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Avatar f tn I didn't have any real symptoms but have a history of kidney infections so I had an ultrasound done for possible kidney stones and thats how they found it. The surgery was easy and I was back to work in a week and a half. The waiting is the hardest part but most cysts are benign and your age makes it even more less likely that it would be cancerous. Hang in there.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar n tn I'm 26 years old, female. Family history of gallbladder disease without stones includes father, both grandmothers. GI prescribes reglan, prilosec - no relief. GI then sends me to a surgeon for laparoscopic cholocystectomy with a liver biopsy. Surgeon agrees and schedules. Insurance stops surgery, says they won't pay if no stones or significant physical disfunction are found at time of surgery. Have gotten third opinion that says to do cholocystectomy. Should I risk the surgery?
Avatar n tn Posted By joec on March 12, 1999 at 22:50:59: In Reply to: My kidney stone posted by AJ on March 07, 1999 at 23:37:04: My history: I am a 37 y/o physician with a two week hx of an approximately 5 x 2 mm opaque stone (h/o calcium phosphate/oxalate stones) lodged in the left UVJ. Initial renal colic abated and now only intermittent symptoms of post voiding LLQ ache. No evidence of infection, hematuria. Trying aggressive hydration for 2 weeks without result.
Avatar m tn do you take any fever reducing pills u might be sick but if you take the feer reducers then you will not have one i recommend going to the doctor very soon and getting that checked out not your normal doctor a different one cause your normal one might try to put you on some more pills not knowing doing a thorough check so go to a doctor you do not know and have them check it out and they might send you to a specialist i have had this but i cant throw up i had bronchitis and you could be having
Avatar n tn While we were working today we both noticed that the urine in his bottle was extremely cloudy and foamy. It looked like the color of grapefruit juice. After about 6 hours it had settled to about a fifth of the bottle being pinkish sediment. I asked him if it is always like that and he said yes. He also said that he isn't in any pain, or discomfort including during urination. This just doesn't seem normal to me. Mine is never like that even when I get UTI's or Kidney infections or stones.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your comments
Avatar f tn I eat tums like crazy my doctor sad it would take a lot of tums to over do it! But I drink ice cold milk, which I hate. And I never lay flat! Also stay away from carbonated drinks they just increase the burn!
168348 tn?1379360675 I was told to drink oj every day but STAY AWAY from anything with grapefruit. My stones have always showed up in the month of every year I drink and drink and drink for the entire month. When I ask why he said that the summer months are prime time to make/add to stones because of being in the heat and not staying hydrated enough and the results usually show up in august or september.
Avatar n tn They then ordered a CT scan, suspecting kidney stones, and found all my tumors. Please stay on top of this and don't let anyone try to tell you that you are too young - it does happen. Also remember that the majority of tumors/cysts on the ovaries are benign, so try not to panic too much at this point.
1092854 tn?1292623951 Have you had any issues with your gallbladder or kidney stones?
535822 tn?1443980380 Black rice, black sesame seeds, walnuts, black kelp, currants, sea cucumber, woodear and black mushrooms. Black foods protect against kidney stones and cancer. ยท White foods support the lungs and large intestine and include pears, white radish, onions, garlic, white beans, winter melon, tofu, cauliflower, jicama. White foods are high in allicin, which reduces blood sugar and has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to fight cancer and heart disease.
Avatar n tn Huge pain in my right side (was tested for UTI or any kind of infection - nothing). I had an ultra sound looking for stones in either my kidney or gall bladder. Nothing and no growths in kidney. Everything looked good. I would have my face and neck start flushing and instant panic attacks. I got down on my knees and just prayed - I was so overwhelmed. I had the most distinct answer - get off ambien.
Avatar n tn I also would have to disagree with the person who says this is just grapefruit and oil. My stones looked just like the pictures. How could your body manufacture in a period of just overnite, "stones" . It is true that when you examine them they are white inside. That is cholestrol that has been building up and the green outside is bile. Sometimes it is not green but tan or even black.
Avatar f tn I'm a 35 year old Female who went in for a CT scan for kidney stones (3rd time) Turns out I have a 3mm cyst on right ovary, 2mm on Liver and 1.7mm on Spleen. I can't get into my OBGYN until October. Some research I've done is scaring me into thinking I might have a later stage Ovarian Cancer. I've never had Cysts on any of the 3 mentioned before. I've had numerous CT scans over the years for Stones and Back.
Avatar n tn always has had a weight problem oddly enough at 12 she had a cyst in R ovary size of grapefruit and Rovary and falopian tube were removed she has since had an operation for kidney stones and still get these kidney and gall bladder stones periodically.... also had severe bouts with depression around her period time.....
Avatar n tn Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with a severe gallstone problem. Her ultrasound showed lots of stones the size of hazel nuts. One look at the utlrasound pics her doctor lifted the phone to call the hospital to check my wife in for early surgery. My wife had been reading Dr Clark's book for some time. She told her med doctor to hold that call. She came home and put herself through two liver cleanses. The second one, we both counted the huge stones that came out in the toilet.
Avatar n tn The kidneys pull the body's wastes from the blood stream in the kidney's glomeruli and the basement membrane filters of the glomeruli are typically small. Kidney stones can exit, (albeit with some blood, guess from the tearing of the filter membranes to allow escape). But, the stones originated in the kidney, not the gall bladder, they are not connected. Kidney stones can cause severe flank pain and can radiate, perhaps this is what Andy might have passed, a kidney stone.
Avatar n tn In fact, in a recent study, authors evaluated the relation between the intake of 21 different beverages and the risk of symptomatic kidney stones in a cohort of 45,289 men, 40-75 years of age, who had no history of kidney stones. Beverage use and other dietary information was measured by means of a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire in 1986. During 6 years of follow-up (242,100 person-years), 753 incident cases of kidney stones were documented.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had an emergency Cholecystectomy no stones found, 3 weeks ago. I not only feel like I have broken ribs but feel like I have a grapefruit under my rib cage that swells up with movement. I also have back pain over the kidney area. The pain and swelling increase with any bending or lifting to the point it becomes very severe. I have a drawing pain under my belly button incision which has a very mild localized infection. I went to my GP today and had a UA done, no UTI.
1035252 tn?1427231433 But when I describe the pain to fam/friends they do say kidney related things (stones, infection) when it's not related at all. I hope you get medical help soon!
Avatar n tn In fact in a recent study, authors evaluated the relation between the intake of 21 different beverages and the risk of symptomatic kidney stones in a cohort of 45,289 men, 40-75 years of age, who had no history of kidney stones. Beverage use and other dietary information was measured by means of a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire in 1986. During 6 years of follow-up (242,100 person-years), 753 incident cases of kidney stones were documented.
Avatar n tn It goes all the way around to the back. We've done x-rays for kidney stones, they've tested her for all kinds of infection but haven't found the cause yet. now they think it may be muscular but i'm not so sure. She complains constantly about the pain. any suggestions?
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Avatar n tn Tests showed high choles terol and stones in gallbladder. BUT my symptoms are not indicitive of stones. Classic symptoms of stones are severe pain attacks. We all could have TROUBLED GALLBLADDERS. I'am probably the most skeptical person in the world, I need proof but I have found help with natural herbs and at home procedures! Like I said I'am a non- believer, or at least I used to be! Please try http://www.onelist.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER on a monday 5/29/06 with pelvic pain on the right front side radiating to my back, thought it was kidney stones. After a ct scan was done they said I had a gulf ball size cyst that ruptured on my ovary. To follow up with my gyno. Mind you I've had a partial hysto. 3 yrs ago, I only have one ovary and my cervix. I followed up with my gyno that same thurs 6/01/06.
Avatar n tn i am 24 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and was hospitalised twice in the last month for a week each time, i was suffering chronic pain in my sides,vomiting,headache, which was put down to kidney infection, when i was scanned they discovered 3 gallstones,the doctors report also states that the wall is thin around the gallbladder,they said it was to risky to operate as i was only 19 weeks at the time,but thats all i was told ,i would like some reasurance and info as to what these thing are and w