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Avatar n tn I had kidney stones just a week ago but the blood in your urine means that you might have pregnancy diabetes.
895634 tn?1283992810 Causes, incidence, and risk factors Kidney stones are common. Some types run in families. They often occur in premature infants. There are different types of kidney stones. The exact cause depends on the type of stone. Stones can form when urine contains too much of certain substances. These substances can create small crystals that become stones. The stones take weeks or months to form. •Calcium stones are most common. They are more common in men between age 20-30.
320576 tn?1204087293 7 million and elevated ALT/AST) Unfortunatley he has been in and out of ER all weekened for what they think is Kidney Stones. At first they said lots of blood in urine but CT show no stones so they were going to admit. Then they come in and say they found a 3mm kidney stone, gave him a ton of meds and said to follow up with PC. But they also said he is developing an ileus which is some sort blockage or something and his liver felt enlarged and stiff (we go for Ultra Sound on Nov 19th.
Avatar f tn Vitamin A (not betacarotene) promotes healthy functioning of the urinary tract, if you're deficient in it sometimes kidney stones can form. You’ll find vitamin A in most good general multiple vitamin and mineral supple- ments. Magnesium helps the body dissolve calcium if you’re deficient in this mineral it can cause calcium to accumulate into deposits, which increases your risk of forming kidney stones.
Avatar m tn Hello, Since the kindey stone is 7 mm, so the symptoms seem unrelated to the kidney stones. Since you are having pedal or leg edema, hence your cardiac, liver and kidney functions need to be assessed for which I suggest you to consult a physician immediately. Abdominal causes like irritable bowel syndrome can also cause such symptoms. Common symptoms include abdominal cramping or pain, bloating and gassiness, and altered bowel habits(alternate constipation and loose stools).
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me if gall stones could be a beginning sign of cirrhosis of the liver?
Avatar n tn i'm a kidney stone patient for about 4 first i had severe pain in my abdomen .let me get to my problem directly- i'm a kidney stone patient and now from about 5 days daily i get up daily having an ejaculation.i'm getting mad and frustrated with this condition.first kidney stones and now daily ejaculations are adding to my worries.please help me getting a medication to tackle both my problems.
Avatar f tn It took a while but the pain I was having was finally diagnosed as a kidney stone and I have another symptomatic one in the other kidney. But I wonder if kidney stones cause anemia because I suddenly became anemic just over a year ago and we have not been able to find a cause. Although I had occult blood in my urine due to the stone, it was not a lot. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this too or if anyone might know if stones can cause anemia?
Avatar f tn If he has been in rural areas of Zimbabwe, perhaps he was exposed to parasitic disease and perhaps a consultation with a tropical medicine physician would be in order. With regard to kidney stones, the diagnosis is quite easy to make based on a CT scan.
Avatar f tn do not panic--I think everything will be OK. they just want to screen the liver tests as the liver is in that region. let's see what the results are.
Avatar f tn Gallbladder wall yardstick fine, it does not contain stones. The pancreas is steatotic nodule but not visible. No an0malie right and left kidney, absence of splenomegaly. Absence of peritoneal effusion. Hi I live in france so i have translated this , i have been having a dull ache arond my back on the lower part of the ribs on the right (my husband has the same ache and was told he needs his gallbladder out) anyhow looking at the results below what you suggest for me .
Avatar m tn 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with kidney stones in the er, after a ct scan of my stomach. next day noticed pain across my shoulders, and some muscle weakness, esp. on right side. since then I believe I have passed the kidney stones. but still having a dull pain in lower left abdomin sometimes radiating to the right side, 1-2 out of 10 on pain threshold. and pain in my right shoulder sometimes radiating to the left shoulder, new symptom, muscle twitches on both sides lower stomach.
Avatar m tn 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with kidney stones in the er, after a ct scan of my stomach. next day noticed pain across my shoulders, and some muscle weakness, esp. on right side. since then I believe I have passed the kidney stones. but still having a dull pain in lower left abdomin sometimes radiating to the right side, 1-2 out of 10 on pain threshold. and pain in my right shoulder sometimes radiating to the left shoulder, new symptom, muscle twitches on both sides lower stomach.
Avatar m tn I have both GB stones and Kidney stones (well, the Kidney Stones come and go) and I would never do that type of regime .. not ever. The consequences can be fatal. How are you doing? Did you have your surgery? Please stop by with an update and WELCOME to our Community!
Avatar m tn 1) The pain in your back could be your kidney or kidney stones or your liver. 2) Substituting all meals for alcohol will result in weight loss initially. 3)As for your breath, it smells different how? If it is sweet, that could be in indication of diabetes. My biological father drank himself to the grave at the age of 34. Please, please get help! Deciding you need to quit is the first step. Talk to your doctor about your health concerns and get into some type of program.
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Avatar n tn It is very difficult to pin point the exact diagnosis. Abnormal liver could be an enlarged liver or lump in the liver, cirrhosis or fat deposits. Kidneys could be showing kidney stones or enlarged kidneys or infection. Please follow up with your doctor and get a CT scan done to make the exact diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I also have had mild pain in the left kidney area until two weeks ago when the pain became so severe I ended up in hospital. In May I had an IVP of my kidneys done and a scope put in the bladder and everything came back normal except that I was voiding a large amount of blood. They could not find where the blood came from. Two weeks ago when I was admitted to the hospital they did another IVP, ultra sound, and CT Scan which all showed blood clots in my left kidney.
Avatar f tn There is a small round hypodense lesion involving the lateral cortex right kidney 5mm in size. There are two or three adjacent small round hyposense lesions in the posterior cortex of the left kidney. Lesions are too small to characterize but statistically most likely represend small renal cysts. No abdominal free fluid or lymphadenopathy noted. No retroperioneal soft tissue mass noted. Bowels are within normal limits. No suspicious descructive osseous lesion identified.
Avatar f tn Kidney cysts are normally painless and they are common. Also kidney pain is usually experience in the flank area of your back and your side. If the pain is directly under your right ribcage: upper right quadrant...there is a plethora of causes that are possible. It could be a fatty liver, gallstones, gallbladder disorder, liver disorders, adhesions ( if you ever had surgery im that region) hernia..etc, etc.
Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, front, back and side and the pain takes my breath away. I had CT scans and ultra sound to determine if I had kidney stones. Then they sent me for x-rays with contrast and I was told I had a floating Kidney. The nurse for his office said there was nothing that I could do for the pain. "Just deal with it". Wow how can I when the pain takes my breath away and the pain is so bad that I have to lay down in bed until it goes away.
Avatar m tn hi all i have had pain in my kidney for about 7 years was told it was loin pain heamatura syndrome but wasnt happy i have now been told i have gaul stones and a hemangioma on the liver however i get the pain in my kidney when i eat or over exert myself but the consultant says she doesnt think the pain is due to the gaul stones and is sending me to have a camera down my throat to look for an ulcer and check out my liver can anybody help and give me some advise as to what they think the kidney pai
Avatar f tn I saw a urologist and he told me that yes, there were several stones in my left kidney but they shouldn't be causing me that much pain because they were still in the kidney. Why do doctors tell you that what you have isn't painful when you KNOW and FEEL that the pain is REAL? I felt like someone was stabbing me witha butcher knife over and over again. It was paralizing pain. I couldn't walk, eat, play with my son...nothing.
Avatar f tn This time it's been 4 days. He still has a sharp pain in his gallbladder. I'm assuming he's had stones before but they've always passed but maybe this ones bigger? I don't know what else it could be or if it is a gall stone what we should do about it.
Avatar n tn If gout remains untreated, these uric acid crystals can build up in the joints and nearby tissues, forming hard lumpy deposits called tophi. High levels of uric acid may also cause kidney stones or kidney failure. SGPT is a test for liver function. SGOT/SGPT blood test is a one of the liver function tests. Primary use of SGOT/SGPT blood test is to assess the state of the liver function. SGOT and SGPT are two enzymes found in the liver.
411229 tn?1202300570 Sometimes a kidney is not in the proper location and we call this an ectopic kidney. The kidney ultrasound is useful for screening for kidney stones, cysts, and masses. It is also help for assessing for complications of kidney stones. If a stone is causing ureter obstruction, there may be hydronephrosis Further comments are done on-- Kidney Size: On the average, the kidneys are about 11-12 cm in length, 7-8 cm wide, and 2-3 cm in thickness.
Avatar f tn So my question is has anyone had the blood in their urine and stomach cramps and had something else other than the kidney stones. Also I like to mention that my kidney function test came back fine. I would appreciate anyone's input.
Avatar n tn I've been experiencing some symptoms which I believe point to gall stones but my latest symptoms are throwing me a bit and i want to avoid unnecessary gall bladder removal and as such would like opinions. History: I work permanent night shifts: About 6 months to a year ago i had a few episodes whereby I had acute upper central abdomen pain around 4am which disappeared in a space of seconds within 1h.