Superfoods Besides monitoring your protein and sugar/fructose intake and drinking plenty of water, adding the following foods to your diet can also help promote optimal kidney function.
635322 tn?1222721586 Good foods – Fresh apple juice, sour cherries, coconuts, cranberry juice, dandelion root, fennel, horseradish, juniper berries, parsley, yam, watermelon seed tea, marshmallow tea Harmful foods - Sugar, refined carbohydrates, soft drinks, alcohol, black tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, nuts, dried figs, pepper and poppy seeds, eggs, grapes, spinach, swiss chard, dairy products and concentrated animal protein foods Alternative treatment for kidney stones – drink lots of water, magnesium 500 mg/
Avatar m tn I've eliminated processed foods, foods in a can (chemically lined), and chemically treated products and started using chemical free products (from household products to personal care products) such as Seventh Generation, and other chemical free companies. Now here's my dilemma: I've noticed in the last 3-4 months I've become irritable, easily angered, have high anxiety over everything and cry at the drop of a hat.
Avatar f tn I have had several activations and symptoms come right back full force. I have also had kidney stones and cysts on my kidneys and i swear its from EBV too. Fortunately the activations when caught early can be fairly well dealt with for me.
Avatar n tn Tonsils and adnoids removed, gallbladder removed, breast reduction surgery, exploratory surgery(lower abdomen), right ovary and tube removed, appendix removed, kidney stones removed, and on the board is removal of many large polyps located in both sinuses removed. I have seen a doctor and currently see dr's for about every system and specialty in the human body. My diagnosis and symptoms are as follows: Lupus( one opinion, one Dr who saw me in hospital says no!
Avatar f tn Although it is a natural anti-inflammatory, so good for joint problems, it can also initiate kidney stones ... which obviously could be disastrous. If you intend continuing with the tumeric (to help his joints) then have the vet ultra-sound the kidneys to make sure there aren't any stones formed or forming (this could actually also produce kidney failure over a prolonged time, so it's worth considering the ulktra-sound test, if it's affordable).
Avatar f tn I also have had blood in my urine numerous times (three times visible to the eye, four times found in lab test), along with abdominal pain. Tests (sonogram, cystoscope?) show no signs of kidney stones, kidney damage, or bladder damage. GI doc found polyps in the cecum, evidence of GERD - diagnosed GERD, internal hemorrhoids, and IBS.
667008 tn?1231130069 I do take some natural remedies under the supervision of my psychiatrist but when I took cranberry pills as a diuretic with the reccomendation of my grandmother who was taking them for that reason, they gave me kidney stones and I only found out why after. The problem with Xanax is its not meant for long term use and a person can easily build up a tolerance to it. Every benzodiazepene has that potential but it is far less with Klonopin which is safe for long term use.
Avatar f tn The magnesium is already balancing the acidity, so by adding alkaline water you are pushing the alkaline balance in the opposite direction - and this can lead to kidney stones, bladder stones, painful urination and it can damage the kidneys too. So, in short, I would stop using alkaline water straight away and switch to filtered water. The filtered water has (importantly) less sodium and chemicals but retains an appropriate source of essential minerals. Hope this helps.