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1667214 tn?1303973427 In general, he talked about kidney stones and the treatment for such. Though the talk was only about 20 minutes, he was still able to vent his knowledge regarding the topic. I just hope that we will also be successful on conducting our webinar tomorrow. Goodluck to us..
1662398 tn?1303966704 He had shared a lot of information regarding kidney stones especially the treatments like the ESWL which uses shockwaves to destroy the kidney stones. =) we also had a quiz regarding the different local hospitals and their technology. =) we also discussed the level of tehnology which is applied in different foreign countries.
1663251 tn?1305880041 May 19, 2011 (Thursday), we had a webinar about kidney stones and the guest speaker lives in Japan. I was overwhelmed that we had a speaker who was a foreigner. We had our online quiz then we discussed the innovations of other countries about their technologies on computers. We also checked our requirements and accomplished our activities.
Avatar n tn Bilateral kidney`s renal pyramises( or papilla ) have full calculi (stones). Is it defficult to break down the stones by ESWL?
Avatar m tn No doctor should ever tell you to suck it up, especially at any point in a pregnancy. In terms of the question, the pain could be a lot of things. It could be kidney stones, an infection, round ligament-though this shouldn't be quite that painful, and a few others, but I'm not sure you would be getting them at this point. You need to be looked at to see what the cause is. Go to the ER if you have to.
1662415 tn?1303971156 This day, group 3 presented their webinar speaker from Japan and discussed kidney stones. It is an interesting topic for me because i think it is a common health problem (especially kapampangans who love dippings in their viand. Aside from Webinar presentation, we were tasked to compile our activities for the whole term. Some are just starting to do their journals, openEmr activies while others was just chillin, surfin, and chit-chattin with their seatmates.
1663906 tn?1305877084 We had a webinar about kidney stones. The speaker is a foreigner from Japan. I found it a little bit difficult to understand him because of his accent. But the whole process is ok. His wife is with us. She is gracious enough to and helped us in communicating with her husband and to give us chocolate. Then we do the online quiz. I’m lucky enough to pass it. I did not able to review because I do not have a handout. And I’m thankful that our CI reviewed us before taking the exam.
Avatar n tn I am ok, but if I wake up in the morning hours; I am in severe pain - in the lower back (kidney area, right and left hip (on the sides) and upper back in the middle. After about 30 min to 1 hr; it goes away. I have a sedentary job and if I sit too long, my hips will ache again and makes it slightly painful to get out of chair, but nothing like the morning.
1247613 tn?1268789291 I was screaming in pain from my kidney infection for over 10 hours. yeah... have you ever had kidney stones or kidney infections? I know people who had been through child birth without pain medication that said that the kidney infection was worse. I was in constant pain without any relief ... not even a moment... yeah I donno where you get your info about Japanese medical, but really is terrible. I don't think I would be so terrified if I hadn't been in such constant pain for so long.
Avatar n tn It is more common in Japan and is less frequently seen in France. Patients with MPGN usually complain of weakness, edema and have systemic arterial hypertension. Urine of such patients contains a lot of protein (>3.5 g/day), a condition called nephritic syndrome. Other abnormalities include low serum albumin (due to losses in the urine), decreased complement levels, and the presence of rheumatoid factor and cryoglobulins. MPGN may sometimes occur in the absence of cryoglobulinemia.
Avatar n tn I am going to introduce the information to my friend . It gives concrete examples . In Japan , Spring is coming . You can hear the songs of Japanese Nightingales in my hometown .
Avatar f tn I posted a few months ago about not getting adequate pain meds for kidney stones and leaving the hospital AMA. I felt that I had to in order to get some relief. And I got it thanks to my wife's doctor and my PC doctor. There's more than one way to "skin a cat", but when you are sick and hurting it takes on a new dimension. Yes, I feel that we are undermedicated for pain in this country as a whole.
Avatar m tn I sure don't want to keep overdosing on calcium until I get kidney stones or worse. I stopped the calcium and switched to 400-800 units vitamin D after researching that it would be almost impossible to overdose on D and knowing that I have fairly low, though normal, levels of D so have some leeway in adding extra through supplementation. Finally got a decent night's sleep from not getting up for the bathroom all night for my body to rid itself of excess calcium.
672662 tn?1542491420 Starting 2008, In China , an abnormal increase in infant cases of kidney stones. August 2008 China Sanlu Milk Powder tested with Melamine Sept. 2008, New Zealand gov't ask China to check this problem Sept. 21, 2008, lots of food products in Taiwan tested with Melamine 4.What happens when Melamine is digested? Melamine remains inside the kidney. It forms into stones blocking the tubes. Pain will be eminent and person cannot urinate. Kidney will then swell.
Avatar n tn Any history of kidney stones? Is he a smoker? Blood in his urine (obvious or micro scopic). With blood in his urine, he may need a look into his bladder (cystoscopy) and a kidney X-ray (CT urogram, ideally). Any problem with his bowels? (incontinence of feces, infections in his intestine….diverticulitis) Leg weakness/numbness? (nerve problem). Obviously there are many possibilities. He may need an ultrasound of his kidneys and an evaluation of bladder function (urodynamics).
Avatar f tn I do feel for you as i know how painfull it can be.I was on holiday in japan and was climbing a steep hill and the pain came on so intense that i was doubled over until it subsided but it lasted a good 20-30 minutes.I havent had it that much this year a couple of times really.
Avatar m tn definitely data about radiation in japan is not true, there has been many data hidden and it is worst than thought, even sea has been contaminated and this has been confirmed lately while it was hidden since today i myself stopped coq10 totally after the radiation pollution there, it is not important at all for the liver or hbv infection
1408746 tn?1283678948 [1][2] The name derives from the fact that, in the sagittal view, the SMA and AA (with some imagination) appear to be a nutcracker crushing a nut (the renal vein). I was originally Diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion after complaining for many years of Chronic pelvic pain, left sided flank pain, lower back, and lower limbs. My husband and I were also trying to conceive for 6 years and all the doctors could tell me was that I had a great looking uterus.
469720 tn?1388149949 The following NY times article does a good job of painting different sides of the story. In my mind, I think that calcium scoring is a very important motivational tool for someone who would change their life style of diet, exercise and nutrition if they had a compelling reason. Some people genuinely need that kick in the butt.
Avatar n tn 51 I am a 33 year-old female presently living in Japan. I would say generally I am fit and healthy. For the past 6 years or so I have suffered from diarrhea. I realize that over this time I should have done something about it but as I am in Japan it is quite difficult to get the help I need. This diarrhea happens about 30-60 minutes immediately after eating. The food that causes it varies but generally it occurs after eating out (ie not at home).
Avatar m tn Pullen, PhD Feb 05, 2013 Men who take ascorbic acid supplements daily (approximately 1000 mg) were at increased risk for first incident cases of kidney stones (rate difference, 147/100,000 compared with men who do not take ascorbic acid supplements). This represents a dose-dependent, 2-fold increased risk for kidney stone formation. Laura D.K.
213141 tn?1270665712 This finding could open up a new and natural avenue for treating chronic HCV infections, according to scientist Hiroaki Kataoka and colleagues at the University of Miyazaki in Japan. Because HCV is localized in the liver and can take two decades or more to develop into significant disease, Kataoka and colleagues reasoned a dietary supplement might help slow or stop disease progression over the years.
Avatar n tn I am 27 and male, never had any real health problems before, went to asia this summer, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. while in Indonesia starting August 12th I got a pain in my lower right side of my abdomen, i had the pain for about a month it mostly felt like a cramp like the kind i used to get when i was a kid and ran too much.
Avatar n tn 51 I am a 33 year-old female presently living in Japan. I would say generally I am fit and healthy. For the past 6 years or so I have suffered from diarrhea. I realize that over this time I should have done something about it but as I am in Japan it is quite difficult to get the help I need. This diarrhea happens about 30-60 minutes immediately after eating. The food that causes it varies but generally it occurs after eating out (ie not at home).
Avatar n tn I would also get the sharp pains in my bladder and right in the middle where my diaphram is located. I would get heartburn.. almost felt like kidney stones. Now my doctor has found the hernia and prescribed me some IC PROTAZOLE SOD. Tablets which reduces the amount of acid my body produces; cuz what a hiatal hernia does is helps the acid from your body, go into your esophagus and causes damage. Ever since I took the tablets, I have no more acid..PERIOD!
Avatar f tn biopsy on leg had to be put out cost to insurance,,2k,,, my hysterectomy was 35k but I had the DaVinci Robotic assisted,,husbands trip to er for kidney stones $ 400. all they did was shot him up with pain meds...ridiculous. My father in laws quad by pass ten years ago 200k...I think socialised med would bring these examples of outlandish prices down for the gov, Im just a bit worried about wait time,,,Im not a patient person if I need a surgery I want it soon,.etc...
Avatar m tn obesity, heart diseases, adult diabetes, breast, colon, and prostate cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoporosis, kidney failure, kidney stones, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, and hiatal hernia to name a few well studied diseases. You don't have to be a trained nutritionist to see the risk of becoming sick increases the more of these unhealthy foods that are eaten--like with high-protein diets.
Avatar n tn 24 I know and understand what everyone is going through with kidney infections. I am a sufferer from chronic kidney infections, and kidney stones for 5 years now. But it doesn't happen after I have sexual intercourse. Instead this problem was caused by a surgery I had to remove endometeroisis. My right ureter was catuerized and they had to re-implant the ureter back into the bladder... Now causing Vesico-ureteral Reflux.
Avatar n tn Dr., I am sorry for all my posts and questions. In your second to last post you said I could let you know how the examination went. Here goes: 1. Went for exam this morning at an internationally run clinic in Tokyo which is run by an very old, but wise Russian doctor. 2. I provided him with the background on my encounter and told him of my symptoms. 3. He examined the sore, felt my lymph nodes, testicles and gave the entire area a quick once over. 4.
Avatar m tn I have a bit concern with my kidney, since I have kidney stones. Other than that, no kidney problem is found. As you have mentioned in other posts, ntz is available in US, but some member in the forum mentioned the needs for prescription. Can you recommend another RELIABLE source to obtain the drug? Also unfortunately, it is hard to get hbsag quantitative tests. Is it any other method to determine the effectiveness of the drug?