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Avatar f tn 20am I was rushed to the ER from sudden back pain that was unbearable I was so scared for my baby.. Came to the conclusion it's kidney stones and I became more terrified because there's not many pain killers they could give me other than tylenol and morphine, so about the last one I asked if it was ok for my baby, first they said not sure!!
Avatar f tn Herb Pharm makes some good urinary tract formulas and many good herbal companies make gravel root based preparations that can help remove kidney stones. Something for you to investigate.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have or had kidney stones or kidney infection during pregnancy? How was your experience? Any natural way to feel better? I was admitted 3 days at the hospital, had the worst pain ever. Still feeling some pain and lots of diarrhea. Sorry for the Tmi.
Avatar m tn Recurrent kidney infection can be due to diabetes, some anomaly or defect in the kidney or due to the organisms developing antibiotic resistance. Recurrent kidney stones are found renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, Dent's disease (genetic disease of the kidney), hyperparathyroidism, primary hyperoxaluria and Crohn's disease. Since the pain comes before periods too, it can also be due to endometriosis.
Avatar f tn My PCP felt it was kidney stones and prescribed me flomax to help pass it. Days later no change. They did a CT scan, but it showed no stones. I still have blood in my urine so they suggested I see a Urologist. Feeling frustrated I have not made an appointment yet. Yesterday I felt pretty good, just some lower back pain, occasional nausea and I did have two hot sweat periods followed by chills but again no fever. Today I woke up with severe lower back pain.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm seventeen and still schooling. Im not really sure what i have. But i can feel something in my scrotum. Its small and round. Just to make it clear, i think its about the size of the metal part of a mico usb connector. Any idea what this could be. Because i thought Tescticular Microlithiasis caused tiny crystals.
Avatar f tn Stories like this make me so mad!! As for what can help you, I dont know..ive never had kidney stones but my mom and brother have and nothing helped them when they were in the worst of it either. The only thing i can suggest to you is this... can you get them removed /crushed via ultrasonic waves? I think they call it lithotripsy (sp?). THats what my mom had done..she sat in a hottub and ultrasonic waves thru the water shattered her stones.
Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, front, back and side and the pain takes my breath away. I had CT scans and ultra sound to determine if I had kidney stones. Then they sent me for x-rays with contrast and I was told I had a floating Kidney. The nurse for his office said there was nothing that I could do for the pain. "Just deal with it". Wow how can I when the pain takes my breath away and the pain is so bad that I have to lay down in bed until it goes away.
Avatar m tn First off, many of the herbs and supplements suggested for kidney stones, at best, may aid in urine flow to some degree, but there is no plant or vitamin that can MELT kidney stones, because all stones are made with varying amounts of CALCIUM, which cannot be dissolved without risking losing other things made of calcium such as bones and teeth! Only Uric acid stones have the least amount of calcium content and therefore CAN be reduced in size through medication.
Avatar n tn I suggest that you seek medical consult for this. A CT scan of the kidney,ureter and bladder may help rule out any stuctural abnormalities in the urologic tract. A stone in the urinary tract may also be readily noted here. A hemogram or microsopic evaluation of the appearance of red blood cells may help determine where the bleeding comes from. This will help determine if the upper urinary tract or the kidneys are involved.
Avatar m tn So she is not able to work and has TennCare for her health insurance. She has a stone right now that is 8.3 mm and too big to pass. Insurance will not pay for a lipotripsy as they say this is not a life threatening event. She has had her urologist with a catheter try to break it up and pull it out several times to no avail. This is not the first time she has went through that.
Avatar n tn If gout remains untreated, these uric acid crystals can build up in the joints and nearby tissues, forming hard lumpy deposits called tophi. High levels of uric acid may also cause kidney stones or kidney failure. SGPT is a test for liver function. SGOT/SGPT blood test is a one of the liver function tests. Primary use of SGOT/SGPT blood test is to assess the state of the liver function. SGOT and SGPT are two enzymes found in the liver.
Avatar f tn just would like to know what to expect, how to control it and will it go away, have even thought of kidney scarring due to the stents.... aarrgghhhhh!!!!!! could someone please help me, i really am at the end of the road here.... many thanks for your time...
Avatar f tn Should some of these enter the blood stream, the ONLY other organ that comes to the rescue is the kidney, that constantly filters the blood and this explains the dehydration, as the kidney now is working overtime filtering out the toxins using extra water. Water is the best detoxifying agent! Also another function of the kidneys is water regulation. When chronic conditions cause the kidney to overwork, kidney dysfunction is inevitable.
422425 tn?1307996590 After the initial evaluation she was able to tell me many things about the condition of my body, including the fact that I had kidney stones. I was very impressed. But I digress. I saw the acupuncturist for three months. It was expensive ($75.00 a treatment) and it was not covered by my insurance. I did not experience any reduction in my chronic pain. What I did find is that the treatments and setting was very relaxing.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. My kidney stone problem is a problem with oxalate. I think I will stop the turmeric for now. I am disappointed, as I thought this would help the arthritis. I certainly don't want kidney stone problems again. The calcium supplement I take is calcium citrate (not carbonate). Since I already take a prescription potassium citrate (Urocit-K), I guess the turmeric would be keeping that from doing its job of breaking down the oxalate.
448723 tn?1301458558 so he recommends epidural, but he supports me not turning it on until I need it (or not, hopefully). I've passed several kidney stones while pregnant (more painful than labor, trust me) and I'm currently in the process of passing several more I know I can handle pain and I would like to go natural as long as possible, lol. the labor with my daughter wasn't too excruciating...
Avatar f tn I concur with Spotjeff. My natural doctor says: "Most kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate. Magnesium makes calcium more soluble in the urine, and inhibits the formation of calcium-oxalate crystals. One study examined 55 people with reoccurring kidney stones, who were given 500 milligrams of magnesium daily for up to 4 years. the study showed that 85% of these people remained stone0free compared with 41% in a group of people who did not receive magnesium supplements.
3183592 tn?1344634338 I squirmed around trying to find any relief, but nothing I did made a difference. I had treated hundreds of patients with kidney stones, but now, I realized, I was the one who was about to wind up in the emergency room. My wife drove me to the hospital where I worked, and I greeted the ER director miserably letting him know that I thought I had a kidney stone.
Avatar f tn after being seen by 5 different doctors one told me kidney stone another told me kidney infection, gallbladder/stones omg i was gonna lose it, so today i see a doctor and he tells me, after reviewing all of my tests done by the other doctors, and a physical exam, and a phone call to an on call gynecologist, just so happened to be the one that did my lap in 2007 lol, who said that there were no masses or stones seen in the ct, although there was a tiny 1-2mm non obstructing object in the right
Avatar f tn I was told there was a lil calsification in it as well but probably wasnt a stone well low and behold 3 weeks ago 1 am i am in so much pain i can barely breathe yet again i take a trip to the hospital and end up going for a ct to find out in my right kidney i have a 8 by 10 mm stone a 5 by 6 mm stone and four 1 mm stones and i also have a 2cm stone in my left kidney..
Avatar n tn Can we do anything to get rid of the calcium deposits? Could the calcium be kidney stones? Is renal advanced (the powder supplement) really important for her to take? My vets are clueless. They can't tell me anything. We are crazy about our Pookee.
1341923 tn?1276130446 In addition, there is an excellent natural herbal kidney product called Kidney Essentials available at which along with an all-natural, vitamin supplement patented for dogs called Paaws offers the nutrients recommended by Dr Cheng, all available in an easy to give chewable tablet.
Avatar n tn My husband has a history of kidney stones (like his father who has suffered with them for over 30 years). This time however, he didn't experience the pain in his side, back or abdomen. Instead he has pain in the tip of his penis. He doesn't believe he has passed the stone yet but has not been straining his urine (strainer is lost - been a while since last stone). Is it possible he passed the stone and the pain is the remnants of this? He is not vomiting nor does he have fever.
Avatar f tn I have had over 60 kidney stones and unfortunately this is the way it works - if you go to a doctor complaining of the pain, they set you up for an ultrasound or ct scan, etc. A lot of times you have to wait weeks or months for that test depending on the insurance, etc. Meanwhile you are in a ton of pain and if you DO happen to pass a stone before the test you may never know.
Avatar n tn The problems I had in pregnancy were kidney and infections and stones. I had to be put on a low level antibiotic through my first one but used naturals etc through the other 4. If you do not have bladder pain, you can drink cranberry juice etc. Or take D-Mannose with is the part of cranberrry and blueberry that keep the bacteria from attaching. This is available through most healthfood stores.
Avatar f tn My PCP felt it was kidney stones and prescribed me flomax to help pass it. Days later no change. They did a CT scan, but it showed no stones. I still have blood in my urine so they suggested I see a Urologist. Feeling frustrated I have not made an appointment yet. Yesterday I felt pretty good, just some lower back pain, occasional nausea and I did have two hot sweat periods followed by chills but again no fever. Today I woke up with severe lower back pain.