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463595 tn?1334000822 I end up in er and was diagnose with kidney stones rt side there was a fluid in right kidney and presure from bac on it
Avatar m tn im a 26 year old male 5'11 185 lbs lean with a pudgy belly...recently i have been getting pains in my left lower back and it travels to my groin this time on the right side and feels now like a dull ache in my right testicle. no fever or nausea with these conditions but a "warm" sensation when urinating, stream is weak and color is mildy yellow. Could this be a kidney stone stuck in my bladder or is there another cause.
1619332 tn?1299021545 Well they saw that 1 of the 2 stones still in my right kidney was 5 millimeters and my Urologist said in the ER room that he did not think I would be able to pass that, so he was going to make me a follow up appointment and talk with me about shockwave treatment (blasting the stones). Also he wanted me to catch this stone I was about to pass so that they could test it. Well I caught the stone and took it to their office and went to my follow up appointment only for him to not tell me anything!
Avatar n tn This may help show any structural abnormalities ( adhesions, strictures ) or even stones in the urinary tract. Some stones ( cystine stones ) may not be readily detected in plain radiographs. A Ct scan may also rule out involvement of other structures that may case the pain ( gastrointestinal structures). Discuss this with your physician as well as your need for pain management. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn When you get your Kidney Stones flushed at the hospital, where does the IV needle need to be inserted in order for the stones to be flush. Because my brother had the the needle in his upper arm, is that the right spot for the needle?
Avatar m tn As per ultrasound report there is a minor hydronophrosis in the right kidney. Are there any more stones left in the kidney but not seen in the ultrasound? or there is any other reason of this pressure and dull pain?
Avatar n tn can kidney stones move in the body? Found an kidney stone on the right side now months later left side is tender and swollen an hot! right kidney stone never REMOVED!! now left side feels like it had the stone from the right side??????????? Is that possible???????
Avatar n tn Roughly a year ago I was in the urologists office because of a similar sized stone in my right kidney. When I was x-rayed for the stone in my right kidney, there was no stone in my left kidney. My questions are: Am I going to continue rapidly developing stones for the rest of my life? How painful will the removal of my stent be? How do they remove the stent?
Avatar n tn It had become concentrated in my lower back to the right side of my spinal cord, right over my hip. Sometimes it does hurt in the right side of my abdomen and in the middle of my back, too. I'm 99% sure it's my kidney. I thought it might be a kidney infection of stone, but I have no pain or increased frequency urinating. In fact, nothing has changed about my urinating habits at all. Could it still be a stone or infection?
Avatar f tn Can having a kidney stone effect the baby in any way, I'm a ftm so I'm really worried about everything!
Avatar n tn i had two very lage stones in my right kidney. and it caused the top of my kidney to swell from blokage. they did a lithotripsy and ive ben disabled ever sinse the lithotripsy damaged the renin producing glands near the kidney. they say a litho tripsy is perfectly safe. but its not. if you choose to take care of these stones manualy i recomend you do the telescope method. its a littel more invasive but its not as hard on your body.
Avatar f tn I am having a lithroscopy to break up kidney stones a stent may have to be put in place in order that the stones can pass. I have read and heard how uncomfortable this can be and are there other options to having a stent put in place.
997798 tn?1250093033 Hi. I have had stones for over 30 years and only over the past 5 years had the symptoms you describe. Is the stone exiting the right kidney? <<<<"along with the pain I now have on my right side" = FLANK PAIN. Please google it and see if it matches up to the pain on the side. Is this your first stone? You need to do 24 hour urines and have the stone analyized, VERY important. DRINK DRINK DRINK ALL THE WATER YOU POSSIBLY CAN FORCE IT.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went into the ER, l was having horrible pain on my right side right under my rib. They did a cat scan and xray and told me that I have tw kidney stones one in each kidney. I still have no pain on my right side and am wondering if I ever will or if it will just disappear? Secondly the pain on my left side got worse over night, it has moved down a little and wrapped around to my back. The pain is bearable and then out of nowhere unbearable and worse in my back.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went into the ER, l was having horrible pain on my right side right under my rib. They did a cat scan and xray and told me that I have tw kidney stones one in each kidney. I still have no pain on my right side and am wondering if I ever will or if it will just disappear? Secondly the pain on my left side got worse over night, it has moved down a little and wrapped around to my back. The pain is bearable and then out of nowhere unbearable and worse in my back.
Avatar f tn I just learned through a cat- scan that I had nonobstructing stones in my right kidney. They are small stones 1-3 mm in size. I am pretty sure they are cause by dehydration. I know I don't drink enough through out the day, sometimes I won't urinated for hrs. The cat-scan also showed that I have mild mutilevel degenerative changes in my spine. This is why I am considering taking calcium supplements. Once again, Thank you for your reply.
Avatar n tn I am having 5mm calculus in my right kidney in the mid pole. I want to know is it possible to get it out by surgarrey? or what are such ways to make it pass through?
Avatar f tn She said i have kidbey stones that i have to let pass and ive never been in such pain.. i was throwing up pisssing my pants and experiencing the kidney stones all at once. she gave me painkillers and im waiting for them to pass.. has anyone else had an experience with being preg with kidney stones??
Avatar f tn There are other types as well ( cystine, struvite , uric) Kidney stones may hold a genetic predisposition. In your case, the presence of kidney formers in the family may explain the onset of kidney stones at an earlier age. It is best to open lines of communication with your physicians. At this point, you may discuss on whether a referral to a pain management specialist may help.Continue following physician's advice regarding diet, fluid intake and exercise.
Avatar f tn My last period was December 4th. Unfortunately, the week after, I developed kidney stones. Worst pain ever. My last stone passed shortly before Christmas. I have felt fine since then, except for the fact that my pee still isn't normal. It's very cloudy and smelly, and the doctor said it shows a lot of white blood cells. It has now been about a month since my last stone passed, my doctor said my pee should be normal by now.
472139 tn?1211336163 hi everyone i was in the ER last night all day because of kidney stones, ive never felt so ill in my life thankgod i didnt taper down on methadone, they gave me like 5 shots of fentyle or something lasts 1/2hr each time..... methadone doesnt play a roll in them does it?
Avatar f tn I have 3 stones in my right kidney 2mm 1.5mm and a 3 mm.
Avatar n tn If your leukocyte esterase count is high, that probably means you have an infection and need anti biotics. kidney stones and infections do go hand in hand sometimes. Squamous Epitheal cells are the thin covering of your skin or blood vessels, that can also indicate a stone or infection.
Avatar f tn I guess I passed it because it settled off and the pain went away. Then when my baby was about 6 months old, I had one move in my other kidney. It was miserable again. After much running, walking, bouncing, and flooding my system with water, I finally passed it right before the urologist got his chance to fish it out! I was sooo relieved!
Avatar n tn Hello, This pain can be related to the kidney stones. Kidney stones are of four types: calcium oxalate stones, struvite stones, uric acid stones or cystine stones. Potassium citrate is used for the treatment of stones. I would suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist to determine the type of stone. Treatment modes include Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithrotripsy (ESWL), uteroscopic stone removal and percutaneoud nephrolithotomy. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I am a 38-year-old men in the midst of a kidney ston pain on right side . today CAT Scan reveals 3 mm. distal right ureteral calculus what i do?
540521 tn?1221703306 From what my Doctor told me is that i have kidney stones in the ureter. I had an x-ray and that's how i found out that i had kidney stones, they are the size of a quarter from what the doctor told me. I have 3, and they hurt so bad and i cannot pass them. The more active i am the worse it is. iI know how you feel because i am also in the same situation, they are uncomfortable and there is not a day that does buy that i don't hurt. How big are your stones and where are yours located?
Avatar f tn It's been three weeks since my diagnosis of having multiple kidney stones on the right side. The Radiologist who gave me my stat results said I would pass them and didnt think straining my urine was something I needed to do. I finally got in to see my urologist he was upset I wasn't straining and wanted me to have surgery since I will be undergoing IVF treatments in March. I agreed because I don't want to deal with flare up while pregnant.
320576 tn?1204087293 7 million and elevated ALT/AST) Unfortunatley he has been in and out of ER all weekened for what they think is Kidney Stones. At first they said lots of blood in urine but CT show no stones so they were going to admit. Then they come in and say they found a 3mm kidney stone, gave him a ton of meds and said to follow up with PC. But they also said he is developing an ileus which is some sort blockage or something and his liver felt enlarged and stiff (we go for Ultra Sound on Nov 19th.