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Avatar f tn Reading my journals for the last six weeks-will provide some of the highlights when I can, but now I just can't. Hopefully, this will help somone else recognize the symptoms of kidney failure in their babies. I cannot express to all of you how much your comments mean to us right now. Not sure we could make it without you. It is so hard.
1088527 tn?1425316975 I now drink lemonade on the recommendation of the Neurologist. In NC we have one of the highest rates of kidney Stone and the sweet ice tea is the main reason. Mine was mostly caused by an unchecked urinary infection and the extra ureter. I have not had anymore problems in ten years.
Avatar n tn I had my left kidney removed in 1997. I had sufferred from Kidney stones for years and often thought it was my kidney. As I got older and more familiar with my body i knew and the doctors knew it had nothing to do with my kidney. My Gallbladder has been checked and I have had numerous tests. At this point I just deal with it. Except today I decided to look once again on my own to see if i found anything new.
1846239 tn?1321201954 my dr says i can play around like that to c what best fits me just make sure i last all meds till the day i fill em cause i be real sick she also explained to me that i will most definatley be on scripts till some cure cause it only gets worse its dibilitating gosh i wish i could spell lol but anyways i dont abuse my meds i b fine rt lol could u tell me lil bout u self i kinda miss comming on here i met great ppl im liz also have surgery on monday they found small mass in stomach and then need
Avatar n tn I know of people at Duke University in NC, and also UNC chapel Hill. Look for the dept of OB/Gyn, division of urogynecology at either of those places. Ask to be seen by a Urogynecologist there. For recurrent UTI there should be a workup to look for kidney/bladder stones, or problems with bladder emptying (also called urinary retention).
Avatar n tn can cause this. However, my doctor does not seem to think it med. related. Also, kidney stones and kidney disease. Have you had a blood work up?
1926947 tn?1322990201 Last year I also started having problems with multiple kidney stones. After my first emergency surgery for stones in my left kidney everything went down-hill. I have urethral stenosis, stricture disease and large amounts of scar tissue in my left ureter. The doctor placed a stent that my body rejected and they had to removed it within 4 days. My stones are made up of uric acid however uric acid levels in my blood are normal but in my urine they are sky high.
Avatar n tn She has high blood pressure that is regulated with medication, exercise and diet. A year ago she had kidney stones removed with no complications. She has some age related incontinence, but nothing abnormal. She came down with a UTI, took cipro and it cleared. Less than a week later it came back. Cipro again, and this time it did not resolve.
Avatar m tn In 2001 was my first renal cyst now I have 10 of them with constant pain level of 3, Right kidney only, I have passed 22 stones( Both kidneys) in 5 years, I have changed my diet several times. Is it possible that I have ingested TCE PCE DCE all chemicals that I was exposed to in the military. Camp Lejeune NC, there is a big water contamination issue there from the 50'S till the 90'S.
Avatar f tn My liver is abnormally large, touching both my sides but they say it functions normally. I've had Kidney stones on and off since I was 11, Frequent UTI's. Migraines on and off since 10. Pleurisy (inflammation of lining of lungs) since 10. Hands and feet always cold. Joints and bones ache, muscles burn. Livedo reticularis. These are most of the things I suffer from on a regular basis. November 18, 2010 my hives came back. I have had them every day since then.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to add that while I see no increase in breast size, that I was placed on Trazodone for sleeping [100 mg at bedtime] in Decemeber. In late 2004 I was placed on Diamox and told to take potassium as it could cause kidney stones, and it did. What an excruting pain that was virtuyally unbearable if you didn't know it would end.
Avatar f tn IBS and bursitis in most my major joints.
Avatar f tn Now I'm lying on the couch with a heating pad on my back, in alot of pain. This lets me know I still have a kidney stone left in me. Thought I had passed them all but with pain like this I know I haven't. Idk what to do. I really want to be off the pills but can't bear the pain of passing a stone. I guess I will go to my primary doc and have them do X-rays to confirm my belief. I will be honest about the oxy problem in hopes he will put me on something else. I have come too far to go back!!
Avatar m tn Hi ED34, thank you so much for trying to help me, I apoligize if anything I say below is confusing or lacks details so please let me know if you want clarifications or more information. Again, thanks a lot. "Doesn't sound heart related" Good to hear that from someone I haven't grown great mistrust in lol, but what do you think the pain in left side of chest is if not my heart? I also felt sharp pains there when pulling a knob in shower.
Avatar n tn I just want to thank you, I am 35 years old, a single mom and I have gallstones. Discovered in a CAT scan back in January. Told my Dr Earnest in Sanford NC that I needed Gallbladder removed. Due to all the posts, articles etc that I have read i am totally horrified of having surgery. I am nauseous all the time amongst other things..and I feel like there is a constant "pointy object" poking in my belly button/gallbladder area. Everything i eat "comes out" soon there after.
1486435 tn?1316474499 it depends on the county you reside in....if you live in a larger county it could take longer i deal with DSS here in NC and i have found that you need to keep calling them to get things done....that is my best advice....
Avatar f tn I realize my high cholesterol can form stones in the gallbladder and all this stuff is very closely's just speculation either way and might be a moot point...who knows what they will or won't find w/ the CT scan? My body is strange, my temperature is 96.8...try explaing that to the doctor when I know I have a fever and he says my temp is normal! My pulse is non existant on my wrist, you can only feel it in my neck...
Avatar f tn My gb problems started in 8/2005 a week of having my daughter. They found the stones (there was 8 and 4 were on the larger side) during an ultrasound and was in complete pain, vomitting, and could barely breath. My insurance I had would not cover the surgery to remove it UNLESS it was an emergency. My levels did not show it to be an emergency. So over the next 4 years I was in and out of the ER, with GB pain all they could do is give me a shot for pain and send me home.
284078 tn?1282620298 If I make a very gross estimate that there might be 2000 people in my city taking Topamax and I, personally have seen 2 attacks in one year, then that would put the risk at about 1 in 1000. Please understand that I have no scientific evidence to base this rate on and that this is purely my very rough estimate from my experience only. So take it for what's it worth.
Avatar f tn (I started out having perimenopausal symptoms at age 38, had 7 kidney stones in two years, was diagnosed with hypercalcemia from a parathyroid tumor (had it removed), got a dirty needle stick at work and caught Hepatitis C, and went through 6 months of chemotherapy-like treatment, had a thyroid storm, and then had hypothyroidism for a while, and also had gall bladder surgery...I think there was more in there somewhere...
Avatar n tn Although I joined MedHelp in 2008 I have not been active in this community until recently. As I read these SX some leap out to me as possible kidney stones, others seem to be spine related - or some may be a kidney dysfunction/disease. Another thought that comes to my mind is SIJ (Sacroiliac Joint) or SIJD (Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction).
Avatar f tn secondary hyperparathyroidism, prandial hypoglycemis (occasional), thoracic degenerative disc disease, depression (imagine that), kidney stones, complex kidney cyst, and now high blood pressure (since being put on prednisone). I think that is about it. It does show some inflammatory process in my lower lung basis but nobody has said this is a problem. I do not have any type of digestive issues like reflux - that has been ruled out. It is not my gallbladder - also ruled out.
Avatar m tn Some smells can come from liver or kidney diseases, or from acid reflux in the stomach. 8. Some smells can come from having a bad mix of bacteria in the intestines, and somehow the smell comes out through the sinuses or lungs. The best solution that I have seen is The Schwarzbein Principle by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, MD. 9. There is a disease called atrophic rhinitis, which involves the decay of the mucus membranes in the sinuses.
Avatar f tn All my old school friends are dead due to drug related incidences, good thing I got out of that crummy town, living in peace in NC, go blue
Avatar f tn If you do not follow the contract they can discharge you and if that happens in NC where I live you will not be able to get narcotics in the state of NC again. They are so strict about it that a doctor in the same practice cannot prescribe or change my medication, my pain management doctor must do so. I have my transcripts sent to my primary care doctor and from primary care doctor to pain management doctor... that way it doesn't appear that I have left anything out!
Avatar f tn They did a urine test and blood tests to see if there are stones in the kidney and said that the blood test went good, and the pregnancy test came back positive. Both me and DH were like WHAT!! How is it possible when I had my periods just 10 days back. Then the doc said it could have been implantation bleeding. But believe me it was nowhere near what I had read about IB so far. It was like a full fledged flow, only a little less than the other months.
202436 tn?1326477933 My daughter was conceived the first month trying after the miscarriage, and I had multiple kidney stones during the pregnancy and a kidney surgery at 34wks pregnant. Kahlan was born on her due date; it was a short labor, only a few hours, and I only pushed for 20 minutes; but when she came out, she tore me in every direction. I nearly bled to death on the table because I bled out so quickly, and they wheeled me into the OR with the OB kneeling between my legs and sewing as we went.
748543 tn?1463449675 TMJ' as it is wrongly called by many) is easy to treat and self-manage or that it may all be in the patient's mind. The sources in the article stated that, "TMJ problems were originally thought to be caused by dental Malocclusion but that this was an infrequent cause of the problem". The American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of some 40,000 of the nation's leading dentist, recognizes the relationship between maloclussion and headaches.