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Avatar n tn Just sharing some info that I got from another forum. Lemon juice, olive oil, and chanca piedra are the most common remedies to flush out kidney stones. You can Google them for more information.
Avatar f tn So painful i know i had to stay at l and d a couple days for them to manage my pain via iv till i passed the big stone and was discharged with many small ones. Try a shot of lemon juice and olive basically lubes your kidneys and ureters to help pass. I have dealt with tons of stones even outside pregnancy, but its worse being pregnant bc you cant have surgery to have stents or litho.....
Avatar n tn I do hope by now your stone is out, if not I've just read something that might intrest you on an earthclinic post how olive oil and lemon juice mixed help pass a kidney stone, do hope this helps.
Avatar n tn same with me when i sleep i have no pain til about 20 minutes after i get up could be a stuck stone 3oz e virgin olive oil 3 oz real lemon juice if you can order uriflow its awesome
Avatar f tn Simon, I tried a lot of the stuff I saw online. Olive Oil , Lemon Juice (like 20 fricken Lemons) nothing "shrunk" it. Your urologist will tell you if it's "passable" or not and if you have any blockage. What did help me was sleeping on the opposite side of the stone those days I felt the best when I let gravity help . Set a timer for an hour and have 8oz glass of water ready and drink it, if you feel up to it work out. Dont sit around.
Avatar f tn A typical day's diet includes egg, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, squash, cooked carrots, spinach, chicken or fish, lime juice in water, and unsweetened cranberry juice in water. You'd be surprised how many different ways you put those bits and pieces together. Ha. It worked for me, however, and I no longer crave sugar like I once did. I've dropped a good bit of weight (which I needed to do) and feel pretty good except when the Lyme bugs are bugging me.
Avatar m tn They have been made up mostly of pepper and peanut oil so she has quit the pepper and doctor said to stop eating restaurant french fries or any fried food out as they are all with peanut oil. She tried the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil combination last week.
Avatar m tn Also the second you feel a stone might be coming take equal parts real lemon juice and if you have some coconut oil. Works as good as mixing lemon and olive oil. 4 table spoons every 10 minutes until you find little tiny sand particals, if anything at all. For me it take an hour and half from start to finish with some pain in the beginning. And coconut oil tastes SOOOO much better with lemon then olive oil. Plus it's got more health stuff in it.
Avatar n tn Basically consuming 1/2 cup olive oil followed by grapefruit juice or lemon juice. YUCK! It's up to you whether or not you'd want to do something like that. (I figure it's great as a gallstone preventative, but if you already have stones, it would be #1. painful trying to flush out stones (I'm sure cheesecake would be a tastier way to cause such pain), and #2. it could be dangerous, if a large stone gets stuck in a duct. In any case, good luck with whatever decision you make.
535822 tn?1443980380 ~ Add lemon juice to hot tea and honey to reduce a fever, fight the flu, relieve nausea, and lessen a chill ~ Drink lemon juice to fight fatigue and replace electrolytes after vigorous exercise or overheating ~ Stop a nose bleed with lemon juice applied to cotton and placed in the nostril ~ Eliminate gall stones with lemon juice and olive oil ~ Reduce hypertension and lower LDL cholesterol with lemon juice home remedies.
Avatar n tn I have had kidney pain on and off for several years. I will run a low temp (99-100 degrees), have aches in all my joints, and especially in my lower back. This time, it has kept me down for several days. I have been to my primary care physician a number of times--my urine tests always come back negative, with a slight elevation in white blood count and low fever. Because of repeated negative urinalysis, I am never treated for anything.
4296693 tn?1352380627 at 10pm, take a half cup olive oil or sesame oil w/ a half cup of fresh lemon juice, mix it well and drink it. the oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage. the next morning, you will find green stones in your stools, usually they float. by: Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan please try this.. after this treatment I feel so great! and yet I saw a lot of stones in my stool.. and now I have my regular exercise 6times a week, w/ vit. and supplements, liveraide, vit.C and multivitamins.
Avatar m tn which involve drinking pure apple juice and eating apple sauce for five days, then fasting briefly, taking magnesium, and then drinking large quantities of lemon juice mixed with olive oil before bed which and then one is supposed to be able to pass stones painlessly in the morning. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Heres something for you and they try to sell it on the internet(the info) for $99 google it and you'll see its 3 oz extra virgin olive oil 3 oz real lemon juice not concentraite, squeeze them or get the stuff that says made from real lemons not conc.
5900973 tn?1396067991 So sorry! I get stones too :( yes, lots of water, lemon juice mixed with olive oil, and stay active! Hope it passes :( try a heating pad for comfort!
Avatar f tn I just had stones in my right side very painful I'm 22 weeks and 3 days. I stated a natural remedy with frankincense and lemon in a capsule with olive oil. 2 times a day started drinking organic apple juice and water and lemon juice I've been pain free for 5 days!! Look up natural remedies on line and go for it!!! There was nothing the doctors could do for me! Had to just let the stones pass!! Good luck!!! Hope you feel better. I know your pain!!
Avatar n tn you'll come across a few sites that list something like ...olive oil or...vinegar with lemon juice or something mix that you drink. They swear by it but..yeah proceed at your own risk there. Basically it's like a power flush for the liver..but something you can try. Your gallbladder basically squeezes out bile to help digest oily, fatty foods...SOoooo another way is to avoid fats/oils for a few days up to a week to give your gallbladder a break..
Avatar f tn have you guys tried the olive oil/lemon juice flush? It works great. Will help you dump out the stones and possibly keep the gallbladder. There is a misconception that is you lose the gallbladder you will lose the pain and that is just not true. Too many reports refuting it. But don't take my word, you can research. Hope you feel better....
Avatar n tn regime as soon as you can.I need to know the names of the herbes , and ratio of olive oil to lemon juice and the frequency . Thanks.
499534 tn?1328707778 The cleanse I did was drink olive oil and lemon juice. I never was a candidate for surgery and/or officially diagnosed with liver or gallbladder problems. But I have read testimonials from people who were candidates for surgery and who did the same cleanse that I did. After they did the cleanse, they apparently no longer needed surgery !
Avatar f tn She said to mix 2oz of olive oil and 2oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice and drink this concoction 2-3 times a day. I've googled this and some blogs say it helps you pass the stone more quickly while other blogs say it dissolves it. Dissolving it sounds great, but I would really like to be able to have the stone analyzed, so that I can what changes need to be made in my diet, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I have had several activations and symptoms come right back full force. I have also had kidney stones and cysts on my kidneys and i swear its from EBV too. Fortunately the activations when caught early can be fairly well dealt with for me.
471949 tn?1236907626 Well I thought you may want to know what was killing me with pain in my back..... KIDNEY STONES!!! Unbelievable! At least I don't have kidney disease which is a BIG relief! I was beginning to feel like an automobile, having to go into the shop every week to have something fixed! I used two tablespoons of Olive Oil into a small cup along with two tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider (with mother - braggs product) and one fresh squeezed lemon juice. Mix all of this into a warm cup of water.
Avatar m tn you can google it, it's like a diet of avoiding fats/oily foods and there's a special mix cocktail that some people do (it's nasty something like lemon juice/olive oil/vinegar or something like that..if you can't find it google liver cleanse) so i've heard of people getting better on the diet and some have avoided surgery all together. Basically the gallbladder/liver break down foods and the gallbladder esp. goes to work when you eat fatty foods...
Avatar n tn The lemon-olive oil cleanse is a liver-gall bladder cleanse. I expells gallstones and bile. The psyllium and bentonite clay are colon-GI tract cleanses. They remove obstructions from the GI tract. The juicing/raw food diets are internal cleanses. Those are the ones that can really make a difference. The ****** diet is a diet that is liver-centered; basically a macrobiotic diet with regular fresh juice throughout the day. A common reaction to that diet is detox reactions, or herxeimer (sp?
Avatar m tn I found a remedy of a short 3 days of fasting with distilled water and drinking lemon juice and olive oil before bed each of the 3 nights...cause the stones to soften and pass right into the toilet!!! Dozens of emerald green/black stones. Not to mention I lost a few unwanted pounds in the process. Do it on a weekend or a time when you don't have to be on the go... Later had an ultrasound done and there were none.
Avatar n tn That way you will not feel unpleasant taste of Magnesium Sulphate ( = Magnesium Sulfate = Epsom salt = MgSO4 + 7H2O) ] [If using lemon juice, do not blend juice with oil. Drink little oil, little juice, from 2 differnt cups. If you mix oil and juice, it may (it doesn't happens always) sligtly congell, and get a slimy consitence that is not easy to swallow. It may become slimy. It never happens with grapefruit juice!