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Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but do have too much experience with kidney stones. For me, I'd get pings and pangs in my kidney as well as microhematuria (blood you cannot see by eye) in my urine when I have stones. I've also had the flank pain you describe .. for me it's been in the lower back. I hope with lots of water your stones move out for you uneveventfully. Please keep in touch. From what I've read stones <5.0mm usually move out on their own with a high % of non-complications, etc.
Avatar m tn Hello, Since the kindey stone is 7 mm, so the symptoms seem unrelated to the kidney stones. Since you are having pedal or leg edema, hence your cardiac, liver and kidney functions need to be assessed for which I suggest you to consult a physician immediately. Abdominal causes like irritable bowel syndrome can also cause such symptoms. Common symptoms include abdominal cramping or pain, bloating and gassiness, and altered bowel habits(alternate constipation and loose stools).
Avatar n tn Renal CT scan showed 1 mm stone in right kidney, 2 even smaller stones in left kidney. Was given hydrocodone for pain and phenagren in case pain meds cause nausea and told to see a urologist asap. My question is, if the stones are still in my kidneys how can they be causing all the lower abdominal pain and pressure. This pain is worse after I walk much, and when my bladder is getting full before I urinate. Urination does NOT hurt though. I have had no fever at all.
7808984 tn?1406684565 It is most certainly NOT a relapse. Kidney stones are incredibly painful and opiates are the ONLY thing for this kind of pain. As IBK said- get someone to hold them for you. Hopefully you will get the surgery soon and then you can taper off them as the pain is resolved. I've had to take pain meds recently and it's not easy but I'm doing it properly with a contract in place with my doc, only getting the exact amount needed at a time, and stepping up my support.
409451 tn?1206900232 I've also been bloated for about 2 months. (Also, my dad has aweful kidney stones) I was referred to urologist, he thinks it's endo, ordered ct scan, but I haven't had it yet...does anyone have any suggestions or similar issues, I'm feeling really lost and confused!!??
Avatar n tn Hi, Lower back pain on one side that increases on resuming activity after one has been lying down for a while and pain radiating down one lower limb, mainly the inner side of the thigh and the back of the knee has been associated with kidney stones or ureteral stones. Bladder infection is usually characterized by increased frequency of urination, pain or burning sensation during urination, lower abdominal pain of a dull. cramping type, and some amount of back pain, and blood in the urine.
863145 tn?1246345269 Both went to the hospital for pain pills to get them through until the stones passed on their own. But sometimes stones are too big to pass on their own, my sis underwent a lazer operation to break up one of the stones she had. I say all this so you can compare to what you are feeling and see if it seems to match up. I don't know for sure if it sounds like kidney stones or not.
Avatar n tn Even I have had stone problem since many years. I get back pain or leg ache even when the stones are inside the kidney. Doctors have told me that if it is in the kidney it won’t pain but I disagree with them. I get very frustrated at times with this recurring problem. I have made dietary changes and also increased water consumption but new stones keep forming.
342647 tn?1291111533 I haven't had an u/s as my doc said only to if the pain continues and as it hasn't (as of yet) so i have not had the u/s done, if the only reason he diagnosed it at kidney stones was from my description of the pain and red blood cells in my urine test could he have been wrong and it be something else (i know urine infections cause blood in wee (i have had no visible evidence of this) but i have no stinging, smelly discharge ect) Any other ideas?
Avatar n tn they had reached the maximum for the test and gone beyond. But, the leg pain is the most bothersome...there's not only pain but extreme weakness in my legs....this from someone who always had very strong legs. Of course, I see similar symptoms in the postings, but, I'm confused as to what could cause the leg pain....does just being hypothyrloid bring that about...or is it medication. I have heard both, but that seems too vague. Appreciate your help.
Avatar m tn I have had kidney stones before. The last episode was 5 yeas ago and I had a 7mm stone blasted by lithotripsy. I have had blood in my urine many time after that but the pain was not that bad. My urilogist has sceduled me for a CT scan for april the 25 but I dont want to deal with this pain for that long. Does any one have any suggestions for me.Oh I forgot to add my grandmother had kidney cancer and I have two uncles that are on dialisis.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone... Okay,so for the 7th time this year I have kidney stones again - I am a 20yr old female (and I live a healthy life) ... Doc put a stent in my right ureter cause my kidney is PACKED with stones! I had a UTI but that was treated in hospital when the stent was inserted... I am battling with my period,its like it just ran away or something... Can it just disappear? Like for 2months or longer?
Avatar f tn Since there are several posts on Kidney stones, Id like to share my research results that could possibly afford relief to kidney stone sufferers. I am a recently retired ICU RN and I did not realize until now how important Magnesium is in our lives. Its important to know whats the right kind to take as well. This knowledge could help so many people out there .. if they only knew so I wanted to help spread the word......
Avatar n tn After a urine test revealed no UTI, but trace blood, I was sent for CT and my urine and blood sent to lab. The CT revealed no kidney stones. My urine had calcium oxade crystals (sp?) in it and my WBC count was up. The doctor assumed that I had passed a kidney stone and told me to take it easy. I have since returned home, and have not felt any relief. The pain has gotten worse. Now, when I bend down at the waist, cough, or take a wrong step, my legs go numb.
Avatar f tn Hello CurlyQ, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your kidney stones and the pain that they cause you. I have chronic kidney stones. I've yet to have a CT that did not reveal several. It is true that they should not hurt unless they are moving. It's called renal colic. However they can move without it being known. Several small stones can pass without being detected unless you are having CT's weekly. The last one I passed was almost 7mm.
Avatar n tn Even kidney stones - yes, it is possible to have a kidney stone with the pain not being in your kidney area - my dad used to get kidney stones a lot (he's now on meds that help keep his body from producing them) and there were several times when his ONLY symptom was abdominal pain. So I would suggest going back to your doc and asking them to test you for a urinary tract/bladder/kidney infection and also for kidney stones. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn Would it be possible that the stone is what is causing the back pain? FYI - She has a history of kidney stones but not with pain that high in her back.
Avatar n tn The character ,location and timing of the pain is necessary to give us an idea of the cause. Problems concerning the urinary tract like kidney stones, stones in the ureters ( tubes where the urine flows),bladder stones and infections may cause referred pain to nearby structures.Nerve related causes such as nerve compression may cause a burning shooting pain and may be associated with tingling sensation or numbness.
Avatar m tn Jackie -- kidney stones can cause back pain, yes, but the pain you have in your right leg could be caused by the nerve impingement at L5-S2 as reported here. You really need to consult with your doctor ASAP about these results to examine treatment options.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and he did a CT seeing that I have kidney infection problems, UTI, bladder infection, along with kidney stones. Well it came out that I had another kidney stone this will be my 7th in less than a year and I am only 19 years old. He put me on antibiotics and a steroid for the swelling. Well now my back is killing me so I am thinking that the stone is moving but the swelling has really gone down any...
Avatar n tn None of them can explain to why I keep getting kidney stones. Some stones have caused major pain and others have sat in my kidneys for years with no problems.The drs have done every and any test possible from blood work to CT's to MRI's and they still can not figure out why I keep getting the stones. The most recent test they did was a CT w/contrast to see if I had that sponge kidney disease. The test came back inconclusive. I know that the stones are made up of calcuim.
Avatar f tn She has no family history of kidney stones other then herself she is around 50-58 in age is very good at holding pain back but this is one pain she can't ignore. She also has a history of diabetes type 2 after I was born due to bad health care from a HMO.
774623 tn?1236698199 Even kidney stones or a hernia can cause groin pain. So I would not automatically link it with your spinal surgery, although that is a possibility also. Why is the neurologist unwilling to prescribe additional patches until you are seen in the PM Clinic? I would discuss this with your PCP. He/she may be willing to prescribe something that will hold you over until May. I think it is wise that you are seeking a second opinion. Don't leave your PCP out of the loop.
Avatar n tn s came back ok they told me to stop taking antibotic,I did but cont with the pain in flank always after I'm done urinating after my stream I always drip white cloudy substance, my pain is not severe and tylenol usally helps, I was wondering could this be stones? I always read that stones are very, very painful my pains not that bad.
Avatar n tn In the past five years, I've experienced many ups and downs with heart problems, leg cramps and now kidney stones. I just posted a question about my left arm burning with swelling from the wrist and thumb. I placed a couple of ice cubes in a bag within a napkin to alleviate the swelling and burning; it just turned red and the tightness seem to be worse. I am also experiencing severe leg pains especially when I walk down the stairs or getting out of a car.