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Avatar f tn Welcome.....Any blood from any area is NOT normal (Unless it's a heat cycle in a female).....So, yes there is cause for concern......Panting hard is usually associated w/pain! My first thought is your guy has a UTI and needs to be treated....Left unattended, these infections can migrate to the Bladder & Kidneys which are harder to treat....Oral antibiotics will be given & a recheck of urine in a couple of weeks to make sure the infection is cleared......
Avatar f tn An X-Ray of your dog's bladder should be taken to check for bladder stones. If bladder stones are found than she will have to have surgery to remove them. 3. If there are no bladder stones, and while waiting for the culture and sensitivity to come back a good broad spectum antibiotic should be taken. Additional possibilities include a uterine stump infection, vaginal infection, kidney infection, among less likely possibilities.
Avatar n tn He Ph levels are perfect, no kidney stones, and no infection. He is not in pain but urinating blood cannot be good. He will urinate normally and then when he is outside for a while and starts to mark on various things his urine changes from normal to bloody. The same result happens after he has been outside running. A few hours later he will urinate and the color is back to normal. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar n tn My cat has a large stone in her bladder and a small one in her kidney she is on Hills CD food and antibiotics right now I"m not sure if I should wait a couple of months to see if the bladder stone dissolves or just have it removed now? They said they can't remove the kidney stone but they can remove the bladder stone, but I don't know how the kidney stone is going to effect her health in the future.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Processed manufactured dog foods usually have the appropriate ratio of these minerals, but when an owner decides to produce home cooked food (for all the right reasons and with the best of intentions), the ratio is harder to achieve. In younger dogs, kidney stones and the resulting blocked urinary tract, inherited genetic defects affecting the kidneys, kidney infections and ingested poisons (notably anti-freeze and rodent-control poisons) can all cause phosphorus levels to rise.
1660289 tn?1302560398 I have a Shih Tzu who is going in for surgery soon to have two large bladder stones removed. He also has two small ones in his kidney. The vet keeps talking about getting him started on Hill's diet. I have no intention of buying this food from them. I have reminded her three times that he needs to be on a grain free food. I will not risk the chance of switching foods & having him go through the miserable itchiness, hair loss & yeast infection again.
661200 tn?1225486613 By rotating his lasix, I have been able to cut his elevated kidney levels in half. His at one time were also in the very high range, but they are HALF of what they were, now. I didn't actually cut any dose out, I rotate....One day he gets his 3, next day 2, next day 1 & then I start over....This has worked for 6mos., now....He is due his 3mo. bloodwork in 2wks. and we'll go from there...Just wanted you to know that your not alone. I'm glad you and your baby are having a good day....
Avatar n tn These dogs ALL need to be checked for UTIs or Bladder infections before you proceed with any kind of proper training....Urinary Tract Infections make it impossible for animals or humans (For that matter) to hold their urine..... Also, Kidney/Bladder Stones are common in toy breeds..... I don't understand the "Throwing your dog away Or Making it someone else's problem" because of a few accidents! Neither did anyone mention that they had seen a Vet before posting!
Avatar f tn Have you paid much attention to how much water your dog drinks? Some dogs simply don't stay well-hydrated which can increase the possibility of kidney stones and other urinary tract problems. Wouldn't it be nice if it were something that simple? LOL! I doubt the rawhides have anything to do with the UTI, but they should be avoided in a dog with chronic pancreatitis due to the fat content. Definitely check with your vet on that question.
Avatar n tn Our female dog, believed to be 10-13 yrs, hasn't eaten in five days and has been urinating in our home. Even after she's been taken out, an hour or two later we find huge puddles of urine in our laundry room. She's never had a problem and goes out on a regular basis. We're very worried. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I take phenergan myself for constant nausea, and discovered late in the game that dogs can also take phenergan. It didn't work quite as well as the reglan, but at that point we tried anything we could get our hands on. Over the counter Dramamine for motion sickness can be tried as it is metabolized in the liver - got that info from an ER vet nearby.
Avatar n tn Im a 40 year old white male with a history of kidney stones. for the past few years ive had persistent pain, and have been to a urologist. I have a large stone in the left kidney. They suggested i have a PERC done, but since the pain has been somewhat manageable, i havent done anything. especially since they told me that the stone in the kidney doesnt usually cause pain and there were no guarantees this would even solve my problem.
182493 tn?1348056515 I started the vic's for kidney stones. I was producing about 1 a month. Then I hit a rough time in life and started abusing. I am started to go down the right path...thank god!! I almost lost it all. I can't believe how much those pills controlled me. Anyway I would love to get to know any of you. You all seem great.
Avatar f tn I was so full of cancer they had me in cancer in days. I had cancer in a dozen places Statistically I should not be here. I am about to go to Europe. I ride horses, swim and hour and train dogs. I have had over two years of chemo. I only lost my hair once with my first treatment. Most of my treatments have been fine. If it were not been for hospital visits I would not think I have cancer. It is not something I want but it is not the worst thing that could happen to me either.
Avatar n tn I am ok, but if I wake up in the morning hours; I am in severe pain - in the lower back (kidney area, right and left hip (on the sides) and upper back in the middle. After about 30 min to 1 hr; it goes away. I have a sedentary job and if I sit too long, my hips will ache again and makes it slightly painful to get out of chair, but nothing like the morning.
Avatar n tn hello again, my heat sensation started in my right foot, (i am a 36 year old female ) it now appears in various parts of my body, no rhyme or reason to it. seems to get warmer all the time. i am into holistic therapies, so today bought some appropriate crystals that assist the nervous system, green tree agate, jade and amber, to be honest will try anything to be pro active with my own health, also white chestnut flower remedies which helps calm a worried mind.
1358341 tn?1282213443 As far as what to order or get, try to wean your cat off of dry (dry is the worst thing for a cat especially with kidney problems), it might take a while, you can slowly mix in a little can in your cat's dry food ... Opus might have a good suggestion for this as I had no problem with this for my cat. The prescription kidney diet at the vets is generally too LOW in protein and I feel does not help your cat..
Avatar f tn (She also has bladder and kidney stones, inflamed pancreas and gall bladder sludge. This has been repeated 2 times. She has no other symptoms, eats well, fairly active. She had been of Clomix for about 17 days. I have taken her off this. I have taken her to a teaching Vet School clinic and of course her rigular vet. They have no idea of why her enzymes ar this elevated. I will have a blood panel repeat next week. Any thoughts?
931217 tn?1283484935 [178] Interestingly, there was no difference in the incidence of urinary incontinence in female dogs in this study, which contrasts with another paper that found urinary incontinence occurred twice as often in females spayed after their first heat as those spayed before having a heat cycle.[111] By far the largest, best designed studies in dogs and cats involved following over 1800 dogs and 1600 cats after neutering (either before or after 5.5 months of age) for an average of 4-4.
Avatar n tn Urethral hypotonia (also known as spay incontinence), kidney disease, urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis, diabetes, bladder cancer, bladder stones, other endocrine disorders (such as hyperadrenocorticism), behavioral causes and combinations of those listed above, and more.
Avatar m tn Hormonal imbalance Weak bladder sphincter Urinary tract infection Urinary stones Spinal injury or degeneration (frequently seen in German shepherds) Protruding intervertebral disc Prostate disorders Presence of other diseases that cause excessive water consumption, such as diabetes, kidney disease, hyperadrenocorticism Congenital abnormalities Anatomic disorders Certain medications So the problem is going to be to discount these one by one, taking the most likely first - which is why I mention
Avatar n tn It sounds like you love her very much and that always goes a long way with these problems. I agree with the above comment that she should be examined by a competent vet. to see if there might be a physical reason for the behavior. Also, is a dog door an option so that she can go outside when you're gone? If there is a lot of commotion in your neighborhood (loud noises, etc) you may have to resort to medicating her to calm her down if no physical reason is found.
Avatar n tn In 2007, my bijon frise had surgery to remove stones caused by crystal (calcium oxcalate) buildup. Today, I took my dog in for a checkup and ended up with emergency surgery, for a second time for the exact same thing: to yet again, removes stones (as confirmed with X-rays). I have two questions: 1. Is $3,000-3,500 CDN the going rate for this kind of surgery (stones were in the bladder and penis) price includes all the X-rays, surgery, meds, tests, etc all in?
Avatar f tn My liver is abnormally large, touching both my sides but they say it functions normally. I've had Kidney stones on and off since I was 11, Frequent UTI's. Migraines on and off since 10. Pleurisy (inflammation of lining of lungs) since 10. Hands and feet always cold. Joints and bones ache, muscles burn. Livedo reticularis. These are most of the things I suffer from on a regular basis. November 18, 2010 my hives came back. I have had them every day since then.
Avatar n tn Urine testing shows he has crystals, but no stones. Vet said to get more liquids in him but discipline him for going indoors. Rowdy has a doggy door and has always gone outside. No changes to household or lifestyle. WHY is he suddenly doing this? We've cleaned the house with Nature's Miracle and scold him when we catch him doing it. He's very intelligent and never displayed a behavioral problem before. His younger brother doesn't 'go' indoors.
685623 tn?1283485207 Sadly, there is little evidence to back up that claim. In fact, when reviewing confirmed food allergies among dogs, corn and rice have the same number of cases (about 2.4% of all allergies). Beef, wheat, and dairy continue to be the leading reasons for food allergies. Could corn eventually rise up higher? Certainly…given it’s prevalence in many diets, it has that potential, but until your pet is proven allergic to corn through elimination diets, I wouldn’t worry about it.
12980073 tn?1429819661 The extra fluids given during the anaesthetic is proper protocol in unwell dogs w/kidney issues, but NOT used in young, healthy dogs!! So, why did they do this if the bloodwork was fine???? The specific blood test for the spay surgery is designed for Kidney & Liver function before a surgery, but it was stated that that bloodwork was good at this point.....Yet, fluids were given during the spay!! Why????
Avatar f tn The urine pH is right in the middle of the reference range, so completely normal. This is very good news, as variances in the pH can contribute to kidney and bladder stones forming. I have never been a fan of dry foods. If you think about it, they were designed for our (human) convenience, mostly at the expense of nourishment and quality.
1527510 tn?1392304944 None...I have 2 cats at my mums house! E. Essential start to your day: a shower! I'm just not myself until I have my shower and brush my teeth! F. Favorite colour: Purple...deep purple! G. Gold or silver: Silver...well white gold if you want to get technical! H. Height: 5′ 6″ I. Instruments you play(ed): I used to play keyboard as a child, but nothing any more. DF is fantastic at guitar and singing..i'm so jealous! I'm musically challenged! J. Job title: wow that list could be endless!