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Avatar f tn I have a kidney disease which causes me to pass several kidney stones a month. Not only do I have the pain when passing a stone but due to the disease have constant chronic pain even when not passing a stone. My pain specialist, nephrologist and primary physician have me taking 2-15mg MS Contin and 4-7.5/325mg Percocet daily along with up to 4-50mg Demerol when needed for more severe pain. I've been taking these medications for approximately 6 plus years.
Avatar m tn I have had kidney stones for about 5 years and I have been to the ER and doctors at times due to intense pain that at times cripples me because im not able to move. The doctors say that the stones are about 2mm and will eventually pass but I still have them after 5 years. I was prescribed vicodin for the pain but those have huge side effects on me. I suggest to them about having surgery either laser or the sonar that breaks them up but they say no.
Avatar n tn When you mention that herbal remedies actually increase IOP, i was wondering what herbal remedies you would be talking about. I take vitamins and herbal products so am now concerned that I may be contributing to my problem. Are there certain ones in particular that are worse than others? I do also take gingko but haven't been taking it regularly so guess that I shold maybe do that. Also, I use an eye factor formula that contains lutien, bilberry, etc. Would those not be helpful?
Avatar n tn For low back pain and abdominal pain, conditions like kidney infections, urinary tract stones, appendicitis, spine disorders have to be ruled out. Seek consult with your primary physician for a complete assessment and diagnostic tests.A warm compress over the area and OTC analgesics may be able to help temporarily. Do keep us posted.
1832268 tn?1326819610 We brought him home and did twice daily under skin fluids plus standard recommended meds and kidney diet. We then took him to a kidney specialist who was trying to determine at what stage of Kidney disease he was at. Got his levels down a little more a week little later, things were looking promising and his energy levels were increasing dramatically. Less than a week later, he completely stopped eating. Took him to specialist after 2 days of not eating.
Avatar f tn hi my names natalie i am 21 years old and i have been havin agonising pain in my left side around my kidney for about five weeks ive been to the doctor a few times and ive no kidney infection or kidney stones and ive had a blood test aswell and that was normal please could you tell me what could be causing this excruciating pain?
Avatar f tn I had two ultrasound and my kidneys are healthy. Im very afraid I won't find a cure. Is there any herbal remedies. ? Besides drinking lotd of water and granberry. Please help.
242516 tn?1368227505 humidifiers, saline drops and sprays, nasal rinses, and herbal remedies. I'll be happy to chat more about this with you!
Avatar n tn The raised area is about as big as baseball. 3-4 on pain scale.36 year old man, 7-8 years ago i passed kidney stones, but none of the pain is the same. I am not sure what triggered this before, but it seemed to happen when i would bend to the left and smash the area like a crunch or eat a heavy meal .
1310633 tn?1430227691 I'm now left with my chronic pain and kidney stones. The kidney stones I can deal with, as if it gets bad enough and the stone is big enough, I head to the ER of my home hospital, and I get taken care of under the watchful eye of my urologist (who is fully aware of my past addiction & subsequent stint in rehab). A kidney stone and IV Dilaudid to take care of it until it passes, administered by ER staff/nurses/doctors, does not a relapse make.
Avatar f tn See the urologist -- this is what they specialize in. Are you sure you still have an infection, did the doctor tell you that, or are you assuming that because you still have discomfort? One factor to consider is that antibiotics might get rid of the infection but it will come right back as soon as you stop because the very organisms that protect you from infections in that area are killed off by the antibiotic as well.
667008 tn?1231130069 I do take some natural remedies under the supervision of my psychiatrist but when I took cranberry pills as a diuretic with the reccomendation of my grandmother who was taking them for that reason, they gave me kidney stones and I only found out why after. The problem with Xanax is its not meant for long term use and a person can easily build up a tolerance to it. Every benzodiazepene has that potential but it is far less with Klonopin which is safe for long term use.
4626633 tn?1382600722 Taking pain pills for severe kidney stone pain is not "drug seeking" behavior....kidney stones can be excruciatingly painful. If you need the relief, then give yourself permission. You "know" what is abuse vs what is medically necessary. Having someone hold the meds and give them to you is a GREAT idea. Taking NSAIDS w/former bleeding ulcer history is NOT wise. Also, my hubby has had stones and also has stage 3 kidney disease....he is FORBIDDEN....
Avatar f tn It relieves constipation, distention, chronic fever, cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, backache, sciatica and other pains in the joints.
Avatar m tn One study in the USA found that up to one third of the patients in a liver clinic used herbal remedies. One of the most hepatotoxic vitamins is Vitamin A and anyone taking vitamin A supplements should be aware that doses higher than 25,000 IU (international units) per day may be dangerous. Most multivitamin preparations contain 4,000 IU vitamin A, which is well within the safety range.
168348 tn?1379360675 .......calcium-oxalate KIDNEY STONES stones can form when parathyroids produce TOO MUCH calcium!
Avatar m tn One of the tulsi plant uses is that its leaves have a strengthening effect on the kidneys. In case of renal stones, the consumption of juice of basil leaves mixed with honey helps remove these stones through the urinary tract. Tulsi being a detoxifying agent can help to reduce uric acid level which is the main reason behind kidney stones. 4. Heart Disorder: Basil is very beneficial in combating cardiac disease and the weakness resulting from it. It reduces blood cholesterol levels.
Avatar n tn Please don't leave this forum. If you do let me know any other site I may find you. Just because folk remedies "might" have worked a long time ago, doesn't mean they are good today. There is not one shread of scientific evidence that these folk remedies worked. Our life styles are different and there are more germs that these quackery cures can handle. I may not have alot of medical knowledge, but I have learned alot from my daughter, who is in the medical field.
Avatar n tn I've tried various herbal remedies (inc. milk thistle etc.) both over counter and prescribed by a herbalist, applied kinaesiology, homeopathy, reflexolgy, shiatsu, and chiropractic. None of these have made any difference at all. I did though gain some benefit from acupuncture and medication for gastric reflux did also help my symptoms. Obviously, I am aware that your situation with having multiple cysts is somewhat different to mine although I am sure that you may recognise some similarities.
Avatar n tn The meds I was placed on made me sick so I decided to take a different route. I have had great success with herbal remedies. But I was shown a technique that chiropractors use or however you spell it that brought me the most success. I know it sounds crazy but for me it was desperate times called for desperate measures. Ask him to check you for a hiatal hernia and even it is not presents tell him to treat it anyways.
Avatar n tn I use my treatment for 20 months now and I am doing GREAT taking into consideration that my cancer is an aggresive one. Vit C does not cause any kidney stones...quack watch is saying this to tarnish the reputation of a reputable doctors who are using VitC. If you need more info please write me a PM. Sunes.
Avatar f tn However, I had to stop with the calcium supplements. I started getting repeated kidney stones and the doc said no more!
237500 tn?1189759431 you may have to accept the setback and just try to keep it to a minimum. The only thing I can think is there are herbal remedies that work well. But the trick is getting "the real thing". Most herbals you buy don't work because they lack potency. There's like only...two places you can get them that are reliable. There's no government oversight on herbals, lots of places take advantage of that. I've got a link here somewhere if you want to try it.
Avatar f tn There are also shots you can get every six months direct into the knee that will control the pain quite a bit. There are herbal/mineral remedies like fish oil and glucosamine that some swear by. I think it was important for me to have a plan to deal with pain before I quit. It will take a huge effort, but it is really well worth it!!
Avatar m tn Hormonal imbalance Weak bladder sphincter Urinary tract infection Urinary stones Spinal injury or degeneration (frequently seen in German shepherds) Protruding intervertebral disc Prostate disorders Presence of other diseases that cause excessive water consumption, such as diabetes, kidney disease, hyperadrenocorticism Congenital abnormalities Anatomic disorders Certain medications So the problem is going to be to discount these one by one, taking the most likely first - which is why I mention
5285867 tn?1365996892 I do make all my home cleaners, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and herbal remedies. I buy no chemicals from the stores. This includes makeup, toothpaste, shampoos, home cleaners you name it. Watch all your parabens, poly glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate and so many more chemicals. I go to organic stores and then you still have to be careful. Is there a reason you have to avoid high sugar fruits?
Avatar m tn Alcohol often has harmful interactions with prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and even some herbal remedies. Because alcohol can adversely interact with hundreds of commonly used medications, it's important to observe warning labels and ask your doctor or pharmacist if it's safe to use alcohol with any medications and herbal remedies that you take. Obviously as you already know you have problems with alcohol.
Avatar n tn I had my left kidney removed in 1997. I had sufferred from Kidney stones for years and often thought it was my kidney. As I got older and more familiar with my body i knew and the doctors knew it had nothing to do with my kidney. My Gallbladder has been checked and I have had numerous tests. At this point I just deal with it. Except today I decided to look once again on my own to see if i found anything new.