Kidney stones in dalmatians

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147426 tn?1317269232 Discussed Topamax and Beta blockers can't do either kidney stones and asthma. Wait and see on kidney stone only been painful for a few weeks. Thursday meet with acupuncturist about diet. Friday work on ten foot painting titled Octopus's Garden Saturday drive three hours with Dalmatians to march with other Dalmatians in the St. Paddy's Parade It's all Good!
Avatar f tn 100 Dalmatians - in a post you wrote you asked the question: "Do you know if any primary doctor knew if one of their patients was addicted to narcotics, if the doctor would keep prescribing them as long as the patient isn't ready to quit?" That was/is my situation. I have been seeing my doctor for years. He handed out vicodin and percocet like it was candy. Before him I was never on the stuff. It was after becoming his patient that my love affair with pills began.
Avatar f tn It's hard because before this happened I told Josh I was going to try to get a refill since he still has his kidney stones and is in pain. I don't know what I'm going to do. I've just been sitting here in a daze. By the way I took vicodin and percocet tonight. Ugh, I'm even shaking my head as I type that. I'm not sure exactly how many I took. Probably around 10.